Episode 10 already? I feel like this season just started!

Alright, aside from it being so close to the end, The Obsta-Kill Kourse was a pretty decent episode.

It starts off with Courtney talking to Zoey about her kiss with Cameron, but Zoey reassures her that everything will be fine. Yeah, Courtney. Take advice from the girl who has no clue that an evil personality has taken over her boyfriend. "Kissed by two guys in one day? You're on fire!" Seriously, if this happened to me, my friends would probably say the same thing. And of course Courtney doesn't want Gwen to know because it worked out so well when she found out the Gwen kissed Duncan.

Mal talks to Zoey about Cameron's elimination. "I still can't believe Cam's gone." I can. I think we all can. We got some more side story of what's going on in Mike's head and they find Spetlana...sculpting a fish? What kind of fantasies has Mal been having while not in control? Mal tells Zoey that Alejandro cannot be trusted because he's the one that left Cameron behind. Yeah, because he didn't want rescuing from hi--oh why bother defending him. He's gone..

So instead of eating ice cream after a breakup, Scott eats dirt. He really is a farm boy. Courtney forces Scott back into the relationship even though he doesn't forgive her yet.

Chris makes Alejandro do pushups for being the last to arrive to the challenge. This is new...not that Alejandro can't handle it because he is obviously fit and muscular enough to do so and...okay, he charms well! Come on, ladies! Don't pretend that you never had a cartoon crush on Duncan. Or Trent. Or Cody. Etc. Am I still talking? Why am I still talking? I am such a spaz. (10 points to anyone who knows what I just referenced)

Ever since Alejandro first brought up Mal in the episode, I knew he'd be going home. It's been the most obvious elimination prediction since Heather left. "I'll expose that phony for my name isn't Alejandro Burromuerto" "Hahaha, tell them what your last name means!" Oh, Chris...

Chris shows everyone the obsta-kill course, but Scott isn't impressed, so then they have to wear the backpacks. Nice reminder of what Scott did from Food Fright. Zoey tells Gwen about Alejandro, and she agrees to vote him off. Courtney worries that she's spilling the secret of her kissing Scott and Cameron.

Alejandro and Mal get into a discussion. "Dead donkey's don't talk?" "Hahaha...Alejandro Dead-Donkey. HAHAHA!" It must be embarrassing when your last name is terrible. Mal proves to be stronger than Alejandro...interesting...then again, he was in juvie.

The challenge starts and the contestants start running through the tires. "MY FOOT IS TOUCHING MY FACE!" Scott is seriously not bugging me anymore. He might actually make it in the top 5 of my character list this season...not that I have a list...Okay I do, don't judge. "I must get the others on my side. The gorgeous side." I'm already there.

While climbing the ropes, it is revealed that Zoey is allergic to dogs. She seems like such an animal lover, I'm surprised. Mal's is made of licorice, so he eats some of it for the next person to fall. Gee, wonder who's going to get that rope. Gwen and Zoey keep sharing laughs, making Courtney accidentally spilling her secret of the Camney kiss. Why is Gwen so mad about it? Yeah, same thing happened to her with Duncan...less of an accident, but does she like Cameron or something? Ugh, picturing Cameron in a relationship disturbs me. He just seems like a forever alone kinda guy.

Alejandro keeps trying to warn people about Mal, but things always go wrong. Classic running gag. And the licorice rope breaks, but he saves himself. Now they go across monkey bars, under snapping turtles. When Alejandro shows up, he makes a stop to..fight with Mal? WHAT IS HE THINKING??? If he just kept going he could've had a head start further from the others and had a better chance at winning! El stupido move Alejandro! But it was nice to see Spetlana freed for awhile. She whooped Alejandro's sexy---I mean average butt.

Mal decides to help Scott who fell in the turtle infested water while Zoey tries to catch up. Alejandro tries to talk to Zoey, but she won't listen. Alejandro, Zoey is dating Mike. She doesn't compute what you have to say about him. No way can he convince her...but then again Duncan did, so eh, he could too. The contestants get shot with leeches by Chef now. We just had this whole episode about leeches! Why already referencing a challenge from THIS SEASON?

Mal tells Scott that it was Alejandro's idea for Cameron to kiss Courtney. At least Mal is focusing more on elimination and not BREAKING everything...unless the hearts of everyone on this show counts. Wait. Courtney kissed Alejandro? When did this happen? I'm pretty sure I'd remember if that happened.

"See you in the toilet, Al." That pout face he makes. "I'M COMING FOR YOU, MAL!" Oooh, Mal just woke the beast within Alejandro. Shame that he's obviously getting the boot tonight though.

The last part of the challenge is ziplining to Chris which is what the backpacks were for. "Did he just say Mal?" "Oh no, heh, he said pal, heh, handsome jerk." Isn't that what Heather said about him in Heros vs Villains? It's true, but why would he call him handsome? Mal must've had some times in juvie. "Our increased weight will make us faster." "Awww, you sound like Cam!" But it sounds so much better coming from Mal.

Mal ditches Zoey to take down Alejandro and make the ride faster for Zoey so she could win. Zoey does in fact, win.

Wonder who's leaving tonight. I'd ask who voted for Mal and drew on his picture, but we know it's Alejandro. Wait, didn't Heather draw on an Eva picture in season 1 the exact same way? Call me Sierra, because I might just be as big a fan as her.

Aww, I'm sad Alejandro's leaving. He's such a good antagonist. He was overall a really good character this season. One of the few contestants who I didn't change my opinon on from the last time the played a season. WHY IS GWEN GOING TO BONEY ISLAND? WHY DO THEY STILL GO TO BONEY ISLAND!  

Overall, this episode was pretty good. However, the character development felt a bit forced and the elimination was predictable from the start. The best character in this episode had to be Mal. he actually did a lot in the episode and got a really good player kicked off. The worst was Gwen. She didn't do anything in this episode. Adios Alejandro! You will be missed! "This show just got 100% less beautiful!" Um, Justin from season 2 much?

So, 7.9/10. Hoping to see some more Scourtney, Gwen and Courtney frinedship, and of course, Mal with the side story of Mike.

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