Hello everyone! Well the season five finale of Total Drama is coming up and honestly, I'm not as pumped to see how this turns out as much as the past four. Owen and Gwen are total opposites, which made it fun as well as for Duncan and Beth. Alejandro and Heather are both evil, but awesome antagonists, so that worked out. Lightning and Cameron weren't so bad either. The only thing I'm looking forward to is how Mike and the others will take out Mal. Nice to know that the whole episode won't be a "friendship finale". *shivers*

But that's not what I wanna talk about. Despite the series not being over quite yet, I've pretty made my mind up of how much I either loved or hated the contestants this season. Maybe you agree with me, maybe you won't, but all I ask is for you to not completely bash me out. I understand the hatred to certain characters *cough Cameron, Zoey and Mike cough* but I don't hate on opinions.


14. Lindsay - Look, I adore Lindsay. She's sweet, bubbly, and her lines can be hilarious. Maybe it's because she was the first to go, or maybe it was because I thought her lines were written to make her dumber than ever. "How do you push again?" But for reasons unexplainable, she's just not my favorite this season.

13. Sam - Why was he even an all star? I would've much rather preferred Brick over him. I like Sam too, but he was super useless this season. Yeah, he got hurt a lot by animals which are always an excuse, but I'm glad he left when he did. Taking a few pieces of pancakes...there are no cheat codes in the real world, Sam!

12. Cameron - I don't think I need to go in a mass amount of detail why he's so far down the list. I was actually happy when he won in TDROTI. Not because he was my favorite (trust me, he was way down) and not because I thought Lightning deserved it (I like Lightning, but hate his ego), but because he was an underdog and got little appreciation. He actually had some pretty good character development last season. This season was different. He was dry, dull, constantly known as Sierra's new chew toy, made terrible decisions, and was SO FREAKING GULLIBLE! My Thanksgiving dinner had more development than him!

11. Duncan - Normally, I think Duncan is a pretty decent character, but this season, he hit an all time low for me. Between him always trying to prove that he was still a bad boy and him still being obsessed with Courtney even when he was with Gwen, he really didn't do much this season that stood out. Oh well, at least he's in jail now.

10. Gwen - Man, another original that hit an all time low! She was okay this season, but I kinda got bored of her between he trying to make things right with Courtney and complaining in the confessionsal every time things went wrong. I was only rooting for her in the previous episode because she was the only original left! AND WHO TRIES TO FIX A PAINTING WITH BEAR POOP?!

9. Jo - She wasn't so bad this season. I love her killer zingers/epic nicknames, my favorites being Liabilitiy, Dudcan, Alehandwalker and Count Gwenula. I just really didn't enjoy her so much this season.

8. Lightning - Not bad this season. I just cannot stand his ego though. I was however, shocked that he left when he did. I thought he'd make it somewhere in the middle of the season. It was just his time to say sha bye bye. SHA-ZING!

7. Sierra - I freaking love Sierra, and I feel like we could fangirl about stuff for hours, but she got worse this season. I was so excited to see her play this game without Cody, but NO! She became obsessed with Cameron. OF ALL PEOPLE! Does she have an obsession with guys shorter than her or something, because I'm pretty sure Cody and Cameron are the same height. And things only made her worse when she adopted that rat thing. Sierra, next time you're on the show, try to not obsess over something Cody-sized.

6. Zoey - Honestly, I like her, but man she was bad this season. I might be over ranking her, but she wasn't totally annoying this season. She had some good lines: "The sad thing is, this isn't the worst party I've ever been to." And some bad ones: "I can't believe what I just saw! Or just seen. No saw..." She won three challenges in a row and has done some terrible things like JUMP IN PIRHANNA INFESTED WATER JUST TO SEE IF IT WAS REALLY MIKE! She made it to the finale, and who knows, she might win this thing.

5. Mike - Mike hasn't been so bad despite being TRAPPED IN HIS MIND FOR THE MAJORITY OF THE SEASON! But Mal hasn't been any better. For the first few episodes all he'd ever do was BREAK STUFF! And also, he has weird fantasies of making Mike's other persona's do pointless stuff in his head! But his theme song, is awesome.

4. Courtney - Oh Courtney, still mad at Gwen? Well here's the thing. NOBODY CARES. I was happy that Gwen was trying to make things right with her, but of course she just had to think that everything Gwen did to her was on purpose! I'm just glad that they became friends again. I also adored her relationship with Scott. It was to see her liking someone again. Scott actually brought out the best in her. I kinda thought she'd make it all the way, but hey, that list she made was kinda terrible. It could've been accurate, but meh, this is when you should start making mental lists.

3. Heather - I never would've expected myself to put her so high up on this list after how much I disliked her in season 1. I really liked Heather this season. It was nice to see her interact with Alejandro and as usual try to take charge. I just really hated how she found the invincibility statue and than HID IT! She deserved to leave after that.

2. Alejandro/Alehandwalker/Alehandstand/Ale-row-row-row-his-boat/Alejandro Deaddonkey - He was just as awesome as he was in TDWT (and just as hot--I mean as good a player too.) Despite him walking on his hands for the majority of his stay this season, he played the game well. He figured out about Mal, gave good hints to his discovery, but in his final episode, didn't really do so well as to proving it. He left at a good time, but I've missed him.

1. Scott - I'm shocked. I hated Scott so much last season. He was second to last on my TDROTI list. He was soooooo good this season. He was funny, awesome, clever, just totally different than last season. He actually made me laugh out loud in 'Moon Madness,' the most hated episode when he crossed the bridge while screaming. He was so adorkable with Courtney "Will you be my boyfriend? No, uh, my BOYfriend. UGH! Uh, me yours, me boy, just WILL YOU GO OUT WITH ME?" He could've easily made it to the finale IF ZOEY DIDN'T CHOOSE MIKE BECAUSE OF FRIENDSHIP FINALE 2.0! I loved him this season!

So that's my ranking! Will I change it after the finale? Maybe. Is this a good ranking? Eh...

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