Hello everyone! So this is my first review, and I apologize if there are spelling mistakes, I type quickly and well I guess that's it! On with the review!

So this episode is called Moon Madness and it starts with the Heroic Hampsters eating outside until Cameron falls and his glasses break. Zoey in the confessional states that she saw Mike do it. "I can't believe what I just saw! Or have just seen! No saw..." I'm not a Zoey hater, but that's honestly the worst line she's had. Obviously she's suspicious of Mike's behavior. And Sierra just cracks me up! I love how she doesn't believe she exists without her phone!

At the hotel, we have Heather and Alejandro eating together and Heather is annoyed with Alejandro whistling through his nose (That takes skill!) Only for him to get up  and call her typical, which for some reason worries Heather than he's losing interest in her. Uh, since when does Heather care what Alejandro thinks of her? Just goes to show that Heather still likes that handwalker..

So Courtney realizes she misses Scott while he's at Boney Island. I'm not surprised that Courtney is starting to like Scott, and speaking of him, the way he gets off Boney Island is just awesome! So Chris is explaining the challenge which is based off of The Treasure Island of Chris McLean with some similarities from Finders Creepers (wow, both from season 4). Love how the animators took the time to make the map on screen with not just showing all the campers, but they had Alejandro on his hands! "My only interest in Scott is as an ally. Really! Sure he's cute, but in a sloppy rustic sorta way. Like a shack with nice curtains or a donkey wearing a wig." By far the weirdest confessional ever.

Zoey tells Cameron that Mike broke his glasses, but Mike says that he doesn't know what's been up with him latel and Cameron agrees to help him. Okay Zoey, I know it's kinda obvious that Mike is your first boyfriend, but don't you just tattle on someone. You should just talk it out...

The Blue Harvest Moon begins, which effects the creatures turning them into the opposite of how they act. The moon also affects Mike, turning him into the Malavalent One and also Heather (not sure which is more terrifying...okay nice Heather is...) And that nice alligator is the only time I'd ever call any reptile adorable. Those puppy dog eyes! Scott is taken down by a bunch of bunnies and Zoey is about to be attacked by an evil duck when evil Mike decides to trick Cameron into leaving Sierra with Zoey. Okay, so Duncan ducks because of an evil bird...he's so tough...why didn't he just punch it like he did with those birds in the Beach Blanket Bogus challenge?

Back with team villain, Heather is continuing on being super duper nice. "YEAHHHHH RUNNINGGGGG!" Yeah, I agree with Alejandro, she's terrifying right now! But I couldn't help, but laugh at her randomly skipping around. Someone please take her to Candy Mountain! "Maybe she's part wolf" Okay, that was actually kinda funny, but I don't think I wouldn've laughed as hard as they were. It would've been a forced laugh...poor Gwen. She really is trying to be friends with Courtney, but I don't think it's worth it. Will they become friend-ish again...maybe.

So Cameron has been keeping track of how long it's been since Mike hasn't been able to access his other personalities, and TMO trips him and then when he's about to get attacked by bunnies, Tarzan--I mean Sierra swoops in a saves him. I love how when Chris is signing off for a commercial break, you see Slender Man on the far left screen! Just imagine if one of them turned around and he was there! Oh wait, what if the Blue Harvest Moon affects Slender Man? He's probably hug you or something...okay back to the show! Sierra weaves Cameron onto her back, love how the writers add these little things about the characters that we've already seen.

The villians reach the bridge and Gwen decides to walk around instead thinking that the bridge will collaspe. I must admit, I thought that the second I saw the bridge, I don't really blame Gwen for leaving...but if I was on the show, I would've anyway. I LOVE HOW SCOTT CROSSED THE BRIDGE SCREAMING! I was laughing so hard the whole time he was doing that! That's the first time Scott has made me laugh. I'm really liking his character more this much more likable.

TMO is talking to a bird (cuckoo...cuckoo..get it...because-oh forget it) and Duncan is getting suspicious of where he knows Mike from, but before he figures it out, a bird chases him. Again, Duncan can easily just FALCON punch the bird (Oh, I should write for this shouldn't). I'm really curious as to the past of Duncan and TMO. Maybe Duncan will find out he's some super evil criminal and will bow down to him wanting him to teach him his ways.

So the rest of team villain is crossing the birds, and nice Heather falls, but Alejandro catches her to which she says that she knew he still cared. She also admits to faking being super nice and Alejandro wishes he'd let her fall. Courtney uses a beaver that chewed on Scott to break the bridge. And the first flip off of the season goes to *drum roll* THE BEAVER!

Duncan and Gwen run into each other, and he asks about what Courtney has said about him. Geez, Duncan is really off in this episode. He's not acting like himself at all. Not being tough AND obsessed with Courtney. Gwen's right, it's not cool. Guess he really didn't get over her yet.

Mike catches up with everyone about to hurt Zoey with a club, until Sierra and Cameron catch up with them and TMO says he was attacked by a bear. Zoey questions this, saying wouldn't a bear be cuddly during the moon, suspcious of Mike's behavior. JUST TALK TO HIM ABOUT IT! STOP FIGURING THINGS OUT FOR YOURSELF IF IT'S TOO COMPLICATED! Sierra finds a way across now that the bridge is out by pulling another Tarzan...wait...didn't Cody pull a Tarzan in the Boney Island episode of season 1? Mind. BLOWN.

So the villains make it to the finish line, except Gwen's not there yet, and Courtney's about to be eaten by a deer when Gwen saves her, but Courtney admits in the confessional, she would have let Gwen become deer food. The heros try to get across, but the Blue Harvest Moon ends, making Mike turn back into himself not sure where he is, and Courtney and Gwen get across first. WHY COULDN'T THE DEER EAT COURTNEY! Seriously, Courtney's not the worst character ever, but she's kinda frustrating me with hating on Gwen so much EVEN WHEN SHE SAVED HER FROM A FREAKING DEER! And when Mike comes back, it's kinda sad he gets so confused and that's how they lost!

At the bonfire ceremony, Gwen in the peanut gallery is sad over how she's not a hero and Duncan tries to cheer her up by giving her a kiss on the cheek (Awww!) But ruins the moment by asking if Courtney was watching which makes Gwen break up with him. I'm sad over the break up and everything, but Duncan deserved it. Who cares if Courtney is watching or not! Gwen is all you should care about! Man, I hate how different Duncan was in this episode! But at the same time, Gwen is being just as obsessive of wanting to make things better with Courtney as Duncan is just about her in general. Kinda hypocritical. At least Gwen is trying to do a good thing...

Cameron volunteers for the Flush of Shame, making Sierra collaspe in dispair. He wants to help Mike with his problem, but can't take anymore of Sierra. "Oh, are you allergic to lawn grass? I can get chains instead." O.o Yeah, that doesn't sound creepy at all. Turns out no one is getting the Flush of Shame and Cameron will be moved to the villains side instead to which he promises to help Mike on the other Team somehow.

Overall, this episode gave me some good laughs, but it really wasn't like anything compared to what it was based off of. Heather was the best in this episode, pretending to act nice because of the moon with purpose! The worst was Duncan in this one. He's been pretty good this season up until now still showing an obsession with Courtney. He's no better than Sierra's obsession with Cody and Cameron! 5.5/10 I guess. I'm feeling generous today.

I'm expecting Gwen and Cameron to get along well now that he's on the Villainous Vultures. I'm also really liking Scott and Courtney. Those two will work out nicely...I hope. I wonder if Duncan will find out Mike's secret soon too.

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