Hi guys, I'm Aaliyah, but you can call me Ally. I used to be on this wiki, but I deleted my account, my account was Heatherxcodyfan. Today I am going to review Total Drama Pahkitew Island.

Firstly, I am going to review the characters

Amy was awesome and although her potential wasn't used to the fullest, I loved her cameo in episode five and everyone was like "OMG AMEHH IS DA MONSTAAA?!" I think she definitely could have been the main antagonist over Sugar or Scarlett or Max or whoever the antagonist was, but she just wasn't. She wasn't elimination fodder, she had a storyline with her sister, Samey. She is one of my personal favorite contestants this season and I wish she would have went farther than she did, but she is still awesome and hopefully she returns for another season. Ranking this season: 6

Beardo was.. I have to say he was just there. I didn't see much from Beardo, and admittedly, he's my second least favorite this season. I guess he developed, but I didn't see much from Beardo overall. He had his sound effects and lots of people seemed to like him. I think that it is a bummer that he did not appear for the finale like all of the other contestants except for Sky, Dave, Shawn, and Jasmine. Hopefully he returns. Ranking this season: 13 

Dave is my least favorite character of all time and I hope some of you can see why he is my least favorite character. I like Dave, like I like all characters, but he was a character that I just didn't like as much as the others. He went psycho during the finale, and me, being a huge Sky fan, got really mad at him for that. On the other hand, I can't help but feel bad for Dave. He wasn't that bad at first, but I think that he just got blander as the season progressed. I can't hate Dave, he had his good moments, so that is why I like him. Ranking this season: 14 

Ella is awesome. Her goodbye song was amazing and I feel really bad for her elimination but it gave a chance for the other characters in the competition to develop more. I don't take sides in the Sugar-Ella conflict. I love both, one more than the other, but Ella was the victim, Sugar was just being Sugar. Ella is also sort of a Disney type character, she reminds me of Disney's Snow White, a movie I used to watch when I was little. She isn't high on my rankings this season, but it's just because I love others more than I love Ella. Ranking this season: 10 

Jasmine is an amazing character and had lots of development this season. She was great, she deserved the million, and she was relatable as a character. In the finale, when she saw Shawn was okay, she immediately forgave Shawn for anything he had done in the past and they agree to split the million between themselves. Why is she so dang tall? Her Australian accent isn't that annoying like other accents tend to be most of the time. Jasmine is a funny character and her relationship with Shawn stayed stable throughout the whole season. Ranking this season: 5

Leonard: Not much to say about Leonard. He was forgettable, but still kind of funny and Leonard x Sugar actually seemed like it was going to happen in the first episode of the season. I only saw one episode of Leonard, I have yet to see episode 2 this season. For the most part, Leonard is a mediocre character who never really had a chance to shine and he's actually a pretty funny character and almost won the challenge for his team in episode 1. Ranking this season: 12 

Max: Oh, Max. Max was actually really annoying and the reason he isn't number 14 on my list this season is because he is funny and his interaction with Scarlett is one of the best this season. He merged and his big mouth got him voted off in Scarlett Fever, where he was eliminated in a double elimination with Scarlett. He isn't an awesome character or a top five character in my opinion, but his time on the show really left an impact on me and in Scarlett Fever, he proved he isn't just a humorous character by helping Sky, Jasmine, Sugar, and Shawn stop Scarlett and his part of the plan was tricking Scarlett into thinking he was Chris, which he managed to do correctly and this is why he is not number 14 on my list. He had a lot of development this season, one of the most this season, actually. I know my rant is getting long, so.... Ranking this season: 10. Rodney. The hopeless romantic. He was funny and him falling in love with a new girl every episode is just beyond Cody romantic. He is one of the people who thought Samey was Amy and I don't really have much to say about this character. I don't hate him at all, he is a very funny character. He was kind of just... there. He had his plot with the girls, though. He, like Leonard and Beardo, did not have his chance to shine this season. Ranking this season: 8. 

Samey: Samey, one of my favorite characters this season. Her friendship with Jasmine is one of my favorites this season. She was eliminated too early for my tastes, but she really left an impact on the show in her short run. She's awesome. She stood up to her sister, that is something that really makes me like her as a character and someone called her villainous, but I don't agree with that at all. Amy deserved what Samey did to her in episode 3 and I love Amy too. Samey was someone that I could see making the final 2 with how much development she got. Her outranking her sister really helps her storyline of being the more superior and nicer sister. Jasmine and Scarlett are the only people who knew she was actually Samey, not Amy. Scarlett, because she's a super genius and Jasmine because Jasmine is her true friend. I hope Samey comes back to Total Drama soon. Ranking this season: 2 

Scarlett is funny. People say she is a worst antagonist than any other Total Drama contestant. I don't agree. She did a lot with her time on the show. She wasn't a one episode antagonist, either. All those evil things Max did, were Scarlett's idea. I don't think that she is the main antagonist this season, but she definitely did deserve to make the merge. She had development while she was on the show and people thought she was legitimately nice when she came on the show for the first time ever. Scarlett isn't nice. That's what makes her different from all the other nerds on the show; Cody, Harold, Beth, Cameron, etc. She is really intelligent and no one understands her when she goes into her smart talk. Like that plan, she had to talk like they were babies or something because no one understood her. One of my best friends on the wiki User:Drfizwuz997xlol is a huge Scarlett fan. Ranking this season: 7

Sky, I really wanted her to win the finale, but of course, she didn't. She had to use Dave as her helper, which really sucked for her because her and Dave are in a rocky, unofficial relationship. I am a huge Sky fan, as you can tell by my icon. I think she is a really awesome character and also think she isn't like Zoey in any way like everyone thought she was going to be. She was a major character this season and was more focused on the game than she was focused on guys. She has flaws, like her belching is a huge flaw of hers and really shined this season. Sky winning makes a lot of sense and I love Sky as a character and she is a really nice character and one of my favorite finalists, after just Heather. She is also one of my favorite characters in the series as a whole and I believe that Sky played a huge role in making this season into what it is. Ranking this season: 1

Shawn: I did not see a lot out of Shawn, he is funny, but I think he godplayed way too much in Scarlett Fever. I do like him, he is a weird, but funny character, I just think he should not have made the final two this season. Ranking this season: 9

Sugar: The funniest character this season by far. She reminds me of Honey Boo Boo, but aside from that, she is a very original character and "a pageant queen". She deserved to make the final three and really left an impact this season. I think of Sugar as the antagonist of this season simply because we don't really have an antagonist and she is the closest thing we got. She won a lot of challenges and was a main character. Everyone before the season wanted Sugar to get out first because they thought she was going to be an annoying character, but she wasn't annoying and I think she gets hated on for no reason. She is one of my favorites not only this season, but in the series as a whole, she really is an awesome character. I couldn't have asked for more from Sugar. Ranking this season: 3

Topher: Yep, one of my favorite characters this season, Topher! People say he only interacts with Chris, but him and Jasmine interact a lot during the show and him and Jasmine were even in an alliance at one point in time. He's really funny and just because he is a Chris fan does not mean he is gay! I personally do not think Total Drama would make a gay character, at least not at the rating it is currently at. PG TV shows do not usually have gay characters. Now, people do hate Topher and I'm fine with that. I don't hate Topher though, he is my favorite character, passing Heather and Courtney for all time. Ranking this season: 4


I will rate these from Excellent, Good, Neutral, or Bad.

So, Uh This Is My Team? - Good

I Love You, Grease Pig! - Haven't seen episode yet.

Twinning Isn't Everything - Excellent

Love You, I Love You Knots - Good

A Blast from the Past - Good

Mo Monkey Mo Problems - Excellent

This Is The Pits! - Good

Three Zones and A Baby - Excellent

Hurl and Go Seek - Haven't seen episode yet

Scarlett Fever - Excellent

Sky Fall - Excellent

Pahk'd With Talent - Excellent

Lies, Cries and One Big Prize - Good

I guess that's all!