...Heather was voted out first?

Hello again, it's the amazing TanookiEditor in all his Groosey-glory. This time, I wanted to make a slightly different blog. I'll basically be running through the TDI season with Heather, the extreme puppet-master of the series, voted out first.

In Not So Happy Campers Part 2, Heather will grudgingly say that she isn't jumping off the cliff because her hair will get wet. However, even though Leshawna will protest, she won't forcefully throw Heather off the cliff, like she did in the canon. Lindsay will agree to not jumping, causing the two to lose the first challenge. This makes the Heather-Leshawna conflict blaze, to the point where their arguing blindsides them from the second challenge, resulting in the Screaming Gophers attending the first vote off. Without question, Heather is eliminated. Also, now with equal girls on each team, Ezekiel will never bring his sexist views up.

In The Big Sleep, without Heather's allience, Lindsay will flirt with Tyler through the whole challenge, resulting in the two staying awake like Gwen and Trent. However, Gwen will still win the Awake-A-Thon. However, Eva's MP3 player will never be stolen by Heather, resulting in Duncan being the only camper reasonable to vote off, as he failed the challenge at the last second.

In Dodgebrawl, without Heather's allience, Lindsay will go off with Tyler and they'll spend the day together. Also, without Duncan, the Killer Bass won't have a key strategy, resulting in the two teams having an even chance. The Killer Bass will still win, however, due to Harold, and the Screaming Gophers will be blinsided by Lindsay not doing the challenge, not noticing that Noah didn't even participate, and vote out the ditz instead.

In Not Quite Famous, without Heather's talent, they'd be forced to use Beth's talent instead. Likewise, Gwen's diary will never get read out to the world, resulting in Gwen's relationship with Trent to go strong. Beth will burn down the ampitheatre, resulting in her elimination.

In The Sucky Outdoors, nothing will change except for Noah and Justin being there instead of Heather's allience, and Katie will still get eliminated.

In Phobia Factor, Beth, Heather, and Lindsay's wins won't be counted, and the Screaming Gophers will lose again. Cody would probably be eliminated.

In Up The Creek, Gwen and Trent will ride in the canoe together without Beth, Lindsay and Cody's pestering. They will officially become a couple here. Also, Beth will never steal the tiki idol, resulting in a win for the Screaming Gophers finally. Harold will be eliminated for burning the oars.

In Paintball Deer Hunter, Leshawna will never backfire on her team, resulting in another win. Likewise, Cody will never be mauled by the bear. The Bass will probably vote out Sadie.

In If You Can't Take The Heat..., the Gophers will do fine in the challenge without Beth's curse, however, will still lose due to Owen eating the food. Owen will be eliminated.

In Who Can You Trust?, everything will go as normal, besides Sadie's elimination. I can see DJ getting eliminated.

In Basic Straining, Courtney and Duncan will never become a couple due to Duncan's early elimination. This makes Courtney more into the game, and she'll win for the Bass. Noah will be voted off, taking Lindsay's place in quitting first (or quitting before it even started).

In X-Treme Torture, the whole episode will be changed. The first challenge would probably be Ezekiel vs. Trent, Ezekiel winning. The second would be Geoff vs. Justin, Justin winning. The third will probably be Tyler vs. Izzy, in which Tyler will win. Izzy will be eliminated due to this.

Final Ten: Ezekiel, Eva, Justin, Tyler, Courtney, Trent, Bridgette, Geoff, Leshawna, Gwen

Not your avaverge final ten, huh?

In Brunch Of Disgustingness, the males will ultimately lose, probably due to Justin and not accepting to eat anything. Nothing really amazing will happen in this episode.

In No Pain, No Game, the two contestant who will return, for the sake of couples, will be Lindsay and Duncan. Tyler will be happily reunited with his girlfriend after 11 episodes. The challenge will pretty much end up the same, with Leshawna and Eva in the final two, and Leshawna winning. Eva will probably be voted off due to her being the biggest threat.

In Search And Do Not Destroy, Leshawna will never try to get Trent eliminated, due to him not cheating on Gwen. I can see Justin getting eliminated, probably due to not trying to get the key.

In Hide And Be Sneaky, the males allience will never be established due to the even number of guys and girls. Bridgette will not be eliminated, probably Tyler.

In That's Off The Chain!, Lindsay will build a perfectly stable bike, which will not be stolen by Heather. Geoff will never be depressed by Bridgette's elimination and will atleast attempt the challenge. I think Ezekiel will also not be able to build a bike, causing someone, I'm just saying Courtney at random, to be stuck with it. The two that'll cross will be Duncan and Lindsay, with Lindsay being eliminated again.

In Hook, Line, And Screamer, Geoff will probably act the worse towards the psycho and will be eliminated.

In Wawanakwa Gone Wild!, the outcome will be the same, and Gwen will get immunity. Courtney will be eliminated due to probably getting stuck with ther bear.

In Trial by Tri-Armed Triathalon, the pairs will probably be: Duncan and Leshawna, Bridgette and Ezekiel, Gwen and Trent. Gwen will probably be eliminated.

In Haute Camp-Ture, Leshawna will be eliminated due to the exact same outcome.

In Camp Castaways, none of the contestants will be in the confessional, meaning that Mr. Coconut will never be. (NOOOOOOOOO!) It'll still be a non-elimination episode though.

In Are We There, Yeti?, Ezekiel and Bridgette vs. Trent and Duncan will be the outcome. Bridgette and Ezekiel will never steal from them, resulting in Trent and Duncan winning. Ezekiel will be voted off.

In I Triple Dog Dare You!, Bridgette will probably fail at the dog food eating challenge, and will be eliminated.

In The Very Last Episode, Really!, either one can win. I'm to lazy to say anything else.

22nd: Heather

21st: Beth

20th: Katie

19th: Cody

18th: Harold

17th: Sadie

16th: Owen

15th: DJ

14th: Noah

13th: Izzy

12th: Eva

11th: Justin

10th: Tyler

9th: Lindsay

8th: Geoff

7th: Courtney

6th: Gwen

5th: Leshawna

4th: Ezekiel

3rd: Bridgette

2nd/1st: Duncan

2nd/1st: Trent

Well, that's my guess on what will happen if Heather gets voted off first. Goodbye, you crazy people. ;) -TanookiEditor Ⓐ▼▲ Ⓐ▼▲ Make It Rain 14:54, March 11, 2012 (UTC)

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