I'm blogging a lot today xD

Anyways these are the final things I want to say before I leave the wiki for an "x" number of days ~

*~*~ To my learned Colleagues *~*~

1. Musou: I totally love ya dude - you know that XD

2. Chrissy: I'll miss you hon :( Be on here when I get back!! >.<

3. Jammy: You're awesome First Lady/ my fellow die-hard Courtney fan ~ always be you :3

4. Nalyd: Hope to hear more of your stories of Mouse and you as well as some real ones when I get back xD

5. Neko: your soo cute!! :3 Please stay safe and well - I shall miss you!!

6. Silverspark: I will miss you my monochromatic friend *tips hat* :3

7. Poli: you're on my favourite number 7 my sarcastic and awesome buddy - I shall miss you terribly DX

8. Psychid: I'll miss you moree DX

9. CD: I always knew you were the nicest :3 *huggles*

10. Missy: I appreciate your get together with AJ - it's really sweet and I'll see if I can come - love ya~~

11. Bridgette dj10: likewise for you my awesome fellow user - love ya too :3

12. Lizzy: You know you're awesome right? :D

13. All the other admins on the IRC - I'll miss you guys!!!

14. Everyone else on the IRC and this wiki - I'll miss you even more!! DX

With that I am officially and totally, utterly and irrevocably (yea that doesn't make sense) OUT



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