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Previously, on ~*~ Of Togas, Mice and Popcorn ~*~

"You're free to go now. Thanks for your time!" said Mygeto, smiling oddly. Poli was confused but not one to take freedom lightly, so she ran for it. Mygeto looked on and smirked to himself. Unbeknowst to Poli, a small red light was beeping on her back arm sleeve . . .


Episode Three: You let her go?!!

Mouse, still a pale green from the previous assault to her sanity and ears walked out of the confessional girl's bathroom, clutching the wall to support her wobbly legs that shook like spaghetti. She saw Mygeto turning around and walking away from the main entrance of their hideout.

"Hey Mygeto!" she exclaimed. "Where's our hostage? I'mma have some interrogating to do on her." Mouse gulped down to stop herself from puking again. "I let her go" said Mygeto with a bored look on his face.

Mouse regained all of her colour in an instant. In fact, she went from pale green to brown to red like a hot tomale. "YOU WHAT???!!!" she yelled.

In that instant, the pink knitting individual looked up again with an irritiated expression and shut her door firmly, muttering about hormonal teens and their excessively potty mouths.

"What, it's not like we needed her. Or do you want to spend all day in the bathroom just by speaking to her?" shot back Mygeto with smirk adorning his face. Mouse continued to glare at him. " 'sides I already put a tracking beacon on her. You don't know your way around the Wiki yea? Well here's a good way to track the hostage's movements and possibly find a way inside that fortress to execute our invasion."

Mouse stared dumbfounded at Mygeto and marvelled at how she didn't think of that. Sometimes Mygeto was truly a genius even if he was lazy. "Alright fine but I hope this works dude. I want that Kooky Toga wearing president gone!!!". With that, she turned on her mousie heel and left in a huff.

Mygeto sighed about how troublesome all this was gonna be.

The pink individual was stll muttering abt hormonal teens and shut her windows too for good measure.

Mouse stormed off into the hallway where her followers snickered amongst themselves at how she looked like a set of traffic lights going from red to green due to being extremely annoyed and extremely sick.

Meanwhile, Poli, the young youth who could crumble entire hooligan sanctuaries with her colourful vocabulary, was running like a mad dawg for her life, across the river that made up the Wiki's borders *yes people I can make her run on water If I want to*, across the winding ravine that made up the wiki's foundation, across the craggy Mountains that made up the Wiki's south border, across anything else that indicates how far away she was from the wiki, all the way to the wiki itself. To say she exhausted herself was an understatement, however, her pride, dignity and extensive vocabulary remained intact. All the way to Nalyd's lair luxurious abode, she kept telling herself that she would never go back again even if Nalyd begged her and threatened to smother her with his Toga of EvilTM and that she wasn't paid enough for this $#$%^%^ - you get the picture.

As soon as she entered Nalyd's ginormous house, she heard feminine laughter and she frowned. She followed said laughter all the way to the main lounge where she saw said President lounging in a luxurious armchair, watching a show on TV that had a huge fat guy wearing a Toga surrounded by a gaggle of women, feeding him grapes from a bowl. Nalyd was sighing dreamily and Poli was disgusted and scarred beyond belief. She coughed loudly and Nalyd hastily shut off his TV. "Oh Hiya Poli, what's shakin'?" he asked, with a guilty grin on his face. Poli glared at him and answered "You were right, some people are making a revolt against you because of your poor fashion sense and I barely escaped their clutches".

Nalyd froze and went blue. Yes girls and boys, he went blue. Blue with rage, on account of it's my story and I'll make 'em go whatever colour I want."MUTINY!!!! That is treason, betrayal, scandal, a lie, cheat, failure, any other word I can't think of right now that describes the complete outrageousness of this situation!!!!" yelled Nalyd, his face blue, now due to lack of oxygen. He took in a few deep breaths and calmed down a bit to say: "Poli, prepare the Navy, Army and Airforce. We. Are. Going. To. War." he replied grimly. Poli, for all her tough exterior, gulped hard. Nalyd was serious. She nodded and went to do as he asked.

~*~* In the hooligan sanctuary ~*~*

"Is everything prepared for tomorrow?" asked Mouse, a thin strip of light highlighting her Mousie yet grim looking eyes in the dark room.

"Yea. The tracking device worked like a charm. We now know the way into the wiki and we're waiting for your orders on how to proceed." responded Mygeto cooly.

"Fine. Tell the troops to ready up their provisions. Ask Ishni if she's finished knitting our uniforms yet."

"Will do."

"We start the invasion at dawn".


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Tune in for Episode 4: The Epic Invasion that Pwns

Trivia: Guess where I got this line from : Mygeto sighed about how troublesome all this was gonna be.

Cookies for the first to guess xDDD

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