Now that Total Drama: Pahkitew Island is over, what form of torture do you think Chris will inflict on old or new contestants? Here are a few questions we should all have.

1. Where will they be headed next?

With Camp Wawanakwa still underwater, and Pahkitew Island found to be artificial, Chris will likely take the next set of suckers to a different location. Would they go to another island, or do another themed season, like Action or World Tour?

2. Will there be old or new contestants?

Total Drama All-Stars immediately followed Total Drama Revenge of the Island and the new set of competitors. With another new set coming out of Pahkitew Island, will there be another All Stars season or not?

3. Which old competitors would be back on the show?

Obviously, issues have been resolved amongst several ccompetitors. The problems between Gwen and Courtney were fixed, Mike and Zoey have outlived their usefulness, et cetera, et cetera. So, which contestants that still need to have a problem resolved, or just which characters do you want to see again?

4. If there are new competitors, what would they be like?

We've had a zombie apocalypse fearer, a Multiple Personality Disorder guy, and all sorts of other odd characters? What could we expect to see next? Is there anything we HAVEN'T seen yet?

5. WILL there be a Season 7? Or is Total Drama done?

Nah, I'm just kidding. It's confirmed and eternal.

Go ahead and answer some of these questions. Thank you all in advance!

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