Hey all you wonderful people of the wiki! xDD

I have some good news andsome super good news!

The good news is that after the writing of my blog: "To the wiki admins and maybe users - listen up!", which sparked riots and intense debating on at least two more blogs after this one, the council and admins of the wiki have decreed the following:

That ADMIN Status is given to the following users:

1. Musou

2. AJ

3. Mikey

4. Aimers

And that ROLLBACK Status is given to the following users:

1. Silver

2. Ishni

Now in commemoration of this event, I have decided to write up a short story of how exactly these events came about. So sit back with your favourite form of food or beverage (careful not to get any on your keyboard O.o), relax and scroll down xD

WARNING: This blog contains information and characteristics of users on this wiki. Any resemblance to these persons is not purely coincidental, it is deliberate and meant as a JOKE. If you in any way or form take any of this blog's content seriously, you seriously need to lighten up.

~*~How the Wiki Gods Council choose their members~*~

Once upon a time in a wiki far far away, there was a council who was very secretive. They did everything secretly, messaged each other secretly and chatted to each other in private messages. This was because in their council and particularly in the meetings they had every so often at 5PM Thursdays EST Time, they'd talk about how they could keep all the chocolate they had stolen from every chocolate facotry in hiding and how they could horde it amonst themselves without letting the other wiki users in on their treasure.

One day, I think this last Tuesday, one user, by the name of Musou, had had enough of the chocolate hording admins who she knew was hiding something and wasn't around to do their duties on the wiki (no not because they were all from the US timezone and thus were asleep when Musou from the Asia-Pacific timezone was up and active), but because they were hiding something.

Musou enlisted the help, or more like ranted to, her good friend Ishni on the wiki, who had an intense liking for all things sweet and would do anything for Musou in general. So, Ishni, who had heard the rant of how the admins are not on when they're needed one too many times from Musou (three times to be exact), took it upon herself to commission a bulletin for the wiki to open their eyes to the present chocolate stealing that was occurring behind their backs.

So, without further ado, Ishni, who had an intense love for writing blogs as well, got to work and wrote up one heck of a riot blog if she does say so herself. This blog brought into question the secretive chocolate hording actions of the admins and all the users on the wiki rioted, and the wiki world as they knew it asploded . . . . nahhhhh.

But there was a lot of responses and soon, a Wiki council member named WM or WebkinzMania who liked to share just a little, deicided to write a blog saying that Ishni's blog was all true and that the admins (aside from himself) were a bunch of chocolate hording ninnies.

This created much distress and more rioting on the already hectic wiki and soon, many users were starting up auctions, bids and bets to guess how much chocolate the admins were hording, how much it would be worth and just how much they'd all get.

After much deliberation, the admins decided to hold council to discuss the issue and promote only a few users who they believed to be worthy of the chocolate to be a council member. Now, remember Musou? Well she was a council member . .but they hadn't let her in on the chocolate secret yet. Her friend Ishni on the other hand, who could smell chocolate a kilometre away, had already known about it all since she first set foot on the wiki and so she confided her suspicions to Musou.

Musou then said hat she knew the chocolate hording secret and that Ishni knew too so the council members out of fear, gave them positions of Admin and RollBack on the wiki (no not because the former was hard working and the latter was just a friendly face on the wiki - it was all to do with the chocolate secret).

A few other users: Aimers, AJ and Mikey respectively were also chosen because they knew about the chocolate secret too and they'd tell everyone that the chocolate was stolen if they weren't payed compensation. Thus they became admins as well.

Another perceptive and overly smart user, by the name of Silver, also figured it out . .no not with super sensory smell like Ishni . .but with the power of his rubix cube. So he was in turn made a RollBack.

For their loyalty to keep their traps shut, the wiki granted them council privileges . . and to this day, the secret of the chocolate horde hiding millions of miles underneath the wiki in San Francisco remains a secret to this day.

~Le Fin~

There you have it folks, the real story behind what happened xDDDDDDDDDD

On a serious note:

I, Ishni, solemly swear to help all wiki members in my new duties as a rollback as best as I possibly can.

Please leave a comment below, but keep it PG-rated people! xDDDD

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