Hey everyone I am back with another blog this time I will be discussing about top 5 saddest eliminations in TDAS. Please respect my opinion on this.

5th Gwen


I honestly think this was sad because she gets eliminated because she deface the portrait. Even though Scott and Mal found nothing she gets eliminated automatically. I think this was stupid because she actually tried to fix the portrait,but Chris decides to eliminate her for some dumb reason. Mal also caused her elimination indirectly by kicking down the pole and making Gwen cough and find something. Sadly the thing she found she ruined,so she use bear poop to cover it. I was okay with her rank,but the elimination I am not ok with.

4th Alejandro


I honestly was very sad to see him go he was one of the best characters in this season. I know he would not make it to the finals,but at least give him 4th or 3rd not 6th. I loved the conflict between him and Mal and wish it could last longer,but it only last for like one episode. Another reason why I think this was sad because everyone voted because Mal persuaded everyone to with his lies. Once again when the character know the main antagonist's true nature he/she is going to get eliminated. He also made his comment in the end about how this competition get worst and less beautiful like Justin in Princess Pride. He even drew devil ears on Mal when he went to vote.

3rd Heather


Why does the good people always have sad eliminations? Anyways Heather was originally not supposed to go home,but thanks to the immunity idol she goes home instead. Alejandro decided to plot her elimination because he wanted to get revenge for what she did to him in TDWT. I honestly was kind of shock to see Heather go instead of him. She convinced everyone on the team to vote for him. Heather makes a huge mistake by leaving the idol there she should have brought with her. As a result Alejandro saw it and steals it and uses it on Heather. Another character good in the season gets eliminated early.

2nd Lindsay


I was very disappointed with this elimination not only she gets eliminated first,but she gets derailed very badly. Once again another sad and unfair elimination for her makes me want to rage. The only reason why she got tired is because of Sierra sitting on top of Courtney making the weight extremely heavy resulting in her elimination. In fact she should have won instead of the people who actually won. Courtney also plays a role in her elimination.

Before I reveal the number one pick here are some Honorable mentions ranked based on the saddness.

3rd Sam


I think this elimination was sad because he really did try his best and beats Alejandro.Unfortunately he cheated in the challenge making his own team lose. I think it would be more sad if he was actually an all-star guy.

2nd Cameron


I know many people on the wiki does not like him. I have to admit this elimination was sad because he suffered major injury and he wanted to owe Gwen for saving her life. She saves him in the end sadly he is eliminated due to his injuries. I think this would be more sad if he was eliminated earlier.

1st Scott


I think this elimination was sad because he was so close to the finals and was actually really good in the season. Sadly he gets eliminated by Zoey for having a friendship finale making he gets eliminated by her again. Seriously does she need to eliminate him again this was unfair for Scott. 

1st Courtney


I think this elimination was very sad and unfair. One of the reasons this was sad because Mal busted Courtney by showing everyone the chart. First of all if the chart was not shown Scott would have been most likely eliminated. Another reason Courtney was about to win but Chris decides to change the rules up to make her elimination be very obvious. This was so unfair for her because she was supposed to win but she ends up losing. She also had a strong stomach in China but we do not get to see that in the episode which is continuity error. Overall a very unfair and stupid elimination.

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