Now that I have your attention with a threatening looking title, I'd like to remind you guys that I'm leaving for six days as of tomorrow on a holiday.

This means NO INTERNET ACCESS and thus no wiki time Dx.

So, for all those peeps who have seen my username pop up everywhere on the wiki in Recent Activities today, it's because I'm a narcissist and love to be well known it's because I won't be here for the rest of the week to participate in Countdown edits xD.

This blog is to alert my fellow teammates and competitors so guys, in the time I'm gone, please don't rip each other to shreds have fun editting! xD

~*~ A few shout outs:~*~

Musou: *ear splitting grin*

Nalyd: I'll have more ideas for you when I get back so prepare yourself *evil smirk*

Poli: Dudeeeeeeee. I hope you're back here as per normal when I get back. Another thing - edit foo'! >.<

Neko: Take care of the above three for me and stay safe *huggles* :3

Mikey: Edit like a mad dawg Edit freak genius xD

Silver: Make sure the team doesn't get up to too much mischief xD

AJ: Be cool dude xD

Chrissy: I'll miss you so much! Dx

Gleeky: Imma hug you to death when I get back!

Mygeto: I hope stuff like this gets you to reply more lazy piece of work xD

. . . the stuff I do to please you peeps >.<

When I get back, I'll write up the anxiously anticipated Chapter 3 of "Of Togas, Mice and Popcorn" *smirks at Nalleh* xD

I will also introduce you guys to the newest addition to the wiki (as of today), my kid sister, who is obviously going on this holiday with me.

I'll miss all of you terribly! See you all when I get back!! xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

From the moment I click publish on this blog window, I will be out of contact so

Adios, au revior, sayonara, see ya, latersss and . . bye xD


I'm able to get on the net for short amounts of time - I've stayed on for an hour as of the time I write this bit of my blog. This is mainly to edit for CountDown and help out my team a bit more.

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