Hey everyone I am back with another blog this time I will be discussing about top 5 saddest eliminations in TDROTI. Please respect my opinion on this.

5th Zoey


I know many people do not like her,but I have to admit it was kind of sad because typically total drama has boy v girl finales. This is the only finale that was the exception. I also think this was sad because originally was supposed to be "friendship finale",but it ends up enemies finale. I do agree the friendship finale would be more boring. Another reason I think this was sad because Lightning gets to choose who goes home I think this is stupid because this is unfair for people who do not get to chose. In the audition tape she says I hope I do not get voted out by a jock. LOL it actually happens.

4th Mike


This elimination was sad because Zoey finally found out about his disorder. Another reason this was sad because he was chosen by Scott to go home. I think the concept is stupid and unfair. Thankfully it only happened few times in the series. I really did not think Mike should go home like this. I was okay with his elimination but the way he was eliminated was unfair.

3rd Dawn

Shocked dawn

I was pretty shocked about this elimination. I thought she would make it to the merge. This elimination was sad because Scott originally wanted to send Brick home,but decides to send Dawn home instead. While in the confessional she talks about how Scott is a traitor and should go home. Sadly the main antagonist always get rids of people who know their true nature. She does not even get to warn them about the danger lurking. She also tried to use the McLean-Brand Chris Head but it was a fake one. Last thing she was placed in a trash bag and had to be flown off.

2nd Brick 


This was one of the dumbest eliminations in the series. He gets eliminated because he helped the other team he should be rewarded not get punished. He is one of the characters who truly appreciate teamwork and values everyone with respect. I loved how he sacrificed guaranteed win and helped his former team. I was very upset to see him go and really do wish he was in the finale instead of Cameron or Lightning Even his former team saluted him before he gets eliminated.

Before I reveal the number one pick here are some honorable mentions



I love this character a lot because he is so strategic and intelligent. He almost made his team win in Ice Ice Baby which made me really mad. He tried to say something in his elimination but Chris did not care just flown up him off the island. He was probably going to say Scott is a jerk.

1st Dakota (2nd)

The Treasure Island of Dr. McLean (60)

I think her elimination was unfair because she only gets eliminated because she was mutated. Zoey voted for her because she was a hazard for her health really was a stupid excuse. Another reason this made me sad because she did not deserve to get mutated and she finally becomes a contestant after for being a intern for a long time. She also suffered a lot in the season and get a pretty sad and stupid elimination.

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