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    Well, I usually don't have dreams about (animated or not) Tvshows, but when it happens, it's terrific.

    For the first time, my brain worked really hard to "produce" an (relatively) epic dream about Total Drama World Tour and Revenge of the Island (funny thing, I'm not even really interested in Season 4).

    As far as I can remember, the dream begins with a different version of Hawaiian Punch. First of all, there is no tie-breaker challenge between Alejandro and Cody, so the episode is not only about Heather and Alejandro, but a bit of Cody too. In order to win, the final three must throw a pineapple (NOT a dummy) in the volcano and avoid the eruption (this means that Chris knows about the volcano's... intolerance). Being a dream, the episode is k…

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  • -blak-

    Cody VS The Writers

    November 23, 2010 by -blak-

    Total Drama World Tour, if you ask me, is the second best Season of TD (after Island). The "around the world" concept; the songs (I loved all of them); the Heather-Alejandro storyline; I mean, it was that good. Seriously.

    However, something still bugs me.

    What was Cody's role, exactly, in this Season?
    Before we start... yes, Cody is my favourite character. But hey, I'm male, so I'm not one of those crazy fangirls that just want to see Cody for no reason. No, I want to see Cody... actually do something!

    In Season One, Cody's role was simple, yet crucial. In fact, he was eliminated pretty soon, since... he had outlived his usefulness after episode 8. That's all.

    However, despite his minor role, much like Noah, Cody proved to be very popular (mostly among g…

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