52. Dave - Dave is a character hat derailed. Dave has anger issues and almost killed Sky and Shawn all because Sky has a boyfriend named Keith. 2 or 3 episodes before Hurl and Go Seek, I noticed that Dave was a really bland character, by bland is better than this... I don't hate Dave, I like Dave because I actually liked him before he went psycho and before he became bland. He would have been like 30 spots higher of he had been consistent throughout the season. Mike 2.0., but worse is what I would like to say.

51. Beardo - He was only in one episode, which is less than even Staci had in Revenge of the Island. He hardly talked, but if he hasn't been so annoying with his sounds, he probably would have lasted longer, he had the potential to do so. One episode isn't enough episodes for even characters like Beardo, B, or Staci. Also, Beardo didn't really have a personality I don't think. I hope he returns for another season .

50. Leonard - He's a funny character. That's about all he has going for him. I love Pahkitew Island, I'm sorry 3 of them are the bottom 3 on my rankings. Anyways, I like Leonard, he really is funny and that one-sided relationship with Sugar is really comedic. Leonard didn't develop. He stayed the same the whole season. Leonard had a Lt of mentions in the Pahkitew Island, despite only making it to the second episode. He, along with Blaineley, is the only contestant to only compete in two episodes.

49. B - He never talked and did godplay quite a bit. He should have talked and he would have been a lot higher on my rankings.

48. Staci - Staci was originally higher, but she only competed in two episodes, so I had to put her lower than I originally ha planned. I think Staci is one of the more funnier characters in the series, her lies were absolutely hilarious and she did entertain me. When she got eaten, I was like "NO STACI!" Staci would probably be way higher if she had gotten more screentime o made it farther. Until then, she's number 48 on my rankings.

47. Sadie - She made it farther than Katie, and I at the moment liked Katie way more than her. When Sadie made it farther than Katie, I was like, "Hey, they probably have a new plot for her! :D" boy, was I wrong. She derails when Katie left. D':

46. Dawn - Think about it. She's overrated. She had hardly any screentime. She's "weird". She is " random". Honestly, her weirdness is the best part about her. You know, I don't see what's so appealing about Dawn. I have never seen why everyone likes her so much. She will never be my favorite character, but she could probably move up a few rankings slots.

Clue for #45. This person flirts a lot.

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