Lets just all take a moment to appreciate that the creators didn't forget about Playa Des Losers. It's a smaller detail to the show that I've missed.

So the title of this episode is Suckers Punched and it begins with some piano music. I was actually convinced someone was playing a piano, and was slightly disappointed that it was just a stereo. Sierra is still taking care of the two headed mutant rat thing which I do find a little funny, but she does realize they have rabies right? RIGHT?

The Villainous Vultures are eating weirdly colored food (reference to the chicken in Triarmed Trathlon, maybe?) And Alejandro lies about how his legs "magically" started to work again. I like Alejandro. I'm not sure what it is exactly, but I just like him. Poor guy, getting called Al. He once again mentions his brother, Jose. This wouldn't be foreshadowing anything, would it? Sarcasm. Another thing I love. And Scott has a sister? They really should have a sibling pair come on this show...

Duncan tells Zoey about Mike. This is why I can actually put up with Duncan this season. Despite him trying to convince himself that he's bad to the bone, he at least tells someone about what he knows instead of keeping it to himself. "You're so thoughtful and considerate." Eh, it's about right.

Mike has a conversation with Mal (that's gonna take some getting use to. I prefer TMO over Mal so much) confused why he's still around. One does not simply get rid of a personality.

"Man are you a sight for sore eyes." Yeah, something tells me Mal wasn't good with the ladies. The challenge begins and I'm kinda thrown off. Yeah this is based off of two challenges from season 1, but isn't the boxing part of it from season 2 from the boxing match in Million Dollar Babies? So Mal remembers that Zoey is supposed to get a reward which is that she doesn't have to fight and automatically gets a point for the Heroic Hampsters. Interesting advantage even though she probably could've won a point for the team anyway. Girls got some skill. And there is NO way Chef could have gotten in the dress that fast! Once again, I love the little details they've been adding in this episode of scenery and characters.

Scott has to box against Fang. Wow, what a shocker. I love how Scott gets so scared he's literally frozen. I had my doubts on him, but he's becoming really cool this season. "I likes you purty lady *laughs* sleep" Why was Sierra's theme music playing when he said that? Is he going to become crazy obsessed with Courtney or something. YES! Finally Gwen and Courtney are getting along! "Did you see that? Courtney treated me like a human being! WHOO HOO!" I feel like her reaction is a little overdone, but whatever.

Sierra fights the mother of the two headed rat thing over custody. She briefly ends it with Cameron, but when the match is over and the custody of Cody Jrs goes to the actual mother, she "takes him back". I find it funny how these people think they have a chance to fight something that could probably swallow them whole.

Alejandro goes next and OMG WHAT AN UTTER SHOCK HE FIGHTS AGAINST JOSE! Honestly, I don't know what Alejandro is talking about, Jose isn't all that good looking. And I find it rather odd how they have the EXACT same necklace, pants, beard, ONLY THE SHIRT IS A DIFFERENT COLOR, HAIRSTYLE, AND EYE COLOR! Then again, they are brothers. Oh, Jose did NOT just diss Heather. That final beatdown on Jose is the BEST. THING. EVER! "And this is for calling any aspects of Heather unattractive!" At least he's a gentlemen in that way. "Heather, I know you're watching. Call me." Heather's probably at home right now rolling her eyes while saying something like "As if I'm to call him," and laughing at herself.

Cameron figures out that the wheel is being rigged, so Mike lands on a spider. But not just any spider. IZZY! PRAISE THE LORD AND ITS MIRACLES SHE MAKES A FREAKING CAMEO! I was screaming her name at the top of my lungs! Izzy is my favorite. character. ever! I got some weird looks from my mom, BUT I DON'T CARE! IZZY!!!!!!!!!!!!! I find it weird how Mike was able to comunicate with her through Mal. Does Izzy have some sorta weird powers. I wouldn't doubt it. Mal beats the crap outta spider Izzy. I hate you, Mal. You have no idea how much I hate you for beating up Izzy.

Cameron is up next and goes against mutant gophers and gets taken down in 2 seconds. Yeah, that was kinda expected. By far the worst knockout of the episode, and I'm not even a Cameron hater. Keep in mind that he's not even close to being a favorite though. I liked him better last season.

Duncan has to beat up the three eyed bird that he stole an egg from in the last episode and just can't do it. I'm kinda sad over how weak Duncan is becoming. I like his bad boy image. I hope it's just a phase, but think about how happy his parents will be!

Gwen and Courtney are becoming friends again. Apparently it's normal for girls to giggle like they're at a One Direction concert every time they say something in unison by accident. Gwen and Courtney have to go against each other and they refuse to until they show clips of Gwen and Duncan kissing on Sierra's blog page. I WANT TO GO ON HER BLOG SO MUCH! And why does Courtney even care about those clips? She likes Scott now! "I only came back on the show to make things right with you!" "I never really missed Duncan. But I really missed you." "So friends?" "Totes. Friends forever." Again, I say, PRAISE THE LORD AND ITS MIRACLES! GWEN AND COURTNEY ARE FRIENDS AGAIN! But did Courtney seriously use the term totes? That was kinda unnessary. But I'm glad these two are friends again. I was getting so sick of Courtney bashing on Gwen as well as Gwen being obsessed with trying to make things right.

I must admit, I had no clue who wad going home tonight. I knew it couldn't be Mike since his problem hasn't be solved yet. Zoey? Maybe, but she was the reason they got a point so... It was either not so much of a bad boy Duncan or Sierra. Chris, being the creative host that he is decides to let the Villains choose who's going home. They all decide that Sierra is getting flushed, and the remaining Heros choose Alejandro to go to Boney Island. WHAT'S THE POINT OF GOING TO BONEY ISLAND ANYMORE?!?!?! And I'm sad to see Sierra going home already. I actually thought she'd have a chance to make it all the way.

"Sorry again! Say hi to Cody for me!" I'm glad that Gwen actually cares about Cody. "And make more of those Gwuncan videos!" For what? So you can cry about how you wish you were still with Gwen? And did he just use they're shipping name? Oh Duncan....

Overall this episode had some good laughs, character development, BEST. CAMEO. EVER. BY. IZZY., and so happy that Gwen and Courtney are getting along again! The best person in this episode was probably a tie between Gwen and Courtney due to them both winning the challenge for their team and finally getting along again. The worst of this episode had to be Cameron. His match wasn't even worth the 2 seconds.

So, 8.5/10 and in my personal opinion, best episode yet!

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