This rant has to happen. I want to finally talk about why Zoey shouldn't be worshipped like a goddess and just roasting the people who are fans of Zoey in general. Here's the list of reasons why I think she shouldn't be worshipped like a goddess: 1. She relies on Mike way too much! 2. She's a piece of garbage contestant (I'm sorry. I really am. You haters can wish death threats upon me for that rude remark as much as you wish. I really don't care. It wouldn't change my opinion. I'm still going to rant about Zoey either way) 3. The fact she doesn't know Mike is Mal is what really bothers me! (Alejandro figured it out long before she did, so I don't get why she's one step behind him.) 4. She has no respect for anyone (I hate to say it, but it's true. She really doesn't. Especially towards the likes of Anne Maria. So what if seeing her with Vito upset you? You only were upset about that just to get everyone to feel bad for you, which they shouldn't.) 5. MikexZoey fans are likely to get fired up after seeing Vito make out with Anne Maria. (Uh? Who cares? Why are you still feeling bad for Zoey about that?) 6. She's proof that FreshTV was running out of ideas. (I can handle the other contestants introduced in ROTI, but her and Mike? They're a big no) I think that will be all. I hope now people know why Zoey shouldn't be worshipped like a goddess.

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