There seems to be a recent trend in the TD fanbase to compare an underaged character that gets very little screen time to an over exposed character that is hated, and put the underated character on a pedestal. The example that I want to address is a common statement I see. "Mike and Zoey are terrible/bland/offensive characters, I wish the writers utilized better characters like Brick, Dakota, Dawn, or Anne Maria." Another one is, "Why was Sam in All Stars? Better characters like Brick, Dakota, Harold, Leshawna, or Anne Maria should have been in."

Yes Mike and Zoey are terrible characters, and Sam probably should not have been in All Stars. Also Yes Brick and Dakota are two of the better characters from ROTI, but Anne Maria is not. Just because Anne Maria is a better character than Mike and Zoey does not make her a good character because, LITERALLY EVERY CHARACTER IS BETTER THAN MIKE AND ZOEY. Anne Maria is still a bad character and the likes of Brick and Dakota are so much better. Saying that Sam is undeserving and them bringing up Anne Maria just discredits anyones whole claim. Sam is way better than her.

I will now explain. Anne Maria is bland, tired, and has been done before. Just like how always being happy and nice can be bland, so can always being mean and mad. Literally all Anne Maria does in ROTI is get mad at people, spray people in the face, and flirt with Vito. Compare this to Zoey, who only says sorry to people, be nice, and flirts with Mike. Both are bland and boring. People say that she has so much potential, but I don't see it at all. Her premise was interesting and I wanted to see what the writers would do with it, but they failed.

ROTI characters better than Anne Maria: Jo Brick Sam Cameron (not taking All Stars in to account.) Dakota Lightning (although they are close) Dawn (Maybe) and probably even Zoey (again not ROTI, not All Satrs)