• 2013bchan41

    Team Rankings!

    October 10, 2015 by 2013bchan41

    Well I think we can all agree that the Ridonculous Race was really a success! I had so much fun watching this show and have ranked the teams by how much I liked them. I really think RR had one of the strongest ensembles ever (even rivalring the original 22 of Island) and there were some great teams and chemistry between them. 

    What are your rankings? Leave in the comments below!

    18. Kelly & Taylor – Mom & Daughter – 13th Place – Hey, did you want to see Amy & Samey from Pahkitew Island again only done worse? Watching these two was insufferable; we are treated to a completely spoiled, vain, delusional, self-centered, stuck-up brat and a passive enabler. I hated every moment these two were on screen and I wanted to hit Taylor with an aluminum b…

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