Hey everyone I am back with another blog this time I will be discussing about top 10 saddest eliminations in TDA. Please respect my opinion on this.

Owen will miss Izzy

10th Izzy(2nd)

I think this elimination was sad because Justin most likely would have been eliminated. Izzy's comment is "I don't think you are so cute" makes Justin get mad. It is kind of like when Ezekiel's comment about guys are stronger than girls. Justin convinced Beth and Lindsay to vote for Izzy with his new hair flip. Owen was very sad when Izzy was eliminated the 2nd time not the first.They were about to kiss unfortunately Chef dragged her away,I think this elimination was sad.


9th Harold

I know some people may not agree. I personally thought this was sad because he actually found out who the mole was and gets eliminated as his punishment.Another reason this is sad because yet again he does not outrank Duncan. We see Harold in the end sad and telling the others to watch out for Owen. I think this was just sad and dumb. He also was a good choice for finalist.

Leshawna out

8th Leshawana

She lasted longer than I thought. I originally thought she would get eliminated in episode 15 but ended up staying until epi 17. This elimination was sad because she was excused in the last one but now she gets eliminated. Courtney convinced Harold to vote for her which he does. He later regrets it.Another reason it was sad because Duncan and Leshawana both betray the alliance and join others in voting for each other. Lindsay,Beth,and Harold all say goodbye to Leshawana. One of the most shocking and sad elimination.


7th Heather

She did not do anything severely bad this season.She continued to live after her season one behavior. I honestly think this elimination was sad because we see the conflict between Heather and Leshawana finally ends. One of the biggest conflicts of TDI finally comes to a end in Million Dollar Babies. Unfortunately they are still enemies to this day because of the bad move on someone's part,I really enjoyed this resolution because after you fight with someone so much you finally decide to end it. She gives her hair to Leshawana and she stands up for her after the spa incident. In my opinion it was sad and shocking.


6th Gwen

I personally think this elimination was plain out stupid. I mean she gets eliminated because of her boyfriend in TDA and TDWT. First of all if she did not threw the team's challenge most likely her team would have won. This elimination was sad because she only got eliminated because of her throwing the challenge. This elimination was sad because she did not deserve to be eliminated that early even Duncan wanted to take her place but was only joking.


5th Justin

I am not a huge Justin fan,but I have to admit it was kind of sad. First of all Justin and Courtney were supposed to kiss but Chris puts a twist and they have to fight for immunity. Unfortunately Justin lets Courtney win as a result he falls over and gets severely injured. In the elimination ceremony we thought Duncan would go home,but Chris was joking and Justin was actually eliminated. He ended up wearing cast due to the injuries and most people did not even say bye to him. 


4th Trent

I think this elimination in general was sad.The way he was eliminated was just cruel. First of all Justin finds out about Gwen and Trent and uses this to his advantage. Justin peer pressures Gwen to make her tell them to vote Trent. I think this was unfair because Justin lied to Lindsay,Beth,and Owen and telling them they are making a alliance to the final 2. After that Trent wanted to say goodbye to Gwen unfortunately Chef just dragged him to the lame-o-sine. 


3rd Owen(1st)

This elimination  marks the first time someone is eliminated with one vote. In theory it does not really make sense unless everyone votes for the person with immunity and the person that is immune will vote for  someone else rather than himself/herself. Chris told everyone no one can vote of Courtney unfortunately everyone votes for Courtney except Courtney she votes for Owen. It is so sad everyone told him to give a speech even Chris allowed. This shows that this is unfair. I think Lindsay said in the episode that's not fair or something like that. Everyone gave him their glided Chris except Courtney. One of the saddest eliminations in Total Drama.

DJ leaving

2nd DJ

This elimination was rather surprising. DJ is one of the few characters who gets emotional. DJ was in the alliance with Chef Hatchet. I think DJ was very reluctant to quit,but he still did it anyway. He had a dream about his mom getting mad at him for cheating. He did a guilty move and confess it many teens these days do not do. DJ teaches a good lesson confess the guilt. I was very shocked and sad to see DJ go. He is also one of the nicest competitors in the show. He taught me not to cheat on test or in life. 

There are no honorable mentions in this season.


1st Lindsay

I think everyone saw this coming.Lindsay was supposed to win this season but the writers have to make the game against her. Seriously why does the writers keep making Lindsay's game is unfair. I was very sad to see her go.Beth wins the season did not make much sense. I mean did she do anything very significantly this season. She votes herself off even though she did good in Get A Clue. She was so good in Get A Clue after this episode she is back to being dumb again.This elimination was by far one of the saddest eliminations in Total Drama.