Warning: This is only a JOKE about two/three users we all know and love so do not take it seriously. If you do, you seriously need to lighten up xD

Episode 1: Pilot

Once upon a time, in a Wiki far far away (like first hit on Google), there was a Queen named Ryan who ruled his kingdom with an iron fist of cookie batter.

One day, as Ryan was yelling obsceneties and shaking his fist at vandals who dared come on to the Wiki, a certain user admired his work from afar.

This user, by the name of Silverspark, went home that day and could not stop thinking about the beautiful queen who had chased away all those bad vandals.

Unbeknowst to him. it was love at first sight *insert flowers and a gawdy pink background*

After realising that he was smitten by the Red Queen (only took him 2 seconds really), he decided to write him (Ryan) endless love notes in order to get his (Ryan's) attention and make his (Silverspark's) sentiments known.

So for all the users out there who have seen endless calls of RYAANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN on various blog posts, you now know where they come from :3

Back to the story - Ryan sees all these cry outs of endless devotion and his heart swells with unimaginable pride. You see, he has also liked a certain user from afar but could not admit his feelings due to the fear of rejection. This user is not Silverspark as you'd expect . . . rather she is a well known and popular user on this wiki who rivalled him in the annual jousting matches of Countdown. This user goes by the name of CD-TDA and she unknownst to him, does not care three straws about him.

So, thinking it is his long lost love who he believes is finally showing she cares about him, Ryan goes to meet her in the woods by the Wiki. Instead he meets . . .

Tune in for upcoming Episode 2: Say what??!

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