EDIT: Due to the number of complaints and people I don't know asking to be put on this - I'm blocking comments since peeps don't want this deleted entirely. Honestly people, this is supposed to be a fun thing I made for my friends - it's kinda selfish and totally weird of you to ask to be put on this when I don't even know you O.o (yes I'm in a crabby mood cos Imma tired >.>)

Ok, because I'm feeling uberly happy today on a count of me getting a lot of work done in the past week, I'd like to post this as a memento to all the good friends I've made on this wiki and to let them know that they're loved by an insane, pink maniac such as yours truly :3

Ok here goes . . . hope I remember everyone and hope I don't insult anyone. Remember, I use nicknames, insults and saucepans cos you're friends ~~

Musou ~ It's ironic I always start off with you, but since you were my first wiki friend, it's fitting xD I totally, stupendously, madly, annoyingly, pinkly, extremely, marvellously, irrevocably, unwillingly and most of all, totally love you. No not in any other way besides a BFF - Calm down Nalyd xD

Nalyd ~ *is smiling to herself as she type out your username* You dude are one epic dude, dude. You give epicness a whole new meaning, like in an epicly epic way, ya know? xD

Poli ~ *plays Xylophone* Oh my Poli . . Oh my Poli . . . ohhhhh my BFFFF Poli . .You'll never know how much I love your awesome, snarky 'tude!!!!! xDDDDD (bonus huggles if you can guess where this is from) - Oh Poli, I found out today Mygeto thinks British accents are sexy xD

Neko ~ forget my voice and my pinkness, you sista are one cute little thing! *huggles* :3 Plus you're downright funny and I'd loveee to see you up on the big stage! xD

AJ ~ My bromigo you're soo cuteeeeeeeeeeeee!! <3 You're the sweetest guy on this wiki and don't you forget it! xD

Chrissy ~ *pinches yo cheeks, albeit softly* You're so cuteeeeeee :3333333

Jammy ~ You'll always be the First lady to me your Highness xD

CD ~ SeeDeeeeeeeee you may be a perv but you're one AWESOME chick, who likes cheese, who spazzes a lot and who writes in orange *gosh I was right to put up a pic of Izzy for you xD*

Mygeto ~ Dude if cool were a person, it'd be you. After Mygeto told me he watches anime, he shot wayyy up on my "You're alright" meter xDDDDDD

Mikey ~ Sup edit machine/ WM wannabe. I can't imagine how after all your success as a world class editor, you can still remain clam, cool and so non-egoistical *except for maybe this week and last week but still!* xD

Gleeky ~ *plays Hawaiian guitar* I loveeeee youuuuu, I really really do xDDDDDD I just wish you were on more often Miss I'm so Caring I rival Mother Teresa xD

Silver ~ Everytime I think of you, Sheldon from Big Bang Theory comes to mind xDDDDDDDDD I <3 Sheldon therefore I adore you! xDDDDDDDDDD

Gar ~ Gar bear you'll always be my Duncan counterpart whom I love fighting with xD

Feddy ~ FK, as much as I think you and Poli could be twins, I still ship PolixMygeto so take a hike! >.< Other than that, you're a snarky dude with 'tude who has a way with words. I like you xD

Addict ~ For someone so young, I can't believe how smart you are - now YOU remind me of Sheldon :D Plus, you're a freaky evil genius and master prankster *bows worship style* xD

TC ~ I don't know you very well either but you're comebacks rival Poli's!!! xDDDDD For that I think you're awesome :3

Aimers ~ Your countdown predictions and veteran wisdom is something we all need on this wiki - Thanks for being you Aims xD

Comic ~ You're a nice dude therefore I never voted for you in Countdown - so don't send your hitmen after me ok? That chocolate heist in 2010 is a thing of the past ya know? xD

Kg ~ I have yet to hear how pervy you are - hope I never do, but you're an awesome dude xD

Ryan ~ *puts on an English accent* Ironic is it not, that I put you right after Silver? xDDDD But immatureness aside Red text *yes I did that to annoy you* I think you're a cool dude.

Ale ~ Alejandro fangirls FTW!!!!! >.< Despite me not knowing you realllly well, I think you're cooler than Ryan too *Yes, I did that to annoy him too - he's fun to annoy* xD

Sammy ~ Sammy the not so Ishy Fishy, you're random bursts of song are as random as they are funnehhhhh. Keep it up! xD

Tulle ~ You remind me so much of Gwen for some reason. But I hate Gwen! Never worry though, I like you and your much needed calmness and collectedness on this wiki! xD

Big-O ~ Big-O!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You be funny plus you give epic speeches that are totally true xD That is all.

Landry ~ You're such a nice guy to talk to. You always have something good to say to people, so thanks so much for taking time to talk to lil old me! :3

MTDM ~ squealsss and hugssssssssssssss :3

Oaty ~ feeds you a lifetime supply of cookies :3

Psychid ~ The first person to welcome me onto the wiki and help me make my first talk page Archive. Plus has great taste in music too xDDDD

Mu ~ Who else would I have stimulating discussions about the DxCxG triangle with? xDDDD

Missy ~ You're taste in colour schemes is what got me this far: Velvet cupcakes FTW!!!! xD

BarBar~ You've grown into an awesome editor and an even greater user since you started! Well done on coming so far! xDDDD

WM and Bigez ~ Truthfully I don't know both of you guys very well apart from that fact that WM loves to edit and is the only one who can out edit Mikey, and that Bigez loves his coke and spinning around like a ninny, but apart from that - I think you guys are great xD

N3 ~ Your fluoro green is better than Bigez's . .any day xDD

Barfy ~ Awww Barfy! I know you may think people don't care about you on ths wiki but let me tell you that I do! Sorry I didn't put you up here - there are too many people to remember off the top of my head X___x

I.F. ~ Yes I made a nickname for you - you're a very nice person and I can't believe I didn't add you on here before! xD

Jakie ~ A happy little dude whose friendly to everyone! Keep it up Jakie! xD

TDFan - You have Sierra as your pic! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! xD

There we go - if I missed anyone please let me know xD