Warning: This blog is for my own personal amusement to alleviate boredom aimed as a joke towards many users we know and love. So, if you take this blog seriously, then you seriously need to lighten up xD

Rating: This blog is classified as PG, for unintentional violence that doesn't actually happen but is thought of, and for excessive yet highly censored swearing.

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Previously, on ~*~ Of Togas, Mice and Popcorn ~*~

"Mouse?" asked the secretary, "Is that a code name of sorts?". "Well kind of," said a mysterious baritone behind her. "But from the looks of things, I don't think I should be telling you". With that, the secretary felt a thud at the back of her head and everything went black. The last thing she saw was a blue looking dude, with a bored yet cool expression and a smirk adorning his face . . .


Episode Two: A Lazy Piece of Work

Bleary eyes opened to blinding light. "Ugh . .where am I?" asked the secretary, rubbing her head where she felt a prominent lump at the back. "You were caught trespassing on our land, and now we've brought you here for interrogation" said the same bland yet cool voice that she last heard before everything went black.

The secretary was usually as well mannered and as tolerant of situations such as this as the President was of people that questoned his fashion sense. She was about to leap at the mysterious dude and literally tear that infuriating smirk off his bored face when the door to the room slammed open and in came the Mouse cosplaying girl she had seen earlier.

"Where is she Mygeto? I want to question her myself and learn exactly that she saw and heard!" exclaimed Mouse with a very red face. Mouse glanced over at the secretary, who found it hard to get up and strangle Mygeto because she was tied to a chair with pink wool. "UGHHHH!!!!!!" screamed the secretary. "A fiesty one isn't she?" asked Mygeto, amused.

"Why you little-", the secretary tried to get up again, only to fall back in the chair. Mouse approached her and leaned in eye level with the girl. "You will tell me exactly what you saw and exactly why you're here in the first place" growled Mouse, with as much a threatening air as one could muster while wearing a Mouse outfit.

The secretary had seen bunnies who were more intimidating than this chick. So, she did what she knew best to do in situations like this. "You can %@#%W#$%@%#@$^#%@#%##% - - - - @$##%&$%$%&$@$%@$^#$$@#$^$^@^$ - - - - - - - @%@#$%@#^$#%^@$^$^%#^$@^#$&#%#^#$#%&#&#$&#&#%&$%$%#&#%#%#%&#%@%&#%&^#%&#%&#%&#%&#%#%#$^#$#^%^%*$#%!@#^#%&^%*&(%*$%!#%@#$%###@#%%%&%*&&$%&%$%$%^%^!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!".

A tiny cockroach on the floor of the interrogation room died from brain implosion.

A bird chirping outside the window of the room burst into flames.

The guard standing outside the door of the room banged his head into the wall after whipping his head around so fast to give him whiplash at the outburst, and consequently, passed out.

Somewhere away from the room, the pink thing from earlier stopped her incessant knitting and looked up . . . only to resume knitting.

And finally, Mouse and Mygeto, who had taken the full brunt of the assault, wondered when their ears would stop bleeding.

"I think I'm gonna sick" croaked Mouse, and subsequently ran out of the room, hands covering her mouth. Mygeto, who appeared shocked at first, went back to his cool demeanor and sauntered up to the secretary, who was frothing at the mouth and no, not from Mygeto's awesome coolness, but from all the swearing she did in one sitting.

"You have quite a mouth on you" he said cooly. "I tried being nice, but then again, I have more draconian methods to make pigs squeal". The secretary watched in confusion as Mygeto untied her. "You have a name?" asked Mygeto. "Like I'd tell you you worthless little-", but before she could respond, Mygeto was looking down . . at her nametag . . . which she had conveniently placed on her shirt that morning in prep for work. "Politoed huh? I guess I'll call you Poli. Come with me". "Like hell I'll come with you!" But she felt herself being dragged by Mygeto's sheer awesome strength all the way out to the courtyard, past a knitting pink thing that looked on curiously and smiled at Poli in a friendly way, past a bunch of kids chowing down on cookies, past Mouse who could be heard retching in the girl's toilet . .all the way to the front gate.

"You're free to go now. Thanks for your time!" said Mygeto, smiling oddly. Poli was confused but not one to take freedom lightly, so she ran for it. Mygeto looked on and smirked to himself. Unbeknowst to Poli, a small red light was beeping on her back arm sleeve . . .

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Tune in for Episode 3: You let her go?!!

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