WHOO! 100 EPISODES OF TOTAL DRAMA! I just want to take a moment to say that this has been one of my favorite shows. Congrats to everyone for making this show possible and keeping it running!

This episode is called Zeek And Yee Shall Find. Gee, wonder who's gonna make a cameo in this episode.  It starts off with Alejandro in a hot tub. Shirtless Alejandro <3. He enjoys himself until Chris shows up and takes a dip in the hot tub since Playa Des Losers was blown up in the last episode. Poor Chris. I hope they make him a new cotta-- I mean mansion.

Alejandro continues to look around the hotel until he comes across the control room, finding a CD called Mal's Greatest Hits, showing all the 'evil' things Mal has done over the season. Of course Alejandro of all people would find this advantage. And it's nice to here him speaking in Spanish more this episode. It also reveals (to his advantage) that the tampered Cameron votes were hid under Alejandro's loser cabin bed. Okay, now Mal is getting more interesting.

Mal, Zoey and Cameron look for clues to see who could've messed with the votes, but since Alejandro snuck in, to Mal's surprise, they weren't where they were hidden. Points to Alejandro for being a smooth guy on this part...even if he did skip away like a fairy princess. So the Three Musketeers discover the votes under Mal's bed, but him and Zoey convince Cameron it wasn't him. However, Cameron says he can't trust anyone. "Endangerment plus betrayl times evidence equals AHHHH!" Because that's totally the right answer, but what do I know? I suck at math.

The next morning, Scott trips, followed by Courtney and they end up kissing. "That was totally an accident. *internal fangirl scream*" Suuuuure it was Courtney. But seriously, Scourtney is the only couple this season that hasn't driven me completely insane. Oh wait, no and Aleheather was also good, with the exception of it not actually being official. "Will you be my boyfriend? Uh, no, my BOYfriend! UGH! Uh, me boy..just WILL YOU GO OUT WITH ME?!" Best Pickup Line. EVER.

So Mal makes Cameron believe that everyone, except him and Zoey hate him. Uh, with the exception of Gwen, I don't think he really has to.

Chris announces the 100th episode ideas, but is attacked by...ZEKE? What, no way! I didn't see that coming! I like how the contestants take control and demand the winner to have the Spa Hotel for the rest of their stay, immunity, and to...send someone to Boney Island? WHY DO WE NEED TO EXILE SOMEONE TO BONEY ISLAND?!?!?!?! Zoey suggests that Zeke could still live in the mines from last season, so that's where the challenge takes place. Gwen wants to team up with Courtney and Scott, but it's their 1 hour anniversary, so she ends up with no one. Who celebrates a 1 hour anniversary? The only character I could see doing that on this show is Sierra!

Despite not officially teaming up with anyone, Gwen is with Mal, Zoey and Cameron until she falls in a hole and Zoey goes after her. You gotta thank Zoey on this one, people. She's actually helping someone OUTSIDE of Mike or Cameron. And it's a VETERAN CONTESTANT! Alejandro finds another place to enter, but his boot gets caught in between a couple of rocks. I guess you could say he's between a rock and a hard place. *ba dum tis* Come on, that was better than every pun from You Regatta Be Kidding Me!

Chris has been tied upside down by Zeke, who is still mad at him for his own reasons. I'm really getting sick of this Zeke gag. Can't we just kill him off or at least get him some therapy maybe?

Gwen's having a panic attack over her flashlight not working. Um, flipping the switch after it being on for one second isn't how it works. "On Total Drama All--" "FIX THE MONITOR!" The intern trying to take over the commercial break lines was the funniest part of this episode!

Zoey finds Gwen and Gwen seems both mad and overjoyed to see her. "Deep breath in...blow out the candle" Is Gwen five?

Alejandro finally uses his brain and takes his foot out of the boot. Glad too, I thought he was gonna pull another "my legs are asleep" and become Alehandwalker again.

Chris and Zeke have another other words, Chris just keeps asking which reason why Zeke is mad at him. Um, all of the above. Zoey is the first person to be kidnapped, which freaks Gwen out. Gwen's confessional following that was just hilarious! And Chef not only having a confessional, but one just like Gwen's was genius!

"I like your eyes..both of them...on your face...they look good." Take some notes, boys, you are witnessing a master in his natural habitat right now!

So Courtney and Scott end up with Mal and Cameron, and from a previous conversation about Cameron kissing Courtney to make Scourtney break up. Oh COME ON, MAL! The one official couple that's actually been good this season! So Cameron actually follows orders, and kisses Courtney, while blaming her for kissing him. Ugh, gross...Camney. That was just so wrong, I'm surprised my TV screen didn't break. "It feels like pressing your lips against meat, but niiiice." *barfs in a toilet*

Team Scourtney gets taken by Zeke next. "*gasp* We're gonna need more ice cream." You say that as I get some cake...mmm chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and sprinkles...mmmm... Hmmm, this whole debate over who kissed who isn't familiar to anyone, right? Can we get a song called Girlfriend Kisser now? Oh wow, thinking of what Scott's singing voice would be just makes me wanna plug up my ears. So much for Scourtney. "The sad thing is this isn't the worst party I've ever been too." That has so far been Zoey's best line. Ever. I'd love to see the worst party she's ever been to.

Cameron almost falls to his death until he gets a hold of a root, and Mal leaves him to die. Alejandro shows up to save him, but he refuses. Your funeral, Cameron. And sadly, only his mother, Zoey, Gwen, and maybe Mike if he got out at the time would show up. Alejandro gets taken by Zeke next, and the contestants in the cage get poo-- I mean chocolate thrown at them.

Gwen finds Cameron after he falls and saves his life, putting back the trust in Gwen he shouldn't have lost in the first place and they team up.  The two team up to take down Zeke, which is successful, with the exception of Cameron getting crushed by rocks. did he SURVIVE? He's so tiny compared to those rocks! Cartoon logic people!

Gwen wins immunity and decides to send Alejandro to Boney Island. And without even voting, we say farewell to an injured Cameron. Finally! He's become really useless this season. Guys wait! Cameron was eliminated for an injury in a wheelchair. So was Cody. And BOTH in the 9th episode of a season! AND BOTH OF THEM BEING AN OBSESSION BY SIERRA! IT'S A CONSPIRACY! Before Cameron leaves, Mal tells him goodbye, revealing that he is Mal. It just got real.

Overall, this episode was pretty great! Love the challenge, the character development, elimination. I wish Courtney and Scott could've lasted longer than 2 hours as well as I hope that this is the last time we ever see Zeke!

So, I give the 100th episode an 8.4/10 Excellent job on this special!

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