To all my Wiki friends,

As of today I will be going on a 3 month hiatus. This means I won't be on the wiki or IRC for the next three months.

You must be wondering why this is so.

Well, I'm a student and the course I'm studying right now is very very tough. Think 1000x as tough as your final year of highschool and you have a good idea of the workload I have.

Sadly, this means I will be pulling out of CountDown. I've made no edits this week and will not until I get my work done. I've always been a fan not a winner so this doesn't bug me very much. In terms of running for featured user as Silver so eloquently suggests, I figure that to make edits and be active to run for it, only to not appear once you get it, is like becoming the mayor of a town and not being there to run it.

I will be back in 3 months' time. Until then be nice everyone and you all know who you are and why I love you so I won't bother with shoutouts.



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