The final three have to avoid being eliminated in which the host decides to bring all eliminated contestants back to choose who will be eliminated. After some more conflict in between a relationship reveals some secrets about one another. A conflict between two competitors reaches its boiling point. However, it is the one who should be most at home in this who reveals how disliked she really is, getting her removed with a bang and reducing the competition to the final two.


Chris brings all eliminated contestants back into the game, but not to compete. To vote. Amy and Samey argue but later vote for Sugar. Beardo finally speaks but says Sugar. Dave votes for Sugar. Ella votes Sugar, but sings her name. Jasmine votes for Sugar since she caused her elimination. Leonard says Sugar.  Max votes for Sugar. Rodney votes for Sugar because she caused an awkward moment. Scarlett votes for Sugar. Topher votes for Sugar. Sugar is then immediatly eliminated. Chris reveals the final two of TDPI: Sky and Shawn. Chris then signs off the episode.

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