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This episode is called No One Eggspects The Spanish Opposition (wow, long title). Chris does a recap of the previous episode. "And we can't stop it so we got to top it." I couldn't help, but think of Miley Cyrus when he said that...

So Cameron is trying to fix his glasses. Ya, just tapping them is gonna magically put them together...Courtney talks about getting rid of him. Uh, I thought she was trying to get rid of Gwen. Gwen helps Cameron fix his glasses with a twist tie and Heather and Alejandro decide to form a temporary alliance. I kinda EGGspected one of them to go home from the moment this happened.

Zoey offers an apple to Duncan to which he accepts, learning that he's becoming nicer. And I was kinda surprised to see that TMO was the one behind breaking Duncan's knife, though it makes sense in a way. It was also kinda weird how the camera looked while he was doing it too. "Tough break." Okay, I laughed at that...

Sierra is crying about Cameron (or should I say CodyCam), and when Mike shows up, Zoey reveals in the confessional that she's becoming scared of him. You know, Zoey, you wouldn't be if you'd just TALK TO HIM! Seriously...

The campers go to Boney Island where it is revealed that the invincibility statue is hidden in the Fun Zone of the island where the challege takes place. That would've been nice to know in the first place, but then it would've been too easy. The challenge uses animals from season 4. They're basing waaaay too many challenges off of season 4, but also is more of a season 3 challege Rapa-Phooey.

"AH! GOSHIE GOSH POOPIE FACE FUZZY SLIPPER!" Why do I get the feeling I'll say that one day? Oh Duncan, you poor guy becoming nice. His swears aren't lame...they're pathetic.

The contestants start searching for eggs. Mike and Zoey run into each other, and confess how they feel for each other (again). "Being around you makes me feel more like the me I wanna be when I'm around you being me." Um...what? That seriously made my brain hurt.

Alejandro finds and egg, but Heather takes it from him and they get a point for their team. Alejandro gets stuck guarding the egg. Mike and Zoey team up to get an egg from Larry, which succeeds until it hatches...and then it is revealed the Chris screwed a mutated plant. It's the only thing that would anyway...unless you're Sierra's mom. Huh, I wonder if her mom still likes Chris since Sierra told her to destory "The Chris McLean Museum/Guest Room"

Duncan finds an egg putting the Hampters on the board and he stays to guard the egg from Alehandwalker. Heather is trying to convince everyone to vote for Alejandro by telling her other teammates that he's planning to get rid Scott and Cameron. Heather is as genius as always with these elimination ideas, I've really grown to like her character.

Sierra starts to guard the eggs when a two headed..I'm not even sure what that is becomes her "child". Yeah, because Cody, or Cameron or CamCodyKins would totally want THAT to keep.

Courtney and Scott start talking to where he holds her hand. I'm really loving Scottney..or is it Scourtney? Just look at Courtney's face after she took her hand away! That's more adorable than anything Sierra would call as her child. Scott gets attacked by a mutant gopher (reference to Screaming Gophers anyone?) and they manage to get an egg from the gopher.

Heather finds the invincibility statue...and what does she do with it? Only something a total genius would do! She HIDES IT! Brilliant, Heather! And then tells Alejandro she found it! We got an Einstein here! And yes, I was being sarcastic! "Ooo, wait for me and my pretty head!" Oh, I love you Alejandro...even if you are walking on your hands...

MIKE AND ZOEY ARE FINALLY TALKING ABOUT MIKE'S PROBLEM! HALLEJUAH! But seriously, hitting him in the head AGAIN would do the reverse? I suppose this idea isn't terrible, but why try? Somehow, the two come arcoss a nest full of eggs.

Duncan comes back with another egg, saying he fought a huge hybrid monster, but Chris reveals that he took it from a non-mutant bird and cried with it. WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO THE DUNCAN WE ALL KNOW, LOVE AND WENT TO JUVIE?!?!?!?!?! So they're might be another all star season (Sweethearts vs Even Bigger Sweethearts) Doubt the team names we'll be that, but this might be foreshadowing another all star season, so yeah!

Mike and Zoey manage the carry the whole huge nest with eggs by themselves. Uh, that is so not a two person job. Why would Courtney even tell Heather to toss a fragile item! Slow and steady wins the race! And even if that is the case, they lost anyway with the amount of eggs there is in the nest.

The Heroic Hampsters win and when Heather goes to get the statue, it's gone and she blames Chris. How could Chris get it? He was outside the Fun Zone THE WHOLE TIME! Alejandro was RIGHT NEXT TO YOU when you hid it. DO THE MATH!

In the confessional, Mike tries Zoey's idea of hitting himself in the head with a boulder to get his other personalities, but instead makes TMO come out fully and Mike is no longer in control. I just get this huge feeling his other personalities will save him inside his head and take over again.

So during commercial break, I prepared myself to see Heather going because it was pretty obvious. In season 1 and even 2 I would've been excited to see this day come, but since season 3 I've really liked her character more. On the other hand, I've kinda been expecting her to leave early since the beginning of the season.

Gwen pulls Courtney in a bush saying she's done with Duncan and will vote off whoever she wants her to, and Courtney, surprisingly gets along with Gwen here and tells her to vote for Alejandro. "And this is beacause I can't vote for Chris!" We all know who you were going to vote for, Heather.

Alejandro is apparently going home, but he stands up ON HIS LEGS! OMG I WAS ALMOST IN THE AIR! He revealed the invincibility statue, which saved him, and got Heather out. Heather's awesome, but she had this coming.

"Such beauty a toilet has never seen." Well at least not one that big.  And I'd love to see them start over, beacause I agree with Alenomorehandwalker, they do make a perfect couple. And yes, Alejandro did deserve to be pushed in the water.

It's moments like this where I wonder...when they go down the Flush of Shame...where does it take them.

Am I forgetting something...OH YEAH! Duncan revealed that TMO ran his Juvie and was called Mal which I must admit isn't so bad, but TMO is way better. Also, what's the point of going to Boney Island if the statue isn't there anymore? I was seriously hoping that would be done with now...

Overall, this episode was really fun to watch. We got lots of character development, good jokes, not bad challenge. The best character of this episode was Alejandro. He double crossed Heather and will now walk like a normal human being! The worst was Heather. Who finds a statue that can save you from getting kicked off, hides it and TELLS SOMEONE ABOUT IT! I hate to say it, but she deserved to go home for that stupid act!

8/10...probably my favorite episode so far!

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