Well, Today I at around 1 P.M. I reached my goal of 6,000 edits :D

I am really excited that I reached this goal and I couldn't have done it without a lot of users there to bring me to this point...I would like to thank in no particular order, Bigez, CD-TDA, TDAddict, Neko, WM, Ryan, Poli, Mikey, Jackson, Ishni, Musou, Bb, AJ, Nalyd, FK, Dakota, Tulle, The Cartoon, Mygeto, Musou, MTDM, Jam, Sparky, OHF, barBar, Gwenfan120, Awesome, NN666, and SOOOOOOOOOO many more users!!!

Thank you, EVERYONE, for helping me reach this goal...You guys are so awesome! I honestly never thought I would ever make it to this goal...EVER! I remember my first goal of 1000 and WM telling me I would totally make it and well...It's just amazing :D

Maybe I will make another goal, of 5000 MS D: Who knows, I'm just so glad I can have all of your support :D

Thank you,


EDIT: I have now made 4,000 MS ^__^ It's been great guys...Thank you all for the support :D

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