Well, Total Drama: Revenge of the Island, wasn't the best season ever, but it wasn't the worst either. I think that Season 5 should be a season, of hard core drama. I don't really want it to be "Heroes vs. Villains", but it's hinted that it will be. I was hoping that it would be like Total Drama Island and Total Drama: Revenge of the Island. I want it to take place at Camp Wawanakwa.

    -My opinion on who should come back to the competition.

    - I really would like Katie and Sadie to have more screen time, but most people hate them, as I love them. I think many, original's will be back, and most of TDROTI cast will be too.

    I think that Zoey will return. Also, B, Dawn, Scott and Anne Maria.

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    Many people have had different opinions about this topic, but I just want to know, who did you want to win? Many people wanted Noah, Cody and even Heather to win, and surprisingly Heather, did win! Personally, I would've liked Alejandro, Bridgette or Owen to win.

    • Alejandro:|
    • Bridgette:|
    • Blaineley:
    • Courtney:
    • Cody:
    • DJ:
    • Duncan:
    • Ezekiel:
    • Gwen:
    • Harold:
    • Heather:
    • Izzy:
    • LeShawna:
    • Lindsay:
    • Noah:
    • Owen:|
    • Sierra:
    • Tyler:
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    If Sadie were an antagonist this is what it would be like:

    I think that Sadie would have an Everyone conflict. Most people, (including Katie) will hate her.

    She would've gotten all of her hair cut off, just like Heather. I also think that Heather would be less of a antagonist.

    Her worst enemies would be, Katie, Courtney, Heather Beth, Gwen, and Justin.

    She would like Alejandro and Duncan.

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