As you know, Canada was the official origin of the Total Drama series. And, as you know, the pages are supposed to go by what Canada does.

And, to be honest, I don't think it should go ONLY by what Canada does.

Here in the U.S, (And several other places too) Heather wins TDWT. This is only for example. If you look closely, the elimination table for TDWT shows that Alejandro has first place, and Heather has second. Well, for a lot of people, that is wrong. If Heather won here, and Alejandro won in Canada, why can't we just add in both?

It only seems logical. Because in many places, it is the right information. And in another half of those places, it is the wrong information.

As you look at some of the character pages, (Gwen and Owen, Duncan and Beth, Heather and Alejandro) you will see that it states where they win in some locations, and where the lose in some locations. So if you can put them there, why not put them in the trivia sections and elimination sections?

So all in all, I say we should be able to put both on pages. Not everyone on this wiki is canadian you know. :P

(I blame mikey for making me make this blog..... :P )

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