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    This rant has to happen. I want to finally talk about why Zoey shouldn't be worshipped like a goddess and just roasting the people who are fans of Zoey in general. Here's the list of reasons why I think she shouldn't be worshipped like a goddess: 1. She relies on Mike way too much! 2. She's a piece of garbage contestant (I'm sorry. I really am. You haters can wish death threats upon me for that rude remark as much as you wish. I really don't care. It wouldn't change my opinion. I'm still going to rant about Zoey either way) 3. The fact she doesn't know Mike is Mal is what really bothers me! (Alejandro figured it out long before she did, so I don't get why she's one step behind him.) 4. She has no respect for anyone (I hate to say it, bu…

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    Before i begin, bear in mind that these are things that although they never happened in Ridonculous Race, i think wouldn't it be something if they did. Anyways, let's get right to it.

    Not going to lie, but i think this would of have been interesting to see if Alejandro and Heather ever did meet the Ice Dancers. 

    I think an interaction between Scarlett and Ellody interaction would be interesting to see. 

    If anything, i would want these two to be friends because i'd hate to see these two end up like Stephanie and Ryan. 

    To be honest, i think these two would be better options than Leonard in my opinion. I don't get why a pair like them was never picked and yet Leonard was. 

    I don't remember London was ever visited once in RR, but if it wasn't visi…

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  • 15sturmelle

    I may be a little late to the party as far giving my thoughts on Total Drama World Tour goes, but that's besides the point. Let's start with the characters then i'll move on to the songs, the aftermath guest stars, and the rest of the other stuff after that. 

    18. Blaineley: 

    I liked her during her appearance in the TDA aftermath special. By World Tour, she became progessively worse and was more prone to having violent fits of rage. I was glad to see her get her karma not only from Geoff, but also her wooden crate punishment. 

    17. Alejandro: 

    My opinion on him is the same, but also the exact opposite in that he received the worst punishment of all: getting burned by lava and trapped in a robot. I felt sorry for him when that happened. 

    16. Sierr…

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  • 15sturmelle

    We all know Total Drama All Stars was a terrible season, but I thought it can't hurt to jazz it up and make it more interesting. Unlike the short intro, the intro in my version is longer. The contestants in my version are: 1. Alejandro 2. Anne Maria 3. Brick 4. Cameron 5. Courtney 6. Duncan 7. Gwen 8. Harold 9. Heather 10. Jo 11. Lightning 12. Lindsay 13. Mike 14. Scott 15. Sierra 16. Tyler 17. Zoey The teams are: Heroic Hamsters: Zoey, Tyler, Mike, Sierra, Lindsay, Brick, Courtney, Harold, and Cameron Villainous Vultures: Alejandro, Jo, Scott, Duncan (later switches teams with Courtney), Anne Maria, Gwen, Heather, and Lightning

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