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Welcome to Character Appreciation, a blog series that will run for the whole year alongside Project 10. Each week we'll take a look at one Total Drama character, what we like and dislike about them, how they've grown, and what we hope to see from them in the future. I'm AD744, and this week we're going to look at The Athletic Overachiever, Lightning.


Lightning debuts in Bigger! Badder! Brutal-er! along with the rest of the second generation cast. He establishes himself as the superior member of Toxic Rats and values winning over his teammates. When Jo joins the team he is excited that she is on “team dude”. He then makes it to the merge, but quickly becomes enemy with Jo due to her betraying him in Grand Chef Auto. In Up, Up And Away In My Pitiful Balloon he convinces Cameron to stop taking orders from Jo. Cameron wins immunity and they succeed in eliminating Jo later in the campfire ceremony. He later makes a conflict with Cameron due to him accidentally winning immunity in Eat, Puke and Be Wary. He then holds this grudge and has the chance to decide who to take to the finale him or Zoey. He decides to take Cameron to get his revenge and due to him being less superior than Zoey. He finally gets his revenge on Cameron in the finale and takes the million dollars in his ending.

He later returns in Total Drama All-Stars placed in the team, Villainous Vultures.In Heroes vs. Villains he easily shows off by getting the first key. Initially, he thought it was a special reward for winning the challenge, but it turns out it was not what he expected. In Evil Dread he spends most of the episode about bragging about how amazing he is and his muscles. Because of the actions, he did earlier and the fact that he gives very little attention for the challenge this is the reason he gets eliminated later in the campfire ceremony.


I personally find Lighting as one of the funniest contestants among the second generation cast. He is very similar to Tyler, but these two are completely different.I also love how he says “Sha” in front of words which just only makes his character better.Another thing I love about him is the interactions with Jo and Cameron. I also believe he was a good choice against Cameron in the finale, he also wants to win very badly otherwise than the rings would get destroyed.

Despite his short stay in Total Drama All-Stars.I still find him entertaining nonetheless he really did make Evil Dread one of the best episodes of that season with the comedy he offered in that episode and also kissing his biceps is so hilarious. Another thing I love about him in this season how much egotistical he is also believing he is the best member of the team.

Best Moment: Winning TDROTI

Best Season: Total Drama: Revenge of the Island

Best Episode: Brain vs. Brawn: The Ultimate Showdown


What about you? Despite the title, this blog is open to all opinions! Share your thoughts about Lightning in the comments and use the userboxes {{LightningFan}}/{{User: Chewy57/LightningNeutral}}/{{LightningHater}} too. Don't forget to share your Best Moment, Best Season and Best Episode of Lightning! Next week, Raised By Wolves will be analyzing and giving his opinions on the Dumb Princess, Lindsay.

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