Hello everyone! Well, our 6th (or second half of season 5) season of Total Drama came and gone within the course of two weeks for whatever reason, and I must say....I'm really happy with this season. Better than TDROTI! IT TRIUMPHED TDAS (but so have all the other seasons before that). I personally think that this has been the best season we've had since TDWT. Why? Despite my dislike towards a few of the characters this season, the majority of them were good and realistic. I'm not saying that the characters we got from TDROTI didn't hold either of those qualities; they were for the most part just plain. However, these characters have managed to do something I wasn't expecting. There were characters I thought I would love, but ended up disliking, and vise versa. I'm just going to start off my "review" of the season with my least favorite to favorite character list. Remember, this is also, my personal opinion, as I do not hate anyone for worshipping characters that I don't think are all that special. Thank you.

14. Rodney - I'm just going to start off with the fact that I don't hate any of the characters this season. I just dislike some more than others. Why is Rodney so far down the list? Because his running gag of falling in love with a different contest every episode, and then eventually more than one within the course of five minutes got old really quickly. I thought he was a really nice person, and could've been helpful for certain challenges, but he left at a good time. And I could already hear the sound of him falling in love with Sky when she "chose" him as a helper in the finally. "Sky picked me? I'd love to help, but how will I break it to Jasmine, Amy, and Scarlett? They'll be devestated."

13. Topher - I honestly thought I would like this guy. I thought I saw potential in this guy. This guy is just awful. He barely did anything for the challenges, focused more on his "good looks", and wasted his time trying to become the new host for the show. If he became host, the show would be cancelled after the first 10 seconds. No one can host this show better than Chris. No one. Like Rodney, Topher left at a good time, and I was glad he didn't randomly show up again and try to take over.

12. Amy - This girl needs help. If I had a choice to have a twin, I would be all for it! She has no clue how lucky she is to have a twin sister! They could have both had some epic way to mess with everyone's heads and gone further into the game! She's abusive to Sammy, and I'm glad I got to see her get shot out of the cannon twice. However, I thought it was interesting that she hates her sister, and their brains weren't practically connected like two other contestants we know of that WEREN'T EVEN RELATED  *cough Katie and Sadie cough* It really shows that not all sibling relationships are perfect.

11. Leonard - I don't really dislike Leonard at all. I thought he was pretty funny. It just really bothered me that he thinks that he's a real wizard. Either he got amnesia during his LARP club meeting at school and woke up in his costume thinking he was real wizard, or he grew up with fantasy books being his fictional heroes, but whatever the case, I think him not being afraid to be on the show in a cosplay outfit is awesome. Plot Twist: Leonard is really a wizard, he's just realllllly bad at it.

10. Beardo - Yeah, his time on the island was incredibly short, but him being a human soundboard is amazing. Imagine going to school with this guy EVERYDAY. Maybe he's a little low on the list because he didn't stay long enough for us to get to know him, but maybe he'll show up again and prove to be more useful.

9. Dave - I actually liked him at first. He was just a simple character who had a bit of a germaphobe issue, but everyone has flaws. His attraction to Sky was adorable at first too....but then things got a bit...obsessive. He can't claim Sky for his own as if she doesn't have her own say. And what guy just breaks down in tears because some girl rejects them before they even go out on a DATE? It's better she rejected you now. Imagine Dave proposing to Sky and she said no. He's almost as bad as Sierra except Sierra being crazy actually WORKS FOR HER!

8. Max - Ughhhhh. This guy. In the past, our antagonists have been amazing. But what did all those past antagonists have in common? They played the game the best way they knew how, by doing what they needed to do. Max on the other hand, lives for being a villain and spent his time letting his ego go to his head about his failed attempts to make inventions that were not USEFUL, and thought he was better than Scarlett. Shouting to the world that you're evil just makes you seem less evil and less interesting. He had a few good lines, and his friendship with the baby was adorable, but I'm glad he left when he did.

7. Sugar - I have very mixed feelings about her. There are moments where I think she is awesome and she makes me laugh. Then there are moments where I was just like "GO HOME ALREADY!" I think that she was a very valuable player, don't get me wrong. I admire her willingness to do anything, and I'll be honest when I say I'd have her on my team because she does play the game well. That part when she just had to pet the tarantula and she freaking ATE IT? I couldn't breathe! She knows how to get rid of contestants like a champ, but why is she 7th? Because her thinking that anyone was trying to get more camera time and living in her pagent world got OLD. I thought her idea for the money was the most realisitc one we've had since Gwen's about studying art, but I'm glad she didn't make it. Also, if you hate Ella's singing, you should've been eliminated on the spot for singing that jingle! Nuff said.

6. Samey - I wish I could give you a million hugs. You are the better half between you and Amy and I'm glad you stood up to her and got her eliminated! I can only hope in the near future, Amy grows up and realizes how lucky she is to have you. I'd love to see you two get along. I wish you could've stayed a little longer, but you are such a sweetheart, and I hope to see you again in future seasons.

5. Sky - I wouldn't call her plain; she's average. She's a normal teenage girl who has faults and a weird, but kickbutt talent. I love that they have characters on here that are simple, but also believable. She wants to go into the Olympics, she can belch better than anyone else on this show and past cast members (except maybe Owen. Dude can do the whole alphabet), and she has nerves that get the better of her. I give her major props for being able to tell Dave off. It wasn't in a gentle way, but he wasn't exactly listening to what you had to say about relationships. I'm glad you made it to the finale, and despite not winning, you were a good player.

4. Scarlett - This girl rocks. She had good lines, a great personality, and a smart sense of humor. I'm glad you stayed as long as you did, but there's a reason you're not in my top 3. That reason is because of the villain side of you that was obviously hinted in your audition tape. You became the type of antagonist Max strives to become; the kind that no one likes because even though it was a good plot twist, it sucked. You ruined yourself by showing your "true self". Once again, stating you're evil makes you less evil. Please return to the show the way you came, but with LOTS of therapy sessions.

3. Shawn - I'm glad you won, you are awesome. He was a great team player and his lines gave me life. However, I can't put him any higher than this because his zombie phobia was...well it was all he'd ever talk about. Actually, how is it a phobia? Whenever he thought someone or something was a zombie, he knocked it out like he meant business. How can he be afraid of zombies when he could literally break them in 2 seconds flat? He was an interesting character, and I like him! And your relationship with Jasmine is adorable!

2. Jasmine - You rock! You play the game like you owned the island and you were kind to everyone there, except when you were mad at Shawn. I was hoping you'd win it all, but luckily you get share it with your zombie "fearing" boyfriend. The only thing I didn't like from you was how you assumed that Shawn wanted to share the money with you. Yeah, he should have spoken up and said that he didn't want to split it, but he didn't say he would split it with you to begin with. And I hope your idea for the money works out!

1. Ella - My beautiful, sweet princess. You are the only one on this whole season I didn't find a thing to dislike about. You are so innocent and kind. I don't know why Sugar and Chris hated you; you are perfect in every way. I wish we could be best friends and watch disney movies together. I wish we could go to the mall and get kicked out for singing a song from TDWT. Remember how she said she memorized all the songs from TDWT in her audition tape? Imagine Ella, sweet, little Ella. Going into the mall. And singing Gypsy Rap. Imagine Ella rapping. You left waaaaayyyy to early for my liking, but your elimination was the most perfect exit I've ever sat through during this show. I thought I was going to be annoyed with you, but you are perfect.

Well, now that the character list is over, I'm just gonna go through the relationships/friendships/interactions in no particular order.

Dave and Sky - Lets just get this one out of the way. At first, I liked these two together. They seemed so genuine and real with each other. Dave...why did you ruin that? You couldn't just accept being friends with her or something? Why are you so desperate for her? Sky, I give you points for not wanting to be in a relationship and focus on what you came there for and bonus points for rejecting him when he wouldn't listen. I think my reason for appreciating this is because I know of someone who reminds me of Dave in EVERY way, except for the germaphobe part. You can't just nicely reject "the nice guy"; it's never that simple. You have to get a little tough and explain yourself. Nice guys are great, but when they get obsessive, they because less and less attractive by the second. Also, I was kind of hoping for a resolution between these two in the last episode. Whether they became a couple or stayed friends, the ending was a big throw off, and I'm hoping to see a good ending between these two in a future season.

Max and Scarlett - You know who these two remind me of? Plankton and his computer wife, Karen. Why? Plankton and Max both want to take over the world, but need support of someone they consider a sidekick, when in reality, is better at doing their job than themselves. Both Scarlett and Karen suggest ideas that turn out to be better than what their evil frienemy/husband came up with, and then both males claim it to be their own. What else do these two have in common? They both are interesting to watch. Max and Scarlett were an interesting duo, but Max got annoying and Scarlett went unstable.

Chris and Topher - Thank you for getting rid of Topher when you did, Chris. Topher didn't want to play the game; he wanted to host the game, thinking he could do Chris's job better than Chris could. Of course, Chris appreciated Topher's "admiration" for him, but I'm glad Chris was able to come to his senses and realize Topher was up to no good. Also, it took me about two episodes to realize if you put both their names together, you get Christopher. Genius.

Ella and Sugar - Why, Sugar? Why do you hate this wonderful lady? Ella gives me life and you eliminating her crushed my soul. She wasn't even trying to steal you spotlight, or purposely take the glitter you wanted that she found first. All she wanted was to be your friend.

Leonard and Sugar - No. Just no. How can you like a wizard, but hate a princess? You don't derserve him. Go to your future college and find someone there that wants to put makeup on a snake!

Rodney and Every Female Contestant - Once again, just no. Rodney falling for girls for the littlest thing is somewhat believable due to him being raised by his dad and just brothers, but if he can't focus on one girl, he's gonna be single your whole life. "I'd like to propose to Scarlett, but how will I break it to Amy, Jasmine, Sky, Ella, Sugar, Samey, Heather, Gwen, Jo, Zoey, Izzy, Leshwana, Beth, Lindsay, Courtney, Dawn, Sierra, Dakota, Ann Maria, Bridgette and Debbie? They'll be devestated."

Jasmine and Samey - Wonderful friendship! I'm glad they both became friends due to both of them having social issues back home. Between people being intimidated by Jasmine, and Samey getting pushed on the curb by Amy, they both stood by each other. I hope Samey will visit her and Shawn in Australia and watch movies or something.

Amy and Samey - Ugghhhh. AMY! WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM? What has Samey done to you that has made you so rude and abusive to her? She is your sister, not your slave! Samey, please stand up to her more often. You did so great this season.

Jasmine and Shawn - Best couple on this season! It had its weak spots when Shawn thought she was a zombie and she was mad at him, but they made up and they are perfect! I'm glad Shawn decided to split the money with her. Thank you for being the most functional pairing on the show. <3

This part is just going to be brief. The episodes..........

So, Uh This Is My Team? - 7/10. Great introduction to the characters. Good challenge. Good elimination.

I Love You, Grease Pig! - 6.5/10. Interesting challenge, but easily forgettable episode. Predictable elimination.

Twinning Isn't Everything - 7.5/10. Forgettable challenge. Awesome character development. Thumbs up for the plot twist of that elimination. I just thought she was trying to give Amy an itchy throat. It got so much better!

I Love You, I Love You Knots - 7/10. Good challenge. Good character reveals. Predictable elimination. That chicken was epic.

A Blast From The Past - 6/10. Boring challenge. Easily forgettable episode. Good development for Shawn, Jasmine, Ella, Dave, Sky, and Samey. Good plot twist with Amy returning. Predictable elimination with both Amy and Samey leaving.

Mo Monkey Mo Problems - 7/10. Interesting challenge. Good character development. Funny quotes. Sad, but most entertaining elimination this show has ever had.

This Is The Pits! - 8/10. Cool challenge. Great character development. Chef's fake passport name is Hector. Good Elimination.

Three Zones and A Baby - 8/10. The challenge was good at first, but only got better when they added babies. Great character development. Thank you for eliminating Topher.

Hurl and Go Seek - 8/10. The challenge was a bit forgettable, but they way it was done was great. Great character development between Sky and Dave as well as Jasmine and Shawn. Thank you for getting rid of Dave.

Scarlett Fever - 7.5/10.  Punny episode title. Great challenge. Yay for Shasmine. Scarlett's plot twist was okay. Predictable elimination. Max going home was a good plus.

Sky Fall - 7.5/10. Once again, punny episode title. Let the sky faaaaaalllll. Can someone make a Skyfall AMV of this season? Good challenge, Shasmine is my OTP. Good, but heartbreaking elimination. Sugar's fart jokes, and any fart jokes on this show are getting old, and unfunny.

Pahk'd With Talent - 9/10. BEST EPISODE OF THE SEASON. I love that the contestants got to create their own challenge! Shawn's talent gave me life. Thank you for making Sugar leave.

Lies, Cries, and One Big Prize - 8.5/10. Awesome final two. Predictable people to be helpers. Love the curveball Chris threw at the finalists by making the helpers not useful. Hooray for Shawn! Hooray for Shasmine! Wonderful ending to a great season!

There is just one last thing I need to do, before I declare my overall feeling of the season, and that is my highlights of this season!

  • "I really miss that wizard kid. FORCEFIELD" -Chris
  • Sugar eating the slug and her belly button turning into a flashlight
  • Clucky the Chicken
  • Everything that came out of Ella's mouth
  • Sky burping
  • Scarlett needing to use smaller words
  • Chris throwing the marshmallows at Scarlett when she was eliminated
  • Max and the baby
  • Ella's elimination song
  • Amy's return
  • Shawn's armpit talent
  • "Roses are Red, Bruises are Blue"
  • Whiskers
  • Dave howling
  • Beardo making the pac-man noise at his elimination
  • Chef singing
  • Chris having to wear a costume to fool Topher over the phone
  • "I am so, like, confused, about what is going on with Dave and Sky...I mean, like, did you, like, hear that...?" -Chris imitating every fangirl ever. <3

And finally, my overall rating of this season

This season was a 8.5/10. It had its good moments, bad moments, and moments where I couldn't breathe because I was laughing so hard. I hope most of these character make their way into future seasons, because this cast was great.


2. TDI


4. TDA



Seriously, I thought it was THAT good. It surpassed a season with the original characters! That says a lot! Thank you for reading my super long post! Until, next season, stay awesome! :)

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