~*~ Apologies for the delay but I decided to discontinue my previous fic and write a new one, with new characters and new plot line instead - couldn't think of anything to write for the other one ~*~

Warning: This blog is for my own personal amusement to alleviate boredom aimed as a joke towards many users we know and love. So, if you take this blog seriously, then you seriously need to lighten up xD

Rating: This blog is classified as PG, for the use of weaponry, some minor violence and above all, horridly grotesque fashion sense. Parental guidance is not recommended unless you want to be grounded forever.

DISCLAIMER: I don't own squat >.<

~*~ Of Togas, Mice and Popcorn ~*~

Episode One: The President's story

Once upon a time in a wiki far, far, far, far, far, far away somewhere around the corner, lived a dude who thought it was fashionable to go around wearing a toga in the 20th Century. This dude was known as the President of the Wiki and what he lacked in fashion sense, he made up for in intellect, fair judgement, optimism and bread.

Due to these qualities, the members of the wiki and his council of trustees looked up to him as their leader and even allowed him the right of redecorating the wiki and everything in it in a Grecian style, from the pristine white pillars that held up the wiki, all the way down to the ghastly crown of plastic leaves that adorned the President's head.

One day, while writing out another lengthy script of why the other wiki members and his council should wear togas like him, his secretary came rushing in and exclaimed, out of breath, that a neighbouring wiki, was waging war on him for his horrible and uncouth dress sense. Outraged that someone would dare question his fashion, he demanded from his secretary to find out everything they could about the neighbouring wiki and just what their problem was with togas.

So, his secretary, being a sprightly and potty mouthed youth who would make a sailor wonder where they learned such colourful language from, set out on a mission to discover just who this neighbouring wiki was, all the while issuing some curse word or other about the whole mission and how the President couldn't get his toga to do it instead. Across a ravine and further down a mountain side around the corner from the wiki, the secretary found a band of hooligans with pitchforks, axes, chainsaws and rolling pins, all wearing fluffy pink sweaters with the words: I HEART Fish on them.

The secretary wondered if this was the neighbouring wiki. Suddenly, a loud voice was heard amongst the chatter of the hooligans. "PEEPS!" bellowed the voice. "From this day forth, we shall rise up from the oppression that is togas and wear . . do we have to wear pink? Can't we wear these cool shirts I bought from the MS Paint company?" asked a Mousy looking figure who was rather grey and rather mousy looking, all the way down to the fluffy ears and whiskers adorning her face. The person was standing on a stone pillar overlooking the crowd of followers, and was directing the question at a pink looking thing, with knitting needles, already hell bent on knitting another fluffy sweater that the hooligans were wearing.

"Well it's not my fault that the only things that are cheap these days is pink wool!" exclaimed the pink person, who was the pinkest looking thing the secretary had ever seen. "Would you rather white and green like that kooky President wears?". At this, the leader of the group recoiled in utter disgust. "Good point - well peeps, we gotta get this revolt underway. The President of the Wiki thinks that he can blindly tell everyone to wear what he wears without consequences, so, we as people with proper fashion sense will take him down!" At this, the other hooligans cheered and loud chants of "Mouse!" erupted in the valley.

"Mouse?" asked the secretary, "Is that a code name of sorts?". "Well kind of," said a mysterious baritone behind her. "But from the looks of things, I don't think I should be telling you". With that, the secretary felt a thud at the back of her head and everything went black. The last thing she saw was a blue looking dude, with a bored yet cool expression and a smirk adorning his face . . .

Tune in for Episode Two: A Lazy Piece of Work

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