The purpose of this blog is to look at all the seasons a character competed in and determine which season the character was best in.

Today we will be looking at one of Total Drama's most central characters, Gwen!

TDI: In TDI we saw Gwen be the girl who, at first, hated people and learned to make friends. This really fit her character and made her a very good protagonist IMO. The friendships she formed felt real and not forced either, with the main ones being with Geoff and Leshawna. Her conflict with Heather was well done and never got old to me. Even her relationship with Trent was well done and relationships like that usually bore me. She was definitely one of the characters that deserved to win that season and her getting to the final two was great.

If I had to give a flaw to TDI Gwen, it would be her in the final episode. I feel she didn't get the grand ending she deserved that season.

TDA: Gwen in her second season felt mostly like TDI Gwen, but with a large focus on relationships. Personality wise she was consistent with her first season. She continued her friendship with Leshawna and her conflict with Heather. She even made a kinda new friend in Duncan(even though that was the root of her relationship's problem this season). She also showed some of the likable sides we saw of her before.

The big problem with Gwen this season was how her relationship with Trent took up 97% of her screen time. Every time she was on screen it was spent with her worrying or being creeped out with Trent. Even when he got eliminated she had to throw the challenge to the other team, all because of ...... TRENT. I feel like what made their relationship good in TDI was that it wasn't shoved in our faces every second and this season did just that. She also lasted like five episodes which was dumb (especially considering Owen was there forever).

TDWT: This season's Gwen was better than TDA to me, but still had some problems. The good things are that she seemed to have her head back in the game. We also saw her and Heather's conflict in more of a TDI way. Her semi forced friendship with Courtney in the beginning of the season was ok and so was her interactions with Cody. She also did not revolve around a relationship in the beginning of the season like she was in TDA.

Gwen was great in the begging of this season, but took a huge nosedive once Duncan returned and we were forced to sit through that love triangle. I felt like all three characters had OOC moments during this and it dragged on for too long. We also did not get any good moments between her and Duncan like we did with her and Trent in TDI. The way she was eliminated was just dumb too. I mean really an allergy we just now heard about.

TDAS: The positive aspects of Gwen are going to be short for this season. I liked how she made it far in this season, especially after two seasons of her not really getting far. It was also fitting to have her be the last original contestant standing.

There are lots of cons to Gwen in this season. First, she was completely obsessed with becoming Courtney's friend in the beginning. This made no sense considering they weren't BFFFL's before this. This whole season Gwen's story was completely dependent on Courtney. The worst thing about that was that Courtney had another storyline this season while Gwen's time on this season can be summarized by: "Im crying because Courtney is not my friend" to "Yay! I'm Courtney's friend now. My life is complete" to "Oh no! Courtney was not really my Friend after all. >:(" Then Gwen spent an episode doing nothing and got eliminated in another dumb way. I'll Just fly over the other cons. - Her break up with Duncan was so poorly done - No Heather conflict - Her and Zoey became friends out of no where - Her and Cameron became friends out of no where - She randomly fell for Alejandro even though she had a boyfriend at the time - Her personality faded away

So with that- Best: TDI great story arc. Worst: TDAS with TDA being a close second

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