Day 3 people! I never thought I would make it this far semi srs.

Today we will look at one of TD's most hilarious characters, Lindsay! Of her four seasons we will determine in which was she best and worst. So lets get started...

TDI: This season what established Lindsay as one of the funnier characters of the show.

TDI Lindsay was not only hilarious, but played perfectly IMO. Her main storyline this season was her one sided friendship with Heather. We saw Heather completely manipulate Lindsay throughout the season with Lindsay being completely oblivious to it. This was a great dynamic, and seeing Lindsay be involved in Heather's schemes brought some funny moments. This storyline really made you believe that Lindsay wanted to be Heather's friend, which made the betrayal much more dramatic. Her exit was hilarious, sad, and dramatic all in one. Really that is the best eliminations in TD history (yeah I said it). She also formed a relationship with Tyler which was hilarious and fitting. Her moments with Gwen were funny too. Her poisoning Trent was probably her funniest moment to me.

While I liked the Tyler-Lindsay pairing, we barely got to see it this season. Tyler was an early boot so that could be why. Lindsay was treated as a comic relief character this season (and was great at it), but I feel she could have had a more central role. However I do understand that not everyone can be in the spotlight at once.

TDA: This is the season that proved that Lindsay can be more that a funny side character, but a really complex character.

Lindsay this season was phenomenal from start to finish. In the beginning of the season we saw her friendship with Beth flourish. This was a great friendship and reminded me of their few moments in TDI. After Trent left the Grips we saw Lindsay transitioned into something great. With their designated leader gone, the Killer Grips were a mess of a team. Seeing this Lindsay decided to become the leader. The dynamics of that team was already great and having Lindsay take a leadership role made it that much better. Her not being manipulated by Justin anymore showed that she had learned from TDI which added to the continuity. Her conflict with Courtney was great. Get a Clue was a good episode because of this conflict. TDA Lindsay was just great, we really got to see her character develop.

The only bad thing about Lindsay in TDA was her elimination. While it was fitting that Lindsay would vote for herself, It just felt robbing of all the great things she did that season. If it was up to me she would have been a finalist in Beth's place (and I love Beth). I felt like the season was leading to her win or possible win.

TDWT: This season reminded me of how good Lindsay can be in a side role.

TDWT Lindsay felt like TDI Lindsay in a lot of ways. Her story this season, I think, was focused on her and Tyler's relationship. We saw her finally remember who Tyler was, which was a funny and fulfilling moment. After that their relationship was great and made up for the lack of focus in TDI. We also got to see glimpses of TDA Lindsay when she sorta led the Team Victory duo. Her exit and goodbye to Tyler was great as well.

The biggest con with her this season was the team she was on. I feel like they just threw all the characters they had no idea what to do with on this team (my biggest gripe with TDWT). It was unfortunate that Lindsay was one of those characters.

TDAS: She got out of this abomination early.

The good things about Lindsay this season was that she stayed in character and still was funny. It wasn't unbelievable to have Lindsay be a first boot either. She still felt like herself, which is hard to say about most characters this season.

She lasted one episode. Nuff said.

I think Lindsay is one of the most (if not the most) consistent characters on the show. We saw her take multiple roles (comic relief, main character, first boot) and she remained the same throughout. With that....

Best: TDA should have been a finalist

Worst: TDAS eliminated first