Total Drama World Tour, if you ask me, is the second best Season of TD (after Island). The "around the world" concept; the songs (I loved all of them); the Heather-Alejandro storyline; I mean, it was that good. Seriously.

However, something still bugs me.

What was Cody's role, exactly, in this Season?
Before we start... yes, Cody is my favourite character. But hey, I'm male, so I'm not one of those crazy fangirls that just want to see Cody for no reason. No, I want to see Cody... actually do something!

In Season One, Cody's role was simple, yet crucial. In fact, he was eliminated pretty soon, since... he had outlived his usefulness after episode 8. That's all.

However, despite his minor role, much like Noah, Cody proved to be very popular (mostly among girls), and maybe his crush on Gwen helped (I'm a Gwen/Cody supporter by the way).
The "problem" is that Cody, if you don't count his crush Gwen, is actually a... flat character, and that's a bad thing, but again, the writers probably didn't know that he was going to be so popular.

After a mostly-terrible Second Season, the writers decided to bring back some old fan favourites, including Cody and Noah of course, since, like I said, they proved to be unexpectedly popular.
While Noah's character was handled quite wonderfully (but that's just my opinion), giving him not just screen-time, but development, Cody's role was, well, not clear.

Personally, I think the writers had no idea of how to use Cody in Season Three. Sure, he knocked out Duncan, wow, that was amazing, and sooo cute (and I'm just being sarcastic)! His crush on Gwen was almost derided in this Season, since even Gwen seemed kinda out-of-character at one point, mostly when she clearly tried to use Cody's feelings to eliminate Courtney. That was... well... evil? Uhm...

Then, there's Sierra. Oh God... Sierra. Don't get me wrong, I... kinda like her (and the idea of parodying Cody's fangirls is good), but to me, she's a MarySue-like character; and since the writers had no (good) ideas for Cody, they added Sierra, a potential love interest for him.

Problem solved? I don't think so.

As a Cody fan, I'm quite disappointed.
I hope he will compete in a new season.
Don't get me wrong, I don't want Cody to WIN a Season: I think he just needs character development, that's all. He's a cool character, but the writers are probably too busy with Owen's farts anyway...

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