Okay so if you saw my profile,I liked Gwen's elimiantion,meaning I am not a Gwen fan and also I am a DxC fan SOOO u guys automaticlly think I'm the typical DxC fan who hates Gwen because she "Broke DxC up" but that is not the case anymore! Okay so that used to be the reason I hated Gwen BUT not anymore.Personally,I am WAAAY over hating Gwen for that reason but I don't like her because of the way she broke up with Trent cause I think that was really kinda harsh.I used to think Trent was crazy and stuff but now he's my second fave guy! I guess my inner Trent fan finally came out or something I dunno but anyway that is my personal opoion and if you don't like it than screw you!

Forever yours,--ASingleLady445 20:40, December 19, 2009 (UTC)ASingleLady445

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