Warning: the following blog may contain trivial albeit life changing news for some people.

DISCLAIMER: I don't own squat - except for this blog . . . which is mine xD

Hi dudes and dudettes!

I'll be leaving on holiday from the 20th to 26th April. This blog is a heads up to mah awesome team from Countdown especially.

If in that time period, I don't appear to be making much edits, it's cos I'm on the road or have no internet access - so I'll be editting more on the days before that to make up for it. In that holiday period, I'll be editting as much as I can, where internet access permits as well.

If however, the number of edits I make is inadequate for the team in that time, well I guess I'll be joining Gar in Team Redemption . .then I'll give the whooping on all of y'all! xD

Anyhoo, good luck mah fellow team mates and the Jammers and remember don't be an edit freak like Mikey have fun with editting! xD



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