After my riot starter blog a few days ago, I thought I'd lighten the mood with a silly, trivial albeit pink blog such as this one.

WARNING: This blog contains info about other users on this wiki, placed in the silliest situations possible. This blog is also about people I know on the wiki; so if you don't know me, don't ask why you're not on here >.>

WARNING 2: This is a joke blog that is meant to be humourous and humourous only. If you take any of this seriously, you seriously need to lighten up xD

WARNING 3: Silliness is due to the author being high on chocolate, or air, or both O.O

Without further ado . .here is my opinion on the many couples that litter this wiki.

1. Musou x Nalyd: ahhh the wonder couple and probably the oldest duo on the wiki. Like Bonnie and Clyde without the needless crime, like the platonic love couple of the 21st century, like two souls in but one. . err . .shoe xD.

Opinion - It works, it definitely works. With a lot of tolerance on Musou's side. Excessive use of reciprocal emoticons on the IRC though, to the point of flooding >.> This could be classified IRL as PDI xDDD

2. Poli x Mygeto: the best damn couple on this wiki . .sophisticated and fiesty. Although the sophistication comes from Mygeto's laziness and the fiestiness from Poli. Dubbed the Snarky duo, they can easily hold their own in an aggressive debate and be warned, Poli is VERY possessive.

Opinion - I love this pairing. The general crazed, obssessed fangirl trailing after the cool, good looking dude in highschool anime comes to mind xDDD others may think it's one-sided, they may be right, but don't kill my mood >.<

3. Poli x Feddy: another snarky pairing, that brings out more fiesty than anything else >.>

Opinion - The worst couple besides Duncan and Gwen. Try holding a convo with them in the IRC, be warned, the content may not be suitable for children under the age of 12 >.>

4. Jammy x CD: Now don't get the wrong idea people - this is a pairing of best friendship. They've been with each other through thick and thin and are the epitome of what BFFFFFFs are.

Opinion - I always imagine their idea of a rendez-vous to be a picnic on a flower studded hill with the sun right up in a blue sky . . with Jam eating out of a jar of strawberry jam :3

5. Kg x BB: yes a bromance, the oldest and probably most entertaining bromance this wiki has seen. The duo have a dynamic between them that is unmatched, plus afro hair.

Opinion - BB's a beast (rawr ;) . . . Kg tries to look his best (you thought I was gonna say beauty didn't you? xDDDDD) . .but no, they weren't cast by Disney to star in the film. Altho, Kg is a total and utter perv and BB doesn't seem to mind, so yea this pairing works too.

6. Silver x Ryan: I wrote a blog about this once, drew the crowd and was my crowning debut xD But on a serious note, the duo exudes one word: DEVOTION O.o (on Silver's part) . .and maybe chuck a little fangirlism in there.

Opinion - Once again, I think of the crazed obsessed fangirl now trailing after the NICE (not so lazy) popular guy. A very entertaining couple who provide good amterial to write with xD

7. Addict x Poli: Once upon a time, Poli used to have a major crush on this braniac dude called Addict. However, Addict couldn't get the message through to her that he just wasn't that into her. So he did what he does best. He ran away . . to Mexico >.>

Opinion - Cute while it lasted, although Poli may still be persistant and follow the dude to Mexico. I'd recommend some runners, an immigrant visa and a plane ticket to Addict.

I can't think of any other couples right now. If you know of any, please leave a comment below xDDD

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