I may be a little late to the party as far giving my thoughts on Total Drama World Tour goes, but that's besides the point. Let's start with the characters then i'll move on to the songs, the aftermath guest stars, and the rest of the other stuff after that. 

18. Blaineley: 

I liked her during her appearance in the TDA aftermath special. By World Tour, she became progessively worse and was more prone to having violent fits of rage. I was glad to see her get her karma not only from Geoff, but also her wooden crate punishment. 

17. Alejandro: 

My opinion on him is the same, but also the exact opposite in that he received the worst punishment of all: getting burned by lava and trapped in a robot. I felt sorry for him when that happened. 

16. Sierra:

Believe it or not, i liked her. Yes. She may of have been too clingy when it came to keeping Cody safe, but i still liked her. To be honest, i like her in Total Drama World Tour better. 

15. Harold:

Meh. Not much to say about him. To be honest, while he did have a right to be mad at Ezekiel for losing their stick, he seemed a bit rude while blaming him for losing the river crossing challenge. 

14. Leshawna:

Although i hated her initally at the start of World Tour, my opinion on her changed when i saw her get back at Alejandro for unfairly eliminating her. 

12. Ezekiel:

He did so well up until the London episode when he became a punching bag for the writers and the writers thought the zombie transformation would solve everything. Well it didn't. It just hurt Ezekiel's character even more and ruined all chances of him returning to normal. 

11. DJ:

Just like with Harold, he kind of seemed a bit rude. Unlike Harold, he was only doing it to keep his team mates safe. I get that. But maybe if he wasn't so strict, my opinion on him would be different. Moving on....

10. Lindsay: 

Meh. I felt like the common gag where she called Tyler a different name seemed a bit overused. Nonetheless, my opinion on Lindsay remains the same. 

9. Bridgette:

I was glad to see without her Geoff to be honest. It gave her more time to focus on the challenges. That is until we get to a certain episode where her and Geoff get to see each other again and Geoff isn't too happy when he finds about her and Alejandro.....

8. Noah:

He may of have done little to nothing in Island,but that was back when everyone was just getting to know the characters. By World Tour, he was more willing to do what was asked of him. 

7. Owen:

Meh. Not much to say about him really. 

6. Izzy:

If you ask me, i prefer to act like her and Owen never broke up to begin with. That's why the Jamaica episode is my least favorite episode because my favorite Total Drama couple breaks up in that episode. 

5. Duncan:

Words cannot begin to describe how much i hate him for leaving Courtney for Gwen. Everything was fine until that episode happened -.- 

4. Courtney:

I had to put her right below Duncan because why not? Anyways, even though i don't exactly like her, having Duncan leave her for Gwen like that was unnecessary. That episode should never of have happened. Unfornately it did. 

3. Gwen:

Notice a pattern here? Anyways, i thought Gwen did well in World Tour until an episode i must not mention happened. *cough* The episode she got eliminated in. *cough* 

2. Heather:

She may not of have been the super most nicest character out there, but she did prove that despite her mean traits, she can make an exception and she did just that when she helped out Cody and Sierra to allow them to get into the finale. That is until she reveals her true colors and makes Cody lose on purpose. Damnit Heather! You got me excited about Cody winning World Tour for nothing! 

1. Tyler/Cody:

Yes. This one had to be a double ranking post. I don't want to risk re writing this whole article. So for convience sake, Tyler and Cody will be in the same ranking post. Anyways, i thought they did quite well in World Tour. 


1. Her Real Name Isn't Blaineley:

For all you Blaineley haters out there, then this is the song for you! This restored my faith in Geoff. I sort of liked during him the TDA aftermath episodes, but not as much as i did here. 

2. Oh My Izzy:

This is one song i prefer to act like doesn't exist mainly because Owen and Izzy break up prior to the events of this song. It's a sad way for them to break up if you ask me. 

3. Sisters:

If you read my opinion post on Leshawna, it's not hard to see why this song restored my faith in her. 

4. A Chinese Lesson:

This song was good until the unexcepted interruption by Alejandro and Blaineley at the end. Chris would of have finished the song either way, interruption or no interruption.

Aftermath Guests:

1. Justin:

To be honest, there were points where i felt like he was barely there at all.

2. Trent:

To be honest, i was glad he had no lines at all in World Tour. I don't mean to be rude, but it's true. If he did speak, he would likely bring up his affixication on the number 9. 

3. Beth:

At first i thought her lack of dialogue would mean no dialogue in the next few aftermath episodes.Boy was i wrong when i heard her speak in the next aftermath episode. 

4. Eva:

Just like with Beth, i thought no dialogue in the first few aftermath episodes would mean no dialogue in the next aftermath episode. Again, i was wrong when i heard Eva speak. 

5. Katie and Sadie: 

What's odd is that Sadie is the only one of the duo who had a line in World Tour. Katie didn't speak in any of her appearances, even the finale. 

6. Geoff:

If you may recall, i mentioned Her Real Name Isn't Blaineley was the song that made me restore my faith in Geoff and it's not hard to see why. That was the highlight of the season for me. 


1. Duncan and Gwen:

Oh my lord! This is my least favorite pairing! I thought it was an okay pairing at first, but now it's grown on me so much that i full on hate this pairing. 

2. Alejandro and Heather:

I had high hopes for this couple. Sure, i may ship Cody with Heather, but Alejandro seemed like a good match for her. 

3. Cody and Sierra:

Meh. Not really a big fan of this couple to be honest. 

4. Owen and Izzy:

This couple did so well until the Jamaica episode happened. I was hoping they'd last a longer than that. 

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