Hey everyone I am back with another blog this time I will be discussing about top 10 saddest eliminations in TDI. Please respect my opinion on this.

10th DJ


I was really shocked about this elimination. I kind of felt it was kind of unfair for DJ to be instantly eliminated even though he didn't get voted out. DJ was eliminated for poor performance in the challenge. Everyone gave DJ a hug before he went in the dock of shame. This elimination in general is sad.

9th Tyler


I think this elimination was stupid because I think having a fear of chicken is better then having a stupid fear of green jelly. What makes this elimination sad is the fact that Tyler has to face chickens on the boat of losers. This is very cruel for anyone to face their fear in the challenge and then in the boat of losers. Overall I think this elimination was unfair and sad.Also on top of that people even mocked him for having a fear of chickens.


8th Duncan

I think this elimination makes me no sense because Owen is the one who cost the game not Duncan. He really worked hard and almost made them win. I also think it is unfair because he had to face the yeti and Heather mocked him. Owen also tried to say sorry but instead burp. I think Owen should have been eliminated instead of Duncan. Overall I think this is stupid elimination and this should not have happen. At least Gwen respected him.


7th Cody

I think this elimination was kind of obvious. Cody gets voted of even though he did not make the team lose. He gets mauled by bear which makes everyone think he is useless. Heather is lucky because of this event.If he did not get mauled by a bear she most likely would have gone home. I was really sad and it almost made me cry. In the very end he just gets pushed to the water which is really not fair. Overall a very depressing elimination.


6th Leshawna 

I think this elimination was random and unfair. First of all people even voted twice like Lindsay. Second of all not everyone voted. Third of all a parrot's vote actually counts. This was a very stupid elimination. She did not do anything to cause her own elimination. I hated this elimination. When she gets eliminated she is very shocked. Chef had to push her in the dock and drag to the dock of shame. Overall a very unfair and dumb elimination.


5th Lindsay

I think this elimination also makes no sense. Everyone does not even compete in the challenge.There was no point of having a sudden death round. What makes this elimination more sad that Lindsay starts cursing at Heather. Everyone gives her warm goodbye except Heather. This elimination proves that the writers have to emphasize her stupid eliminations. Overall a very stupid and unfair elimination.


4th Bridgette

I was really surprised at this elimination. I knew she would be eliminated soon,but I did not see this elimination coming. Duncan decided to come up with the idea of the guy's alliance. Smart move on Duncan's part. I think this elimination was sad because everyone was shocked to see she is eliminated except Duncan. Geoff was so reluctant to vote for her but he still did. In the end we are not sure if Geoff voted for her or not. I think he lied to Bridgette. I also remember when Bridgette and Geoff were about to kiss and Geoff walks away. I think this elimination was surprising and very sad. She also smells really bad which makes it very depressing to see her go.


3rd Katie

I don't like Katie but I do admit her elimination is sad. In the marshmallow ceremony everyone receives marshmallow except Katie and Sadie. They are both hugging each other knowing that they will be separated. Katie tells Sadie to win for her. After that Sadie refused her marshmallow means she cares more about Katie then the stupid game. She goes on crying over her departure and says I miss you. Bridgette even came to make Sadie feel better. Overall a very depressing elimination and very tragic.


2nd Trent

This elimination was really surprising and I did not expect this. First of all this elimination was sad because Gwen and Trent were just starting to bond really well. Unfortunately Heather sees this and decides to take advantage of poor innocent Trent. She used him and kissed him which makes Gwen devastated. Leshawana decides to tell everyone to vote of either Heather or Trent. Leshawana a great friend avenges Gwen. Sadly Heather wins immunity which means Trent goes home. In the end Trent told Gwen he will be watching her and root for her. Overall one of the most saddest eliminations in Total Drama in my opinion.

Before I reveal the number one pick here are some honorable mentions will be ranked from the sadness of the elimination.

Honorable Mentions:


4th Harold

I think this elimination was sad because their team lost due to Heather and Duncan. Duncan's group will clearly vote Harold out. I guess kissing Leshawana and see those things were pretty good to him. Overall it was sad but not was sad enough to make it to the top 10.


3rd Beth

I think this elimination was stupid. Let's be honest their team lost due to some people not a stupid tiki idol. Izzy told the other team how to win in Up The Creek. Heather was the reason they lost in Paintball Deer Hunter. Owen lost in If You Can't Take The Heat. I am pretty sure Heather was the only one that was happy of her being eliminated. I think this elimination was cruel for her for not knowing.


2nd Courtney

I thought she would last very far in the game. Unfortunately thanks to Duncan,Harold was pretty annoyed and decides to rig the votes against her for some reason when he should rigged against Duncan. Duncan's group was shocked and Chris and Chef had to throw her into Dock of Shame. I remember she says "I do not concede" and then Duncan gave her a skull. I think this elimination makes no sense and was kind of little sad.


1st Justin

I think this elimination was unfair for Justin.Heather convinced Beth,Lindsay,Owen,and Izzy to vote for Justin. Even though he did not nothing wrong and was not responsible for the team's loss in the challenge. We even hear Chris say this is very wrong and hotness was just not enough.After Chris says we know Justin is eliminated for sure. He is even sad walking down the dock. I think this elimination was really sad and almost made it to the top 10.


1st Geoff

I know some people may not agree. I personally think this is the saddest elimination by far. Geoff is a very nice person. Even Owen votes for him which is very shocking. I feel bad for him he finally becomes friends with Gwen and then he gets eliminated. Even Gwen refuses her marshmallow. She comes to the dock to give the camera and they take a picture. To be honest this elimination makes sense but it is too much sad to watch. Duncan,Heather,and Owen are confirmed to vote for him. Duncan uses the excuse he did not vote for Bridgette and he must therefore get punishment according to Duncan. This elimination was shocking and very very depressing.