Hello all you beautiful Wiki people!

It is I, Ishni, with yet another funny blog designed to make others laugh. It's also a way to re-live my love of blogs after being banned for a week due to undisclosed reasons (I'll mention it below) *cough* Ask CD *cough*.

So without further ado, he is what I have been doing for a week.

WARNING: This blog contains information about other users in only the most hilarious situations possible. If you take any of it seriously you seriously need to lighten up . . . like seriously >.>

WARNING 2: Major DxG hate - sorta, like one sentence. You dun like, dun read xDDDDD

My life in a week:

13th June last Monday: I was on a regular wiki browsing session when I noticed a fellow DxC lover/DxG hater like me. I said Hi and we engaged in a discussion of how Duncan should go #%#$^%$@#%*$$%&%*^%$. I said a few things . . . O.O

14th June Last Tuesday: Logged on in the morning to find that SeeDee had blocked my IP, for calling Duncan the few things that I did call him . .oh alright one thing. Let's just say I am not in the least a perverted person . . CD is though xD. Oh, and my talkpage had never been as popular for unfair ban rantings as it was that day xD

15th June Last Wednesday: Work, work, work, work, work, Nalyd's PM, work, work, work, work.

16th June last Thursday: can't remember what I did, but it involved pies and an AJ in a pear tree.

17th June last Friday: hmmmmmm - did Nalyd PM me again?

18th June last Saturday: Went on the IRC and like every Saturday it was house full O.o Can't remember much else . .oh yea . .work.

19th June last Sunday: Was this the day I went on Tinychat? Well if so, BB your voice is rockin'!! xDD Mygeto sounds absolutely sinful when talking . . . sounds a bit drunk when singing duets. Silver, you rock at your rubix cube!! xDD Ryan you have a fetish for Saw and Jigsaw pieces which is downright creepy as it is immature and everyone apparently feels better when I say mah sexy "Rawrrr!!" xDDDD. I also threatened Mygeto. All in all, an epic day.

20th June Monday: Came home early from Uni. AJ, Mygeto and BB were on so we went on tinychat cos BB can't get enough of my rawrs and squeals like a schoolgirl when I do rawr. Heard AJ's voice for the first time and my goodness, I didn't expect it! He's got a baritone ladies ;P. Mygeto faked a crying session apparently and BB was hysterical about it. I threatened Mygeto once again. Logged on just to make the dude feel better after my award-winning Rawr and Mygeto, the Mygeto, the most laziest guy on earth Mygeto, the guy with one of the best guys' voices I've heard Mygeto . . . left me a talkpage message saying my voice was adorable. Stunned? Quite.

21st June Yesterday: Nalyd PMs me like his life depends on it. Nahhh he's just bored and doesn't have Mouse to pester. xD

22nd June Today: Came on at 5AM on the morning just to make these peeps happy >.<. Nalyd PMs me first, as usual . .and we all go on Tinychat again. I force Mouse to join through Mikey and she doesn't regret it xD. Nalyd is on this time and he kinda reminded me of the godfather but in a more comical way in his plush swivelly chair. All he had to do was drum his fingers and say excellent to complete comic Mr. Burns impersonation. Mikey is a good sign writer and CD was not impressed, as usual xD.

Ok yea, that's it for my week and a day blog. Tune in next time for more nonsense blogs from yours truly xDDD

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