Okay, we've all had those moments. We watch an episode and when you see the elimnation, you freak out!. No! This episode cannot end this way! I'm gonna list the top ten worst eliminations. This will be a mix on my view and the rest of the fan base.

10. Lindsay TDAS:

Okay, pretty much everybody likes Lindsay and a lot hoped this would be her season. Everybody was sorely disappointed.

Most of the disappointment was how. The TDAS writers made her incredibly stupid. She was always a ditz, but she had her moments. But never could anyone imagine that she'd ever dumbed down enough not to push a freaking carriage. Plus Lindsay is known for her determination, she didn't quit when things were looking down in season 2 and 3. Yet in this season she drops like a fly.😰

9. Ella TDPI:

Ella is a character with more fans than haters, her numbers of fans increased after her awful elimnation.

Everybody hates when Chris gives a camper the boot on a flimsy technicality. Her getting outed by a so-called "friend" makes it even worse. At least she gets an awesome farewell song that rivals the Disney Princessess.

8.Dawn TDRI:

This one may not be the worst but it sure is one of the firsts that come to mind.

Dawn was being a good team player and cruising at the top as one of the favorites to win,when Scott famed her for stealing the others campers personal items. With Scott's fake evidence she was easily voted out.

When she pulled out the invincibility statue it was a glimmer of hope, which was quickly crushed when it was revealed it was a fake Scott made. She was then violently staffed in a bag and flung. Making loyal Dawn fans fume 😡.

7.Gwen and Scott TDAS:

You may be wandering why I'm putting a double elimnation up. I'm counting double elimnations as one place,mmkay?

Let's start with Gwen. Gwen at thus point was the favorite to win. She had the most fans and was the only original contestant left. Despite Mals sabotage she was able to find her item. In the end a tiny speck of dirt and a regurgitateing host would be her downfall. She was first deemed to flushed in favor Scott and Mal who didn't even bring anything back.

Next Scott. He got tortured by Mal the entire episode, only to lose Becaus his pain was Mal's gain. His and Gwens elimnation made the Final Wreckning the worst Totak Drama finale ever.

6.Noah TDWT:

Noah was and always will be a fan favorite so when he returned to TDWT with his full on cynical self and armed with snark and sarcasm, fans rejoiced. Finally, a place to see him that isn't a fanfic. He was full on awesome on that season.

But his time was cut short thanks to Chris and Duncan. Duncan, who wasn't particulary missed, came back in the game, fans were divided. But fans definatley weren't divided when it came to this matter. When Chris didn't show a cr*p about rules, when he let Duncan back in the game and made Chris is really really hot lose when they caught the killer, with Team Amazon winning for bring back Duncan.

Noah was then justly elimnated. Nice...

Gwen TDWT:

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