Many people believe that Amy and Samey left in a double elimination. I however, don't believe so. Amy's return just came out of nowhere and I think of this as a cameo at the most. Usually, when there is a return, Chris states that "so and so are returning." As he did for Izzy, Eva, Dakota, Owen, Courtney, Blaineley, and Duncan.

Now, the cameo fit into the storyline, but a return wouldn't because the idea of this was for Samey to outlast Amy (At least I think that's what the producers were trying to do.) Samey also definitely had more of a plot than Amy did and Samey's elimination was heartbreaking for many, including myself, considering how much development Samey got her time on the show.

I knew she was undoubtedly was going to return this episode. It fits Samey's arc as a character, her rude sister coming back to make her miserable. Amy, however, was sitting on the stump, for some reason? Amy never returned, I don't believe Chris would allow her to return at this pint in the game. There could definitely be a return, but it seems really weird for a return at this point in the season.

Comment your opinion if Amy did return or not.

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