Hey all you gorgeous people! xD

This blog is an apology of sorts for not being on the wiki and much less on the IRC this week.

Reason for absence: *geez this sounds like an absentee note for a teacher* Study. Right now I gotta focus on my studies and sort out a few things in my life. For that I need time and this means less IRC time Dx

But hey, the good thing is, you won't need to put up with this: xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD


so much for a while xD

I'll be editing on the wiki, but I may not be on the IRC as often cos of study.

Right now I'm too tired to edit or send messages to anyone, so I'll respond to my messages on this here blog.

@ Mouse: OMG Woman, you come now when I'm at my busiest >.< Hope your exams went well! xD *hugsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss*

@ Silver: I don't dislike being called adorable, I'm just surprised that people think of me as such xD

@ Chrissy & Neko: You're sooo cute!!! *pinches cheeks* :3

@ Nalyd: The next time you spam my talkpage, Imma smack you with mah frypan . .and burn your togas! xD

@ Poli: I miss you!!!! Hope you become active on the IRC before me! DDDDDDDDDDDx

@ Jammeh: You'll always be the First Lady to me confectionary that goes well with peanut butter on bread :3

@ SeeDee: You're editcounter will break if you edit anymore, and did you know orange can cause concussions if you use it too much? Also perviness apparently rots the mind xD

@ Mygeto: Hey lazy piece of work! You better have watched those anime listings I gave you by the time I come back on! >.<

@ AJ: See you when I get back on more, buddy, chum, pal, friend, comrade, amigo, mon ami, dost and most importantly, dudeeeee xD

@ Mikey: Don't edit so much dude, peeps will think you're some freak or a mad dawg or somethin' xDDDDDD

@ Gleeky: You know I adore you! Thank you for putting up that blog competition, it helped relieve a lot of tension xD

@ Addict: The day you stop running off to Mexico will be the day I get back on the IRC - if your answer is never, well . . . xD

@ Feddy: Keep the ironic sarcasm coming dude with classy top hat! xD And keep your hands of MY Poli! >.<

@ Tulle: Sorry to hear about your virus problems Dx. You should try installing software such as Norton Antivirus or AVG - you can download them free in the 30 day trial version. I personally run AVG on my computer but if you don't have built in software, try the Norton trial. The 30 days will be more than enough time to get rid of the virus. Oh, and don't respond to any emails or notifications on your computer that notify you about the virus either - it could be Spyware or a nasty Trojan. Hope that helps :S

@ Liz: Glad you're back! xD

@ Comic and OHF: Get editting foo's! >.<

@ BB: Rock ON soul-dude!!!! xD

@ Kg: Hope everything's ok with you dude!

@ Oaty, MTDM & JAE: Cookies for you!!!! xD *can't think of anything else due to sleep deprived mind*

@ Ryan: Please don't flood the IRC with too much red text! Dx Oh and show them vandals who's boss! >.<

@ Landry: Happy 2 year wiki-versary dude! *raises glass of bubbling lemonade that looks like classy champagne*

@ Missy: Velvet cupcakesssssssssss WROARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR xDDDDDDDDDD

@ Aimers: Mouse is MINE, now and forever You've gotten Featured user by now right? O.o

@ Ale: Alejandro is sooooooooooooooo hot and he is MINE >.< Take care until I get back! xD

@ Sam: I would sooo laugh if you continued impersonating Fishni while I'm gone xD

@ Bigez: Same as Ryan but only more green xDDDD This guy is not a Leprechaun altho he likes to spin around on a coke high xD

@ Uros: Don't start editing like a mad dawg as well! Dx Good luck dude! xD

@ Barfy: You can do it, edit edit edit!!! xDDDD

@ BarBar: You edit like a pro! Keep it up dude! xD

I think that's everyone . . . if not, I'm soooo sorry I didn't write you down - I'm just too tired right now X____x

Take care until I get a bit more IRC active!



EDIT: If you need me in the IRC for something, just message my talkpage - better be important tho! xDDDD

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