I'm gonna try to rank each Total Drama player based on how well they played the game. This is not a personal ranking, so some of my favorites will be ranked low and some of my least favorite will be ranked high. So here are the guidelines:

- I will rank them based on their challenge performance, strategic game, and social game put together

- Contestants who have competed in multiple seasons will be ranked overall no season by season (or else this will be too long)

- Just because a contestant has a high placement in the show does mot mean that the will automatically be ranked high on this list

- I counted Mal as his own contestant because him and Mike played so drastically different and trying to ranked them as one would be a mess.

Previous Ranking:

  1. 53- Staci
  2. 52- Beardo
  3. 51- Dakota
  4. 50- Ezekiel
  5. 49- Topher

So the next one out is .....

Leonard bye



Placement: 13th

Challenges: Leonard was a terrible performer in both of the challenges he competed in. You could say that he single handedly lost both of them for his team. This was mainly due to his delusions of being a real wizard. Instead of actually doing the challenges he would make up some kind of spell and expect it to work. Why he does, nobody knows.

Strategic Game: He had no strategy at all in the game, if he did nobody knows it.

Social Game: Leonard' social game is somewhat up and down. While Dave hates him, Sugar was in love with him. With that he had one ally in Sugar, but that wasn't enough. He did also manage to impress Ella and Beard enough to agree to his ridiculous wizard tower, so that's something.

Overall: Leonard was pretty terrible overall. He screwed up both challenges and had no strategy at all. His only saving grace was that most of his team was gullible and believed his wizard act. He had a majority, but since he didn't have a strategic mind he didn't capitalize on it. His delusions instead ran him into the ground.




Placenent: 19th

Challenges: Katie's challenge performance ranged from bad to decent. She was decent in Dodgebrawl and appeared on the court many times. She also successfully jumped off the cliff (with Sadie). However her decent performances stop there. Her worst performance was The Sucky Outdoors, where her and Sadie got lost and ultimately Katie paid the price. So she had a string of decent performances and one terrible one that got her voted off the show.

Strategic Game: She has none at all.

Social Game: Katie basically only talked to Sadie and made no extra allies really. Somehow she got voted off before Sadie, which means that Sadie must have left a better impression on people than her. That has to be the only reason Sadie outlasted her.

Overall: Katie was barely on the screen which makes her hard to rank. The one time she was, her and Sadie were arguing in a cave and lost the challenge for their team. That mistake is too big to overlook. Katie also only talked to Sadie, instead of making allies in the game and somehow others thought that Sadie was more valuable than she was.




Placement: 12th

Challenges:Eva was great in challenges as seen in No Pain, No Gain. This was not enough though because she ultimately lost to Leshawna. Before her return, Eva did not have any stand out performances. Despite her strength she has never won a challenge before.

Strategic Game: Nome of her strategy was shown in her first time being in the competition at all. Upon her return, Eva was determined to get revenge on all the Killer Bass (mainly Bridgette) for voting her off the first time. This was an okay strategy,but it mainly hurt her more than it helped her. She also intimidated Lindsay during the challenge and made her choose Bridgette to do a painful act.

Social Game: Her terrible social skills and utter rage is the reason she is ranked so low and why she got voted off twice. Nearly everyone was intimidated by Eva and rubbed the wrong way by her. Although it was because of Heather, Eva threw the biggest fit over her lost MP3 player and that got her voted off. Instead of learning from this, she decided to take it up a notch when she returned. Thus of course got her voted off yet again. Her social game is just crap.

Overall: Despite her strength, Eva's rage makes her a very bad player. Her challenge strength goes out the door the moment her anger shows. It also doesn't help that she was only in one season and did not have a chance to change her game for the better.





Challenges: Like Katie, Sadie was mostly decent in challenges. She does have two notably bad performances. In The Sucky Outdoors she and Katie lose the challenge for their team because they decided blueberries were more important than winning. This gets Katie voted off and turns Sadie invisible until her next bad challenge episodes later. Sadie is paired with Courtney in Who Can You Trust and hits her repeatedly with apples which gets Sadie voted off.

Strategic Game: Also like Katie, Sadie has no clear strategy at all.

Social Game: Sadie's social game was nothing special and she mainly talked to Katie. When Katie leaves Sadie makes a friendship with Lindsay, which goes nowhere. Other than that there was nothing noteworthy that happened.

Overall: Sadie's game was nothing special and pretty bad. She decent to bad before and after Katie left. She is hard to rank because of stay in the forever background after Katie leaves. She did manage to outlast Katie so that's something I guess.




Placement "10th"

Challenges: Samey was ok in challenges overall. She mainly got used or pushed around by Amy in the first challenges, but they still completed them. Without Amy, Samey was definitely better in the challenges. The two times she lost a challenge for her team was due to her fights with Amy.

Strategic Game: Samey's main strategic move was tricking her sister into eating a poison apple and making Amy take the cannon of shame instead of her. She then poses as Amy until Amy returns. Whether this can be considered outside of the rules of the game is up for debate. Technically Samey was voted off and was supposed to leave, but Total Drama is known for letting unfair things happen.

Social Game: Samey's social game must have been terrible if it was so easy for Amy to convince everyone to vote her off. Even in the episode after her team was bad mouthing her unknowingly in front of her. Her only ally was Jasmine, who encouraged her to stand up to her sister. Jasmine even knew about Samey posing to be Amy. Other than that it seemed like her team disliked her, which is bad in her part.

Overall: The reason Samey is placed so low and is below her sister is mainly due to her resorting to pose as her sister to stay in the game. Really Samey was the first voted off of her team due to her letting Amy spread lies to everyone. You can say that she even got voted off twice, which is really bad. It says something about her game if she had to go to drastic measures just to stay.

Agree? Disagree? Please tell me especially when it comes to ranking Samey below Amy, I'm still kind of unsure about that

  1. 43 & 44 Hint: Both were the lowest ranking members of their team