I'm gonna try to rank each Total Drama player based on how well they played the game. This is not a personal ranking, so some of my favorites will be ranked low and some of my least favorite will be ranked high. So here are the guidelines:

- I will rank them based on their challenge performance, strategic game, and social game put together

- Contestants who have competed in multiple seasons will be ranked overall no season by season (or else this will be too long)

- Just because a contestant has a high placement in the show does mot mean that the will automatically be ranked high on this list

- I counted Mal as his own contestant because him and Mike played so drastically different and trying to ranked them as one would be a mess.

So finally our first contestant out is ....

53rd Staci Placement:13th


Staci is eliminated.

Challenges: During the only challenge she competed in Staci did not add much of anything to it. All she did was babble on and get directed by B who actually did the challenge.

Strategic Game: If Staci had a strategy, then we didn't see it. Maybe she tried to impress everyone everyone with her constant lies who knows.

Social Game: Socially Staci was godawful. She managed to annoy her whole team in a manner of an episode just by talking too much. This of course is the main reason she is ranked last.

Overall: Staci's game was terrible because she did nothing,but annoy people the short time she was there. She didn't contribute anything to her team and just plain sucked.

52nd Beardo Placement: 14th


Challenges: Beardo added nothing to the first challenge except running in slow motion, which did not end well for him.

Strategic Game: None what so ever.... Really not much to say.

Social Game: Unlike Staci, Beardo did not annoy all of his team, only a few. Most notably was Dave. Also unlike Staci, he never even talked which is probably why he got eliminated over Leonard.

Overall: Beardo was also terrible at the game because all he did was annoy people. He was terrible at the challenge and only made sound effects the whole time. Literally nothing else cam be said.

51st Dakota Placement: 7th


Challenges: Dakota was pretty terrible at all of the challenges she competed in. Even as Dakotazoid she loss. Reasons ranged from not being able to use a saw properly to being distracted by paparazzi.

Strategic Game: She had no strategy other than getting a spin off show.

Social Game: Dakota only made real allies in Sam her first time and Zoey her second time. This still did not keep her from being voted out. Everyone else was not fond of her or creeped out by her mutation.

Overall: Dakota is ranked so low because she didn't even want to play the game, she only wanted to get famous. Her strategy was non existent and she lost to Cameron of all people in a physical challenge. Upon her return she was too mad at Chris to even focus on the game. So Dakota didn't want or need the money so she didn't play the game at all.

50th Ezekiel Placement: 22nd/18th

Ezekiel jumping

David is eliminated

Challenges: Ezekiel only competed in two challenges and was okay in one and terrible in the other. He single handedly was the reason for Team Victories first lost because he lost a stick in a crocodile. He wasnt the reason the Killer Bass lost and contributed to the challenge.

Strategic Game: He has none, but some how expected to win the second time.

Social Game: He is very socially inept and this is the reason he got eliminated the first time. He managed to anger all of the females on his team due to his comments. If he had just shut up, then he could have lasted past the first episode.

Overall: Ezekiel's game is bad because he always messes up and ticks off his team in the process. He actually tries but fails each time.

49th Topher

Placement: 8th
The Topher experience 1

Challenges: Topher's challenge performance was below average, that is when he actually did a challenge. He would always leave to talk to Chris during a challenge, and didn't even do anything in the Truth or Scare challenge. Once he had stolen Chris's phone that took his mind off of the challenges even more and eventually got him voted off.

Strategic Game: Topher's strategy did not relate to the game at all. His main goal was to become host not to win the million dollars.

Social Game: Topher barely talked to anyone on his team ever. He did however manage to annoy his whole team the episode he is eliminated in.

Overall: Like Dakota, Topher barely wanted to even play the game and was more focused on getting a t.v. show. He didn't contribute to anything and failed the one time he tried to. I'm surprised he lasted as long as he did. Maybe everyone just forgot about him because he never talked to anyone.

So that's it for now. If you disagree, please voice it. I can always change the list anytime if I'm convinced.

  1. 48 and 49 Hint: Both competed in only one season

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