Okay, let's get this out of the way: I'm leaving. I have no idea if I'll ever come back, but probably not.

I know no-one's going to care, and I know that I probably could just stop coming here and nobody would even remember me in a couple of weeks. I also know that most people probably won't even comment on this, but I wanted to actually tell my very few amount of friends this.

The reason I'm leaving is because, short and sweet reason here, this place sucks. No matter how hard I try to befriend all the new people, no matter how hard I try to say "Oh, I'm sure everything will get better." It won't. Most people I know have already realized this and I'm 99% positive that more people will follow behind me. Very few of the admins, the big-wigs, the higher-ups don't even think of me as a friend, which is why I started to go to the chat. It was brilliant, and those were some of my happier days. However, those days have passed, and the chat has become a wasteland of either quietness, or new people that have single-handedly shredded the very fabric of decency of the chat. I'm not sure how to phrase it, really, but the main point is this wiki has had a downfall.

Why am I saying this? I don't really know. Why am I leaving now? I don't really know either. To be honest, I could have left with the same attitude back when I visited the IRC, since it's basically like the chat is now. And also, just so you know, the admins laugh in our face. Do you really think they care about anyone else than people with a title? I know that most admins aren't like this, but a whole lot of them are. Very little of the conversations I've seen there aren't about talking behind someone's back, which is pathetic. It's also popular in the chat, but not as much.

...Anywho, now that I've shared that with you all, to my real friends: You can still find me on dA, and I'm also creating a tumblr account, so I'll be sure to share that with you all. I'll also be on any other wikis, so keep that in mind. To everyone else, well...

Bon Voyage. -~Nookerz~ ...Brick Road 05:42, August 26, 2012 (UTC)

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