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Juan Jose Rodriguez
Screaming Gophers/Screaming Gaffers
Juan Jose Rodriguez
Gender Male
Eliminated That's Off the Chain!
Place 9th (TDI) , 1st (TDA)
Relationship Maria (Deceased)
Family Mother, Sisters, Father, Brother
Friends Bridgette, DJ, Leshawna, Gwen, Heather (TDA) Lindsay, Duncan
Enemies Heather (TDI) , Justin, Owen, Trent
Voiced by Um... me.

José (Juan in French), labeled The Mexican, was a camper on Total Drama Island on the Screaming Gophers team. He was also a castmate on Total Drama Action and became the second winner of the Total Drama series.


Juan José Rodriguez, normally known as José, is a Mexican-Canadian teenager. He is smart, but he also loves to play sports such as soccer, therefore wanting to avoid the terms "Jock" or "Geek." He is fluent in Spanish and English, and uses his second language frequently in TDI. He is a talented singer, but not a good dancer or artist, and very friendly. His best friends on the island are DJ, Bridgette, Gwen, Duncan, Lindsay and Leshawna. José is a good soccer player, and in his native Torréon, he was always picked as goalie. When his family moved to Toronto, Canada, he realized that hockey was the big sport there, just soccer on ice. He never really learned how to skate, so he decided to go back to the less-popular sport of soccer. He wants to win Total Drama Island for his deceased girlfriend, and to get a head start to Toronto FC. On the island, he never developed a romantic relationship with the other campers, but he did make friends with DJ and Bridgette easily earlier on in the first episode. Together he formed the first multi-team alliance with them.

Total Drama Island

José takes the place of Noah in this fanfic. This fanfic also has a changed elimination order, TDA castmates & different couples.

In Not So Happy Campers - Part 1 , he stepped off the boat happily after Leshawna had arrived. José talked to Gwen and DJ about why they were here, however, José left out the fact that his girlfriend had died. José was saddened to learn he would not land on DJ's team, the Killer Bass, so he suggested a healthy alternative - making a cross-team alliance. DJ accepted the deal. He cannonballed off the cliff and landed in the safe zone. When the Gophers would've won the challenge, Owen chickened out. Leaving the Gophers in a tricky situation without carts, José shut his mouth & pushed his cart ahead of the complaining Justin. Unfortunately, Eva lead the Killer Bass single-handedly to construct the hot tub first, landing the Gophers at the Campfire Ceremony. José cast his vote for Owen to go home, which with the majority doing likewise, Owen was the first loser in Not So Happy Campers - Part 2.


José at the first campfire ceremony.

In The Big Sleep, José grew extremely tired in the run, but his skill in soccer kept him going at a fast pace. José opted to DJ at the start of the competition that he had trouble going to sleep some nights, let alone staying up & outlasting people. Thus saying that, José was one of the last to fall asleep in the actual competition. José grew suspicious of Heather when she took away Lindsay and Beth, endangering José & DJ's chance of outnumbering them, so he asked DJ to scout the remaining Bass for a suitable alliance member. He fell into a deep sleep inside a tree in an attempt to stay awake longer, to the advice of then-eliminated DJ. He came in 6th place in the competition, after Heather, Eva, Ezekiel, Duncan and the eventual winner, Gwen. He then asked Chris for the history book, before hitting him on the head with it. After the ceremony, DJ informed José that Sadie had been eliminated & he planned to ask Bridgette to join, much to José's pleasure. DJ mistook this for José having a crush on her, to which José quickly denied.

During the events of Dodgebrawl, the Gophers seemingly had the upper hand, as Harold & Tyler were quickly eliminated. However, Katie, surprisingly calm after her friend left the island, proved to be a thorn in the Gopher's plan of winning. To eliminate this threat, José debated with the other impromptu Gopher leaders (Heather, Trent & LeShawna) and revealed his good strategist role, ordering the guys to lob light passes and then throw hard dodgeballs at the stunned Bass, earning them a winning round. Eventually, Katie & DJ lead the Bass to a rally ending with José being 'sniped' & eliminated, winning the game for the Killer Bass. José was temporarily unconscious to the worry of a few campers, but he rose and José congratulated DJ for his skills. After the challenge, José, Leshawna, Trent & Heather planned to eliminate Justin, on account that he didn't aid the Gophers in fear of getting messy. Justin, in fear of getting eliminated, got the girls (Heather, Leshawna, Beth, Lindsay, Izzy & Gwen) to vote off Trent, for no other reason but Justin's seemingly competition with Justin having complete control over the girls. Trent was eliminated. Bridgette accepted DJ & José's offer at an alliance, hoping that with three people watching eachother's backs, it would be harder to take them down.


The alliance, discussing strategy.

In Not Quite Famous, José was happy to find out the challenge was a talent contest. He quickly narrowed down his talents to either singing or blocking goals. The talents chosen for the teams were:

    • Killer Bass
      • DJ performed a reggae song to the tune of Bob Marley. He was rated six out of ten.
      • Courtney played her violin to "The Prayer". She was rated eight out of ten.
      • Harold did professional beat-boxing. He thought he did amazing, but in reality, he simply managed to fail & bring down his team's chance of winning, rated zero out of ten.
    • Screaming Gophers
      • Heather read out Gwen's diary, showing her crush on an unrevealed member of the Killer Bass team. She went unrated.
      • Izzy & Beth twirled flaming batons, which due to some 'technical difficulties' were rated five out of ten.
      • José sang in a ballad of Santana hits dedicated to his girlfriend. He was rated ten out of ten. Gophers win.

When José finished his song, no-one payed attention to the fact he dedicated it to "someone gone". In the confessional, José said "I'm not here for a relationship. I really can't, after... that happened." He, however, high-fives DJ for putting up an excellent effort. Harold was eliminated that night, & the last remaining question of the day was "Who was the guy Gwen was crushing on?"

In The Sucky Outdoors, DJ complained that they needed a win, to which José agreed. He then followed Izzy around, found her hidden stash of animal costumes & dressed up as a Moose. He & Izzy spooked the entire Gopher team until the real bear arrived. He fell asleep in the tree while the Killer Bass had come prepared with Katie's expert sewing skills, keeping the burnt tent intact. José slowly carried Lindsay back to camp to find that DJ led the Bass back first. At the ceremony, José landed in the bottom 2, but the RCMP intervenes & prevents him from getting eliminated. Izzy 'left' the island.

In Phobia Factor, José reveals his case of hemophobia, or fear of blood, to everyone listening. Duncan and Gwen laughed at the idea, to which José took offense, as they did not know what he went through. He grew incredibly nervous during the challenge until he came across the ratings of the series thanks to a camera guy. Halfway through the competition, he laughs at Chris for not being able to show him blood, due to the TV producers giving the show a PG-rating it was not allowed. Chris gets upset, then plays a flashback of José and Beth exchanging iPod earphones, and José running screaming at Beth's country music. José runs away as Chris takes out a banjo, essentially failing his challenge. He (unsuccessfully) tries to get other Screaming Gophers to complete their phobias, such as Leshawna's arachnophobia and the aerophobia of Izzy. Needless to say, the Killer Bass lost & sent home Tyler.

In Up the Creek, José went in Beth's canoe and asked her about her alliance with Heather. While Beth tried to change the subject, he eventually got her to fess up in Heather's true intentions. He put it to heart & continued on the portaging. He pulled out his iPod and tried to ignore his surroundings, but he eventually turned it off to talk to Cody. On the way back, he went with him and congratulated him for not taking the so-called break-up with Gwen hard, and says that he knows how it feels. Cody asks José what happened, but José never answers him about his girlfriend's death. Soon following this, DJ pushes the Bass to another win. In an attempt to lose one of the greater powers in the game, Heather's alliance, Leshawna, Gwen & José got rid of Justin, leaving two antagonists in the game.

In Paintball Deer Hunter, José & Bridgette are both avid paintball fans. Them both bringing their own guns, they are allowed to be hunters. He uses his self-made paintball grenades before taking off to find the opposing team's deer. He aids Beth and LeShawna in shooting Heather, saying in the confessional stall "I'm tired of Heather. Mira, she's a low-down user and she needs to go. " He also says "Madre del Diablo!" (Mother of the Devil!) when he sees Cody after the attack on the bear, but it is edited in the United States version to him saying "Ay carumba!" While both teams rack up the numbers of deer hit, the game ends in a tie. As a result, Chris calls on for a 1 on 1 paintball hardcore match. José is chosen to duke it out with his friend, Bridgette. After a back-and-forth narrow match, José begins using the foliage to his advantage and camouflage (Something he learned as a result of Army Training and Call of Duty combined.) Bridgette is suddenly forced to the ground from behind, as José points his paintball gun at the back of her head. Bridgette rolls away, and as both José and Bridgette shoot at close range, they find that they both ran out of ammo. José reveals he is impressed of Bridgette's skill in paintball as Chris announces a tie and that anyone can leave. However, Cody is left unable to compete & thus is eliminated. He leaves with his head held high, however.


José comes from behind and points his barrel at Bridgette's head, attempting a barrel tag.

In If You Can't Take The Heat, José helped Leshawna and Beth make the pineapple and mango salad after she tells them she has allergies. He gives Heather a small taste of several ground-up Haberno peppers in revenge for her mouthing off Leshawna. His spices that he gave Gwen to use didn't help much, as Chris had to drink several glasses of water. Ezekiel's killer cooking & Bridgette & DJ's antipasto sums up another loss for the Gophers. He pelts Heather with a mango when she isn't eliminated, implying that he voted for her. Sadly, Beth is eliminated.

In Who Can You Trust, José was paired with Leshawna for the William Tell challenge. He got hit in the eye with a crabapple, but then got the arrow knocked off of his head and they high-fived after. He & Bridgette tried to comfort DJ about DJ's Bunny, to no avail. Heather tried to get him to stop talking to the Killer Bass, unknowing that his alliance existed and now outnumbered hers before José told her off with some Spanish insults and walked away with a satisfied look on his face. Eva eventually leads the Bass to a win as she & Geoff blazed across the finish line. Heather organizes her entire alliance & somehow gets LeShawna eliminated.

In Basic Straining, José seems ecstatic for the challenge, unlike the rest of the campers. He is also the only camper to address Chef as "Master Chief, sir". Him and Duncan make a bet as the challenge starts - whoever breaks first has to do the other's chores for two weeks. Both José and Duncan begin to get into the spirit of the challenge, holding up the canoe with relative ease. José and Duncan keep trying to show eachother up, whether it comes to the eating gruel or the dance-off. Duncan shuts off the music mid-dance, making Chef angry. Duncan is ordered to do 20 pushups. In the essay-writing challenge, José writes a large biography on Chef, citing his military experience and bravery. Duncan still technically finishes first due to his use of the word "VERY" over 40,000 times. Master Chief Chef then announces an obstacle course for the campers to complete until they finish in under a minute. Reminded of his CQB training and obstacle courses, José vaults, jumps and makes his way through the obstacles, setting a new record according to Chef and gaining Chef's respect. The Screaming Gophers congratulate José, and even the Bass are impressed with this feat. Duncan, however, is sent to the boathouse for the night for "disrespecting military personnel" to wait for the next challenge. The campers must finally hang from a tree. José, Heather, Courtney, Duncan, Gwen and Ezekiel are the only campers remaining in the challenge. Despite the toughness of the challenge, José stays on. Ezekiel, followed by Heather and Courtney, fall off. Both Duncan and José push themselves to the limit, but Duncan falls first, leaving not only Gwen and José standing, but the Screaming Gophers the winners of the challenge. Chef says he would be proud to serve with them any day. Somehow, out of hatred, Harold snuck onto the island via The Boat of Losers, switched the votes & made his exit, voting off Courtney.

José did not see action in X-Treme Torture. Instead, he went into a depressed state inside the cafeteria. Bridgette came in and asked if he liked any girl on the island after showing him the letter, and he finally cracked and revealed to Bridgette that he met a girl named Maria, and that she died on her 16th birthday by a drunk driver, outside of a concert that she went to with José. For the first time in years, Bridgette made him feel better about it. (See After the Bass lost, Gwen's mystery crush was revealed - it was the person who was sent home after Lindsay won the race, Duncan. (You knew I'd put that in somewhere, right? :p) In the moonlight elimination which few attended, Duncan kissed her, told her he wrote the note & left, to which Gwen confidently walked away.

José ate several dishes in Brunch of Disgustingness with ease, such as the pizza, but threw up after hearing about the bull testicles and sniffing one. He missed out on the spa. However, Chris informed the guys that two campers, most likely guys, would return, to his and the guy's delight. José had no lines in this episode. The guy's team was considerably small, with only DJ, José, Geoff & Ezekiel against Bridgette, Gwen, LeShawna, Heather, Lindsay & Katie.

No Pain, No Game was an average episode for José. With numbers of the campers dwindling, the alliance was in danger. Trent & Duncan returned, with Trent jealous over Duncan 'stealing his girl'. José pointed out that he hadn't done anything to impress Gwen, while he expects Gwen to just come to him. Trent gets angry & José had to resort into putting him into a chokehold to restrain him. His first challenge was to eat incredibly spicy Habanero peppers. He did so without hesitation and with ease. His next challenge was to dodge flaming arrows - he eventually fails his challenge, as his clothes are lit on fire by an arrow. José quickly ran and jumped into the Killer Bass' old hot tub. He decided against using the opportunity to vote off Heather, but instead eliminate Trent, who had gotten on the nerves of everyone, especially Gwen & Duncan.

In Search and Do Not Destroy, José's key was on the antler of a wild moose. He got DJ to coax the moose so he could grab the key. José was returns the favour to DJ & helps him get his key. The two of them help Bridgette. Heather notices she is in a tricky situation - with Gwen & Duncan together and the José-DJ-Bridgette alliance, she did a move so risky & horrible that it made Gwen cry - she kissed Duncan on the dock, using a note to draw Gwen to the dock. While Leshawna led the crusade of getting Duncan kicked off, he tried to comfort Duncan with DJ after Heather kissed him. José stole Heather's diary & figured out that he was not to blame. As fast as he could, José ran around the island to turn the tide of war into voting off the criminal mastermind - Heather. His chest had an art kit, which he gave to Gwen, as José stood up for her after LeShawna asked him to vote off Duncan. He apologized to Gwen with Leshawna after Duncan narrowly dodged elimination, & the couple was reunited.

In the next episode, José & DJ were nervous about Duncan's suggestion to vote off Bridgette suggesting other alternatives. They, however, were tied in the suggestions & rock, paper, scissors ended in Duncan & Geoff claiming the win. These votes and suggestions fell on dead ears, and what with Eva getting angry at her, Bridgette seemed to be in danger of elimination. José then crawled off to his hiding spot - the confessional stall, grabbing onto the roof from the inside. Chef found him while talking in the stall, with José ending up being one of the first eliminated. He laughed, and helped Chef try to find people. He found Bridgette before she was caught by Chef Hatchet, but swore he wouldn't give her spot away. At the campfire, José received a marshmallow instead of Bridgette, and hugged her, when something even more shocking then the sudden couple in X-Treme Torture - DJ confessed his crush on her since Day 1. Bridgette told him he was sweet, kissed him on the cheek, then left. José & DJ both said that they should have been eliminated instead of her, however, this signaled the decline of the Multi-Team Alliance.

In That's Off The Chain, José did not know how to ride a bike, much to the laughter of the other contestants. He explained to DJ that he grew up almost in poverty in Mexico, so he never got a bike, only a skateboard. He ignored some of the campers for the rest of the episode, building a wooden skateboard, under the permission of Chris. He surprisingly came in first place, after jumping off a cliff, taking a shortcut, and Chris announcing that anything goes. He would have won invincibility, but Chris changed the rules as he crossed the finish line; thus meaning that José was instantly eliminated. He said goodbye to DJ, Leshawna, Gwen, Duncan and went on the boat with Lindsay. As they left the island, she called him "Mohammad". José's final moment in the confession stall was: "Mohammad. I spend over 5 weeks enforcing my status as a Mexican, and she calls me Mohammad. Heh. All I hope is that you guys can take down Eva. Adios!"

In Haut Camp-ture, José was relaxing, reunited with DJ & Bridgette. He seemed ecstatic that the former were now together, admitting that he would've gone after her if DJ hadn't told him he wanted her, much to their laughter. He said that he would probably vote for either Duncan or Gwen to win for he admired their attitudes, ability and moments on the show. After Sadie begged all the remainders, Katie came to the Playa. José's dare in I Triple Dog Dare You! was to eat several Habanero peppers. Eva ended up doing it. She would soon lose & thus make the final two Gwen and Geoff.


The alliance relaxing at Playa Des Losers.

In The Very Last Episode, Really! , José chose Gwen's side from the beginning, and said in the confessional stall that he had nothing against Geoff, though him and Gwen were friends. In the last seconds of the race, Duncan, pursuing Gwen & cheering her on, gave her a surge of confidence allowing her to cross the finish line first. She complies to Geoff's party ideas, then Duncan lifts Gwen on his shoulders with DJ. In Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island, he went with the alliance once more. He landed on the dock when it collapsed, allowing him to compete in TDA.

Voted Off (TDI)

  1. Owen (Chicken out in a game-winning situation)
  2. Sadie (Fell asleep early)
  3. Trent (Justin saw him as competition)
  4. Harold (Lost the Bass the talent show)
  5. Izzy (RCMP 'technicality'
  6. Tyler (Failed to face his fear)
  7. Justin (Gopher-wide plan)
  8. Cody (Injured technicality)
  9. Beth (Heather's hatred got her eliminated)
  10. Leshawna (Once again, Heather played a role in her elimination)
  11. Courtney (Harold came back & switched the votes)
  12. Duncan (Would Return, lost the race)
  13. Trent (Again, got overly jealous of Duncan)
  14. Heather (Kissed Duncan)
  15. Bridgette (Duncan & Geoff led the elimination)
  16. José (Double Elimination, did not finish at all)
  17. Lindsay (Double Elimination, came in last place)
  18. DJ (Scared)
  19. Duncan (Again, him & Gwen lost the Triathlon, voted himself off for her)
  20. Katie (Sadie missed her & voted for her to come to Playa Des Losers)
  21. Ezekiel (Chef Hatchet didn't like his better cooking)
  22. Eva (Geoff & Gwen teamed up on her)
  23. Geoff (Came in second place)
  24. Gwen (Winner, won the Marathon)
  • Gwen, Geoff, Katie, Sadie, Ezekiel, Duncan, DJ, Bridgette, José, Lindsay, Leshawna, Trent and Heather managed to move on to the next season. Owen, Izzy, Eva, Tyler, Cody, Beth, Justin and Courtney were on the sidelines for The Aftermaths.

Total Drama Action

Juan's bunks

The bunk arragenmants on the boy's side.

In Monster Cash, the 14 campers chosen for the new season included José. He, unlike some people, was happy to get another shot at the Million Bucks, which Leshawna and Duncan persuaded Gwen to go for. José ran away from the large Chef-controlled monster, to no avail. The monster picked up José, along with his group of Duncan, Gwen, Bridgette and DJ. The winner, Lindsay, ran around the entire set and eventually used her 'hiding skills' to hide right in the Monster's blind spot, getting her the first pick of the trailers. She chose the one with less damage after the rest of the girls convinced her to. José took the bottom bunk under Duncan. DJ bunked with Ezekiel, Trent had his own bunk, as did Geoff. Katie and Sadie bunked, Bridgette went with Gwen, Lindsay bunked with LeShawna and Heather bunked by herself.

Juan didn't vote off DJ and Bridgette

Juan says good-bye to DJ and Bridgette.

In Alien Resurr-eggtion, José, DJ and Bridgette planned to form the alliance once more. Heather heard this and planned to get both of them eliminated. Duncan and Gwen did the challenge with ease, even with Trent following them and constantly wanting to get Gwen. At the end of the challenge, the winners were Duncan and Gwen, who were then chosen as the captains for both teams. At the ceremony, Heather did the unthinkable - she convinced Trent, Lindsay and Geoff and threatened Ezekiel, Katie and Sadie to vote off a couple, DJ and Bridgette. They are both shocked, but decide to leave with their heads held high. José could not believe it - both of his friends were just eliminated. Heather did make one mistake, telling José that he was next. José then knew who the culprit was and that if he lost, he'd surely get eliminated.

In Riot on Set, Duncan and Gwen promised that they wouldn't get caught up in the competition enough to distract themselves from their relationship. Gwen chose Geoff, LeShawna, José and Sadie for the Screaming Gaffers, while Duncan chose Katie, Trent, Lindsay, Ezekiel, and to his dismay, Heather. Duncan's team was named the Killer Grips. All the Screaming Gaffers managed to pull together in a combined effort to move their trailer up the hill. Duncan, however, was left at a loss, due to Trent's jealousy, Lindsay's short attention span and Heather's spoiled nature. Katie and Ezekiel helped him, but it was mostly Duncan who charged up the hill in a couple of seconds shorter than the Gaffers. Duncan went as the Gangster while Sadie made an uncharacteristic role as a grandmother. Duncan's heartfelt performance topped Sadie's squeals, as the Grips won. At the elimination that night, Sadie was predictably sent home. José began to cope at the thought of going through the competition without his best friends.


The kiss that made Trent angry.

During Beach Blanket Bogus, Duncan pranks Trent for annoying him and Gwen constantly. In the surfer challenge, José suffers hypothermia, due to him being used to the hot Mexican sun and not to the freezing cold conditions. Thus said, he is allowed to sit out of the challenge, much to Heather's anger. The winner of the challenge is Katie, who claims that Bridgette taught her how to surf at the Playa. The Grips then get the head start at the castle-building, but Duncan is nowhere to be found. Coincidentally, Gwen is missing as well. Neither team notices this except for Trent, who leaves to find them. When Trent eventually does, he boils in anger as he finds Duncan and Gwen kissing at the bus after breaking it. Then, in an attempt to be able to vote off Duncan, Trent kicks over his own castle, making the Screaming Gaffers and their large castle win the round. In the tiebreaker, Trent once again sabotages Duncan of the win by interrupting the dance. Geoff's average party moves then give the win to the Gaffers. Trent then tells his entire team of what Duncan did. Katie, Ezekiel and Lindsay are indifferent, Heather is mad at Trent for screwing up the win and Duncan, who comes on the scene, pushes Trent away and tells him to "Back off from my girl, or you're gonna get it."

In 3:10 to Crazytown, José is finally in comfort in the 30 degrees Celsius temperature, unlike the other castmates. In the Western Studio, José lands on the horse's head, earning his team a point. It all came down to a tie, with the water being drunk by the remaining castmates, Chris chose the Gaffers as the cattle and the Grips as Cowboys. However, the roles turn. Katie is wrapped up by Leshawna, Geoff ropes up Lindsay, José gets Heather and Trent ropes himself, leaving Gwen and Duncan the last ones standing. They both whip out their ropes at the same time, tying them together. As they struggle (laughing), José passes Gwen extra rope, allowing her to tie up Duncan and win the challenge. The Grips seem content at their performance, as they all know who they will be voting off. Trent tries to save himself, criticizing Duncan's attempt, but his futile arguments fall on dead ears for his actions in Beach Blanket Bogus. At the elimination, Trent is quickly voted off. He begs to say goodbye to Gwen, but Chris and Chef don't listen and Chef hurls him into the Lame-o-sine.

Bridgette and DJ host the Aftermath, and interview Sadie and Trent. The audience clearly does not approve of what Trent did. As they bring out the Truth or Anvil segment, Trent lies and gets hit by the anvil, knocking him out. Sadie is generally well-received by the fans and audience, as she wishes good luck to Katie.

In The Chefshank Redemption, José, Ezekiel, Duncan and Geoff awaken to find that their door is locked. José kicks it with tremendous power at the same moment where Duncan rams the door, busting it open and knocking Chris aside as he was going to open the door. To his misfortune, the Grips picked José to eat the disgusting food. Lindsay and José vomit at approximately the same time, and in the super slo-mo replay, it is revealed that José vomited first by nano-seconds. This factor does not contribute to the final race, however. Duncan, with his strength advantage over all the girls and Ezekiel, pulls them. In a quick flex-off between Geoff and José, they decide that José is the strongest. In a quick race, the winners are the Grips, thanks to Duncan's sheer power. In a surprise, DJ returns and is placed on the Gaffers with immunity, but they are still sent to the elimination ceremony. Without warning, José is somehow in the bottom two. He looks to his teammates in question, and looks at the other castmate in danger, Geoff. José then says that he knows he will be eliminated, so he bids farewell to his fellow Gaffers. Chris asks him to sit down, because it turns out Geoff is eliminated. It is unknown how he was voted off, as he didn't cost the Gaffers anything. It is likely that Heather played a part in his elimination, however.

After The Chefshank Redemption, José and DJ were talking and discussing what the next challenge would be. As Chris came forward in an ambulance, in One Flu Over the Cuckoos, José was visibly shaken, as he thought his hemophobia would cost his team dearly. When it was revealed that they had to pull an all-nighter, DJ, Gwen, Leshawna and José study together. LeShawna does not eat the pizza, saying that her lactose-intolerance would not lead to anything good. After a night without sleep, the only ones not extremely tired are José, Gwen and Duncan. He correctly named the deadly disease of Lumpuckaroo, dove and grabbed an arm, tossing it to DJ, who latched it on. All of a sudden, José fell on the ground writhing in a seizure. As some castmates try to help him, they unfortunately come up with sudden symptoms. Finally, Duncan and Gwen work together to find the cures for the diseases. José's seizure stops. As both teams technically won, Chris announces that no-one will be voted off. When it comes to picking two members of the opposite team to go on the spa treatment, DJ, José and Leshawna choose Gwen, and Lindsay, Katie, Ezekiel and reluctantly Heather choose Duncan.

In The Sand Witch Project, DJ and Duncan start tossing around a football, inviting Ezekiel, José, Gwen, LeShawna, Katie and Lindsay to join. They eventually start a small pick-up game, Gaffers vs. Grips. As DJ hurls a long bomb for José, the ball hits the bloody body of Chris. José comes close to vomiting after seeing the blood, but is supported by Katie and Lindsay. He and DJ are both visibly worried about the challenge, as neither of them are fans of horror movies and/or blood. In the first screaming round, Lindsay is scared by Duncan, but DJ does not manage to scare José, making the first round a win for the Grips. In the third round, José has to make-out with Gwen. Awkwardly, he kisses her on the cheek after Chris practically forces him too. Ezekiel had to make out with Katie, but after a couple of seconds, they stopped caring about the challenge entirely and proceeded to make out. Eventually, Chef intervenes and scares Gwen, José and DJ. Chris declares that the Grips must spend the night in the cafeteria, and DJ, LeShawna, Gwen and José must scare them to the point that some-one leaves. Leshawna takes José's soccer ball and uses it to make a ghost, to the disappointment of José, who eventually obliges. After Gwen dresses as a mall-cop, LeShawna makes wailing noises and José kills the lights, the Screaming Gaffers scare Katie, Ezekiel, Lindsay, Heather and Duncan, winning the challenge. At the Gilded Chris ceremony, Katie is sadly sent home for being one of the easiest to scare in the second round and the cafeteria. Sadie arrives in the Lame-o-sine and they drive off together.

Three days later, Chris reveals the next challenge - Disaster Movie challenge. José is personally confused, as he has rarely seen a disaster movie. Nevertheless, during the Earthquake of Inevitable Pain, Heather slips and almost falls to injury, but José reaches out and grabs her, pulling her to safety. Heather tries to thank him, but after seeing several other castmates stare at her, she stops mid-sentence and keeps on moving. Ezekiel, during a mad dash for the top, is hit by a flying computer and is injured, fracturing his jaw. Thus said, the Grips win the challenge, to the objections of the Screaming Gaffers, whom had already reached the top. The Grips receive the combination codes, but the Gaffers are first to notice an exit. As both teams struggle to open their pipes, they realize the water level is still rising, and thus begin to cooperate to open a pipe. As Ezekiel, DJ, Leshawna, Gwen and Lindsay struggle to open the pipe, José and Heather spot an alternate exit. José and Heather both climb out at the same time before hoisting up the other castmates, finishing with DJ. As both teams technically exited at the same time, Chris gives the reward - a trip for 6 to British Columbia - to Heather and José. José accepts the reward before learning that the award isn't exactly first class. José is shown to be most likely the first person to give Heather a chance, despite all she did last season. The majority of the castmates are confused as to why José helped out Heather, but he said that she wasn't as bad as everyone thought.

The next day, it is revealed that the challenge would be war movies. Both Duncan and José are incredibly stoked for this challenge, as both highly admire the Marines. While Duncan likes saying "Hoo-ah", José corrects him, stating the original term is "Oorah". In the first challenge, many of the castmates are worried about jumping out of the plane. José finally sucks it up and dives out. Duncan, not the one to be out-showed, jumps soon after. Chris, angry that no-one else is jumping, gets Chef to push them all out. As it turns out, the drop was only 1 foot, and no-one was even slightly injured during the challenge. The second part of the challenge was then set to be a war with paint bombs. Duncan sets up a large amount of explosives, going off in the shape of a skull. Gwen is silently impressed by this, but José notices and laughs. When it comes to José's turn, he sets up an organized pile of explosives on an enemy building, even setting up a dummy with the Grip's logo on, and commands all the Screaming Gaffers to throw paint grenades to set it off. José salutes in sync with the explosion, earning his team a point for creativity, controlled explosives and a good reenactment of 'an old war movie Chris once saw'. Finally, Chris sets up a multi-flag capture the flag game. José opts to defend the flag, sending Leshawna, DJ and Gwen to go on the offense. José takes out his paintball gun (which he kept) and proceeded to shoot out an injured Ezekiel and Lindsay duo. As Duncan managed to steal a commando jeep and drive to José's flag point, José jumps on top of the jeep, kicks open the window, stuffs a paint grenade inside and jumps off, setting off a large paint explosion. Heather is not stopped by the force of DJ, Leshawna and Gwen, and as a dramatic fanfare plays, in an ode similar to the capture of Reichstag, Gwen walks up to capture the flag, but is almost hit in the head by a paintball. José dives, takes the paintball and salutes Gwen, who sets down the flag, winning the game. However, Chris said the only reason they did win was because Duncan stole a commando jeep, meaning the entire last half of the game was not necessary. At the campfire ceremony, the Killer Grips bid farewell to Her Hotness, Admiral Lindsay.

In The Aftermath: II, Bridgette was joined by Geoff, who helped her commentate on the action-packed episodes. They interviewed Katie, Lindsay and several guests, also showing many behind-the-scenes and interviews. Lindsay is revealed to be smarter than people thought, Geoff is still fine and happy and Katie is revealed to have a crush on Ezekiel ever since The Sand Witch Project.

In Ocean's Eight - Or Nine, Duncan, again, seems exited for this role, as he thinks it was made for him. Ezekiel's injuries have finally healed, but he is still sore from being hit by José's paintball in his forehead. As José walks with Ezekiel to apologize, they are suddenly attacked by interns. As José tries to put up a fight, a large intern grabs him and hoists him over his shoulder. Ezekiel is then captured, and they are both put inside a safe. Both DJ and Heather wonder where their respective teammates are, only to be informed by Chris that they must rescue them. José bangs on the iron-plated walls, to no effect. However, Ezekiel is unlocked first, as Duncan is a criminal mastermind and Heather's determination came through. José is then unlocked by Gwen and DJ, before realizing that Ezekiel forgot to take the equipment. José grabs both his and Ezekiel's and runs with the other Gaffers. José and the Gaffers arrive, only to discover two things. Duncan, Heather and Ezekiel had already arrived, and Courtney had just returned to the competition. As the Grips got first prize (Money), the Gaffers won secondary prize - Courtney. José, DJ, Leshawna and Gwen shrug, realizing that they now have a 5-3 person lead over the Grips. Sadly, in the final race, Duncan, Heather and Ezekiel manage to beat them out, as they have a lesser load. Courtney has immunity, and almost no-one knows who to vote off. José, in confusion, decides to vote Courtney off. However, due to her PDA, she is given immunity. LeShawna, Gwen and DJ's voted are then rendered useless and her single vote eliminates Gwen, if for no other reason than "Someone else needed to win this season." José, Leshawna and DJ hug Gwen as she leaves. Duncan is extremely saddened.

In One Million Bucks, B.C., José denies Leshawna asking if he had made an alliance with Heather, saying that he only treated her nice and still did not plan on making a cross-team alliance yet. He covers his eyes in seeing Chef in a loincloth, but is too busy trying to make fire to notice Duncan using a lighter. Luckily for him, Chris notices it and disqualifies Duncan, meaning that the Screaming Gaffers won the first round, and thus bigger bones. Leshawna was chosen to sit out. José was knocked off because Duncan swept his feet, but Ezekiel was blasted off by a huge swing from DJ. In the tiebreaker, Heather and Courtney fought. After a back-and-forth match, Heather finally emerges victorious, though not by much, as Courtney dragged her down with her. In the end, the Grip's reward sinks down in the tar, so not much was lost in that episode.

DJ, Ezekiel, José, Duncan, Courtney, Leshawna and Heather awaken to Chris playing a fanfare. When Chris tells the castmates that they will be doing a sports movie, José, as well as Duncan and DJ, are interested. He also noted that the pasta tastes better than normal breakfast. During the conditioning, his soccer skills lead up with him having the second highest score, behind Duncan. The first challenge was boxing, with Ezekiel and Leshawna, both who had the lowest score in conditioning. After Ezekiel states he only has a slight idea of what boxing is he attempts to take a time-out to the suggestion of Duncan and Heather. Leshawna ignores this and quickly knocks him out . José cheers her on, only briefly, before realizing that she had already won. Then, Chris pits Heather against Courtney in wrestling. Again, Courtney and Heather seem to be evenly matched. However, Courtney is distracted by Duncan waving his arms, letting Heather lock in a choke-hold and make Courtney submit. They shake hands after the match. In the final 'Grips vs. Gaffers' matchup, José takes on Duncan in a one-on-one football match. José successfully kicks a 50-yard field goal, but Duncan scores a touchdown. Right before Chris declares a Gaffer win, DJ complains that even though he scored highly in the conditioning, he has not had a chance. Chris then says if DJ can sink 5 baskets in a row, the Gaffers win. José, Leshawna and Courtney cheer him on, only to realize the baskets are nearly 30 meters high and a court away. DJ shoots, but misses, meaning the Grip's outnumbered squad pulls off another win. Right before the Gaffers go to elimination, Courtney, now in danger, shows the remaining castmates a hidden video on her PDA - LeShawna cheating during her match, and punching Ezekiel not only much harder than necessary, but also in the spot he was injured several times before. At the elimination ceremony, José votes off LeShawna, who is then eliminated.


José in his Military Garb.

In the next episode, Dial M For Merger, Heather tries to open her cabin door to put on make-up. She is then labeled an 'intruder' and falls down a floor. As José runs to help her, he is shot in the neck by a dart and falls down. Eventually, José wakes up in a cave with the rest of the castmates. Chris, on a hologram projector, appears, and in a bad Russian accent, announces the challenge - jump from an exploding building and defuse a bomb. The teams are then merged into one. As José searches all the inconspicuous places, he gives up and finds the elevator opening in an extremely obvious, unpainted spot on the wall. DJ, Duncan, Heather, Courtney, José and Ezekiel take the elevator. At the arrival to the top floor, José makes an alliance with Courtney and Heather. In the confession trailer, he admits it was only because he thought as they were the skinniest, they would be able to get the bag. After crawling underneath lasers, Courtney, José and Heather break the glass and grab the bag - with wire cutters and a grappling hook. As Chris announces a timer bomb, the castmates duck to the floor and scream. However, Chris reveals the count-down was fake. He then starts another countdown. Courtney steals the grappling hook from José and attempts to use it for herself, but is finally persuaded when all the castmates agree to share the money with her if they win. They grapple down from the explosion and land at garbage bombs. After the time runs down, and only one wire has been cut, Duncan realizes it is too hard for him and runs away. He is safe from the explosion, which covers all the contestants with trash. He is labeled the winner, and is forced to take a trip to a cheese factory.

In Super Herald, Duncan comes back with exiting photos from the cheese factory. He stole cheese and used it to prank Chris by stuffing it in his hair gel. Angrily, Chris sets a setback for Duncan in the first challenge - make a super-hero identity. Duncan is given limited tools. When it comes to the costume grading, each castmate chooses a different power -

José - Super-speed. Name: Speedy Rodriguez. 8/10.

Courtney - Ear-deafening noise. Name: The Human Cricket. 6/10.

Heather - Invisibility. Name: Miss-Vision. 4/10.

DJ - Super Strength. Name: Gentle Giant. 5/10.

Duncan - Physic powers. Name: The All-Seeing Eye. 1/10.

Ezekiel - Marksmanship with bow and arrow. Name: Captain Canadian. 7/10.

José is given a ten-second start and advantage. He uses his speed to his advantage and gets a great timing - 36 seconds. DJ's large size makes it hard for him to compete, and he falls and lands on a building. Heather manages with 47 seconds, Duncan, 37, and Courtney, 30. Courtney is declared the winner. At the ceremony, José votes for Ezekiel. Heather and Courtney also vote for Ezekiel. Ezekiel, DJ and Duncan vote for Heather for what she did last season. As it is a tie, Chris announces that no-one will be eliminated.

In The Aftermath: III, Bridgette and Geoff open the show with arguing. Bridgette claims she wants the show to be more humane while Geoff wants more excitement. The show's guests for the night are listed to be Gwen and Leshawna, but Geoff and Bridgette's arguments distract them from actually interviewing people. Once Gwen comes out and is asked to reveal the truth, she doesn't know what to say or begin with. Gwen eventually convinces Geoff and Bridgette to calm down. LeShawna comes out and says she doesn't know what she did wrong. While Geoff finally puts her in the chair of Electrocution, it reveals she did mean to injure Ezekiel and that she did have some bad intentions.

During Princess Pride, Duncan organizes a burrito contest. DJ and Ezekiel make normal tacos while José's burrito takes the shape of Mexico - José proudly titles it "Madre Del Burritos' and is declared the winner. When asked why they were not participating, Courtney and Heather say they are strategizing. However, Chris interrupts their free time with a glass boot and challenges both girls to try it on. After Courtney succeeds, Chris declares Courtney is dubbed "Princess Courtney". The rest of the castmates are made knights and must fight to 'rescue' Courtney. As they try to cross the bridge, the troll attempts to attack them with different items from different fairy tale. José is dubbed 'Little Boy Blue' and must wear a backwards blue cape over his head. José still manages to dodge three bowls of porridge - one hot, one cold and one normal temperature. He then is chased off the bridge by three bears, but evidently makes it to the next challenge with Duncan and Ezekiel. The guys must then fight the 'dragon' with swords and rescue Courtney, up in an ivory tower. Ezekiel distracts the dragon, allowing José to dismantle the controls from behind. Duncan, however, climbs up the tower and is shocked to learn he must battle Courtney. He swings, but Courtney strikes him in a 'sensitive area' and knocks him over the ledge. However, at the elimination ceremony, the person eliminated is DJ (for a second time) for not being a help in the challenge and not doing good. José voted off Duncan, but Duncan, Courtney and Heather voted off DJ.

José was the first to discover the Memory Card on the floor in Get A Clue. As the castmates insert it into Courtney's PDA, a message from Chris appears on the screen. He announces the challenge and gives the castmates hints. José, Heather, Ezekiel, Courtney and Duncan run to be the first ones to the safe where Chris is most likely located. When Courtney busts into it first, Chris announces to the castmates they must collect DNA. Ezekiel is the sole castmate not to understand what DNA actually is. Thus said, he is taken advantage of. In total, Ezekiel has 5 hairs plucked, 5 fingerprints and, from Courtney, a full biography and extensive background search on him by her lawyers. In the end, Courtney wins part 2 of the actual challenge. The castmates then board a small train. José then panics as all lights turn off and he hears a yell from Chris. The lights turn back on and José backs to the corner of the room, mumbling "Not again, not again, not again". When Courtney yells at him to snap out of it, José screams at her he already had someone die in his arms. He attempts to pound Chris's heart to breathe, but fails, and begins pacing the room. The rest of the castmates are simply in shock. When Heather finally convinces José to pull it together, they try to determine who was the murderer. Duncan believes it to be Heather, as she seems the most calm about the situation. The lights then darken again and a long, black hair of Heather's is found where the body used to be. They immediately blame Heather and lock her in a room on the train. After everyone panics and tries to stop the train, they find that they are locked in a room too. José, while pacing back and forth, finds a napkin. With the help of Heather (who he communicates with by sliding papers under a door), he realizes who the murderer is. José arrives on the scene and announces that Courtney is the murderer. He says she was mad for not getting her rewards, they found her fingerprints on the murder weapon (a long jump-rope) and that her PDA captured the vital moment with it's night-vision recording. José is then shocked to see the real Chris arrive, well and fine, and announce him as the winner of the reward - a movie with a friend. José picks Heather, because she was put through a lot after they blamed her. As they watched a forgettable movie about 'Greatmonton', Heather thanks José for believing her. José looks at her and says "What are friends for?"

Rock n' Rule opens with José singing a song by Santana. Duncan tells him to be quiet, but José ignores him and sings quietly. Chef then begins to play the drums, prompting the contestants to emerge from their trailers. Chris then announces the challenge, and explains that it will be "Rock and Roll" themed. Ezekiel then questions why Lindsay is beside him. Chris sighs and tells Lindsay he wanted her entry to be dramatic. Lindsay whispers to José that she did not ask to come back, but Chris wanted her to. The first challenge is an electric guitar playing contest, when the person with the best tricks and notes wins. José begins to play a slow tune which some of the castmates remember. He says that it is a rock version of 'Maria Maria', a song he sang for the talent show. He then breaks into a hard rock beat, one only Duncan knows. It is a remix of 'Smooth' done by Escape The Fate. José is rated good. Lindsay, Ezekiel and Heather are quickly shocked, due to none of them being able to make a good solo. It comes down to Duncan and Courtney. Duncan takes the guitar and begins to play expertly, with guitar bending and amazing chords. In response, Courtney takes out a violin bow (a reference to Jimmy Paige's famous tricks) and plays an electrifying solo, as she is declared the winner of the first challenge. They then move on to the next challenge, where they must maneuver through a red carpet. Courtney quickly rushes through the crowd, Lindsay poses for every camera, José takes pictures with some fans but keeps moving, Ezekiel gets lost in the cardboard cutouts, Heather is hit by a falling cardboard fan, and Duncan flips off the fans, save the groupie, whom he gives his number. Lindsay and José are declared the winners, as they interacted with the fans the most. The third challenge is for the contestants to crash a hotel room. they all go at the same time, but Lindsay and José earned extra time at the end. Courtney leaped and began to smash absolutely everything, while José manages to save a laptop from the wreckage. Courtney wins invincibility for the umpteenth time in a row, and the night would be an elimination. Later, José and Lindsay are seen being called over to a bridge by Heather and Courtney. They begin to talk of a plan to vote off Duncan, as he is the most dangerous target. They all agree, and at the Gilded Chris Ceremony, the competitors are seen voting, with José notable voting for Duncan, and Lindsay looking at Courtney while she voted. Chris distributes the awards, leaving Duncan without one. He, looking angrily around, kicks down a door to a closet (filled to the brim with Awards) and is pulled by several security guards to the Lame-O-Zine.

Crouching Courtney, Hidden José, starts with Heather and Courtney in the girl's trailer. During smalltalk, Heather offers an alliance. Courtney quickly accepts, as the both believe they can outlast everyone. Back at the boy's trailer, José and Ezekiel are in their bunks. The next morning, the castmates wake up and find themselves at Camp Wawanakwa, according to Courtney. Chris announces a boys-vs-girls challenge, and that Lindsay is disqualified from the challenge for leaving in the middle of the night to go get a taxi and go to the mall. She ended up in Montreal, or so Chris says. Heather trains Courtney, while Ezekiel trains José. José starts attacking a dummy with jujitsu and rapid strikes. He then opts to show Ezekiel "Chuck Fu", a technique invented by Chuck Norris. José then roundhouse kicks the dummy with tremendous force. It is later revealed that they would use robotic suits to attack. Due to Heather being skilled in karate, Courtney is adept at many moves. Though, finally, José hits her with a roundhouse kick followed with a butterfly kick, a rapid succession of strikes and finishes her off with a punch to the middle of her suit, breaking it. José and Ezekiel win and must then climb a mountain. Their teamwork gets them extremely far ahead, but Chris, in an attempt to split them apart, gets Chef to pass Ezekiel a note about Maria. When Ezekiel reads it, his glass is thrown off the cliff and he is punched in the jaw. An angry José then runs at the Sasquatch and kicks it in the jaw, grabbing the Bonsai tree and sliding down the mountain in a couple of seconds. José then gets to eat a meal prepared to him by Courtney and Heather, as Lindsay returns, this time, with a fluent French education and accent.

José wakes up in Apollo: Final 5 to notice his bed is as hard as rocks. The entire cast is woken up in the middle of the night to Chris, who gives them all care packages. Courtney receives a photo of her and her debate team, Heather gets her diary (which is really filled with strategy and plans for her and Courtney to succeed in the competition), Ezekiel gets his pet rock, Fluffy, Lindsay gets her cell phone and José receives a medal of recommendation from his Navy Cadets officer, making José reveal he is planning to join the Mexican Navy when he grows older. The castmates then sleep in the zero-gravity, which proves itself easy, until they must fix the ship. In a hurry, Courtney and Heather disarm it, and thus get to choose the order to go into the Vomit Comet. Ezekiel is up first, but he slams into the door and soon vomits. Lindsay, surprisingly, gets a very high score, but manages to take Ezekiel's rock on the coaster with her and loses it. Ezekiel starts to cry, but José's turn is next. José boards the Vomit Comet and does not hurl, but the machine stops anyway and he is eliminated. When Heather and Courtney go, one after the other, they both manage to puke - leaving Lindsay the winner of the challenge, to everyone's surprise. Unsurprisingly, Heather and Courtney hatch a plan to eliminate all the boys, succeeding in eliminating Ezekiel. Ezekiel leaves with a heavy heart, but, on the way back, he notes he will get to meet Katie again and Lindsay finds his rock, to the celebration of 'Homeschool'.

Top Dog opens up with Lindsay texting her new friends from Montreal in French. Her phone is confiscated by Chef, and Chris says she can get it back if she wins the next challenge: an animal buddy challenge. The animals are given to the castmates: Heather is in charge of a hippopotamus, Courtney gets a Bengal Tiger, Lindsay gets a snail and José gets a golden eagle, which he proudly claims is the national animal of Mexico. The castmates are given a short time to train the animals and make them do something human-like. José is shortly seen grabbing a Mexican flag before pushing the camera intern away, claiming "It's a secret!" The time comes for the castmates to show their animal's skills. Lindsay puts on a high-profit (albeit slow) fashion show with her snail, showing off how she put glitter on her snail's shell. She is given a six out of ten, because her show didn't show off the bonding she did with her snail "Shelly". Heather sumo-wrestles her hippopotamus, complete with the attire, giving her the rank of 7.5 on 10. While Courtney waves a flaming hoop for her 'Benjiit' to jump through, and then jumps through it herself, José beats her by one point and still maintains a perfect score by an impressive show of Mexico's help during World War 2 (Courtney revealing they didn't do much, militaristic-wise), showing the golden eagle as Mexico's air force team, the Aztec Eagles and José himself as the ground troops. The scoring in that challenge had no effect on the next challenge - finding your way out of the forest. Heather led her hippo, but grew impatient when it only moved to eat and not anything else. She insulted it, calling it an Owen, but eventually found herself apologizing, hugging and using the hippo as a canoe. Courtney's tiger could not care less about leaving the woods, frustrating her. Lindsay watched her snail hardly move, but nonetheless followed it. José and his eagle eventually took shelter in a cave due to the rain. José and his eagle make it back to camp, but José is shocked to find out that Lindsay somehow finished first, despite her slower pet. Lindsay is extremely happy, but only for the reason that she gets her cellphone back. Courtney and Heather, in their newfound alliance, seem to be finals-bound, but José makes a plan to keep him and Lindsay in the game - he tells Heather of Courtney's plan to eliminate her, thus giving Courtney extremely easy competition. After that, he tells Courtney the exact same thing, claiming that he is in the game to win it. At the ceremony of elimination, Chris announces the two people with the highest vote count are eliminated. José and Lindsay cannot control their laughs after the votes are cast, and can not hide their satisfaction, telling Courtney and Heather their plan after the two are announced to be eliminated. A fight is almost started between the two former alliance members, but they eventually make up and make their leave of set. José realizes with the double elimination means he is only one episode away from the million dollars, and that he and Lindsay are the final two, much to their delight. Chris signs off the episode.

In Mutiny on the Soundstage, José wakes up to Lindsay's singing. While he agrees that him and Lindsay are great friends, he admits he still misses being in the competition with his best friends, Gwen, Bridgette, Duncan and DJ. His ramblings in his cabin are cut off with knock-out gas thrown into the room. José attempts to escape but is knocked out by the gas. He awakes tied to a mast on a pirate ship with Lindsay. As they both move to cut the rope, Chris congratulates them for reaching the Final Two. They are rewarded with amazing breakfast and a sunny day, but must compete in every challenge they faced. José and Lindsay first scrub the bathrooms of both a Sasquatchanakwa and a large Bear. While Lindsay completes first, José races ahead in the more physical aspects of the challenge - he is the first to plant the flag and launches himself from a cannon, eventually landing with Chef in the set of Monster Cash. When he incorrectly answers a question about his friends, mistaking TDA for TDI (What is first episode of TDA that they kissed?) and thus had to kiss the monster. As Lindsay began to catch up, José found himself struggling to answer the questions about the personal lives of his castmates and having to do the physical portions of the challenges. Meanwhile, Lindsay had a surprisingly large memory and knowledge of everyone she met. José powered through challenge after challenge, but he begins to tire after taking on the Bear in boxing, wrestling and finally, football. José stiffarms the bear as he runs a touchdown, leaving the small stadium and running to the next challenges. Eventually, both Lindsay and José arrive at the set of Top Dog. When Lindsay incorrectly answers what Heather's ethnicity is, José seemingly doesn't know what colour Courtney is thinking of. As they both prepare to face the challenge of Top Dog again, they are then redirected to the set of Master of Disasters. As José offers a truce, Lindsay accepts, claiming that both of them deserve the million dollars. José and Lindsay both run and seem to be fairly matched. José rushes through while Lindsay dodges much of the obstacles. As Lindsay is about to be hit with a sink, José tackles her to the ground, saving her. They both keep running and eventually make it to a large pit. José is hit from behind and falls into the pit, telling Lindsay to go on without him. Quickly thinking, Lindsay unwraps a rope from a ladder and helps José up, claiming that if she would win, she would win fairly. At this moment, they finish the ship segment and see the door to the Aftermath studio, with Geoff and Bridgette anxiously awaiting the winner. As they are ready to announce the winner, José and Lindsay enter at the same time. Geoff and Bridgette announce a tie, and the winner is unknown until the next episode airs.

Both Lindsay and José are utterly confused, seeing as they both tied. Geoff and Bridgette, on the other hand, seem calm as the hosts - they simply state they don't have a plan and continue to party. Duncan gets annoyed with this and asks Geoff to pick a winner so they can all go home. Evidently, Chris and Chef were not expecting this, as they were getting ready for a vacation to Ibizas. However, after a call from the producers, it comes to their attention that the show is still live. As they rush back, Geoff and Bridgette play clips of the most exciting moments and couples of the season. No suggestions for figuring out a winner seem to stick out - Lindsay complains a quiz show would be too hard for her, and José doesn't like the idea of a freestyle comedy act. While campers rattle off ideas, Geoff puts on dance music and claims the winner of a 'dance contest' will win the million. Awkwardly, José and Lindsay start to dance, but only seconds pass before Chris arrives and 'takes over the hosting from Geoff and Bridgette'. The eliminated of TDA must then ask their questions - Geoff and Bridgette are shooed out of the arena temporarily by Chef, so Trent goes first. He begins to ramble about a hypothetical situation that sounds similar to his situation with Gwen - outsider looking in. Then, Sadie asks them who they think is better - the Jonas Brothers or Justin Bieber. Essentially, she wanted to settle a debate with Katie, but José claims he hates them both. Gwen, on the same subject, questions them about their favourite music. While Lindsay names 'poppy' artists, José names Carlos Santana, Lupe Fiasco, Nirvana and several other wide varieties of genres. DJ then asks them about the environment, but Lindsay confuses it with retirement. Katie then goes, and challenges the two to pick out outfits for them - Lindsay wins.

Heather then announces that she should win the money, but asks a hypothetical situation strikingly similar to her elimination. Leshawna then asks them what they will do with the money. Next, Duncan asks them if they would willingly give money to them, or if he would have to force them. Ezekiel challenges a mini-cook-off. Courtney then challenges them to for a quick debate of who would win in a fight - a Pirate or a Ninja. Finally, Geoff and Bridgette come back into the studio, but it is too late for them to question/challenge the final two. They all end up voting, and Chris slowly announces the votes. The winner, in the end, is José. Bridgette and DJ, along with a peanut gallery of ex-contestants in TDA and TDI, gather around José. Lindsay, who seems to almost break into a crying fit, is congratulated by José, and Trent, the latter who asks her out. Lindsay happily kisses Trent. José runs up to the cameras, ecstatically yelling. Chris and Chef both sign off TDA.

  • Chris would later reveal the votes:
    • Gwen, Duncan, DJ, Courtney, Bridgette and LeShawna voted for José to win.
    • Trent, Katie, Sadie, Ezekiel and Heather voted for Lindsay to win.
    • Geoff passed out in the stall, preventing another tie in the season.

There is an alternate ending - whereas both Courtney and Geoff vote for Lindsay to win, giving her an advantage in votes and making her win. Everyone cheers and Trent comes in to hug her - José is saddened, but is still happy for his friend to win. Lindsay is held high by everyone as Chris throws the million dollar suitcase to Lindsay, hitting her. Chris then ends the show.

Voted Off (TDA)

Cast Mate Team Status
DJ None 1st/2nd Voted Out
in Alien Resurr-eggtion1
Bridgette None 1st/2nd Voted Out
in Alien Resurr-eggtion1
Sadie Screaming Gaffers 3rd Voted Out
in Riot On Set
Trent Killer Grips 4th Voted Out
in 3:10 to Crazytown
Geoff Screaming Gaffers 5th Voted Out
in The Chefshank Redemption
Katie Killer Grips 6th Voted Out
in The Sand Witch Project
Lindsay Killer Grips 7th Voted Out
in Full Metal Drama
Gwen Screaming Gaffers 8th Voted Out
in Ocean's Eight - Or Nine
Leshawna Screaming Gaffers 9th Voted Out
in Million Dollar Babies
DJ Screaming Gaffers 10th Voted Out
in Princess Pride
Duncan Killer Grips 11th Voted Out
in Rock n' Rule
Ezekiel Killer Grips 12th Voted Out
in Apollo: Final 5
Courtney Screaming Gaffers 13th/14th Voted Out
in Top Dog1
Heather Killer Grips 13th/14th Voted Out
in Top Dog1
Lindsay (Returns) Killer Grips Outvoted/Runner-Up
in The Aftermath: IV1
José Screaming Gaffers WINNER

1: This episode featured a double elimination.

O ya

José seen with Lindsay and LeShawna.

Audition tape

José is at a soccer field playing soccer while reading. He looks at the camera and tells it that if he were chosen, he'd be friendly and a fair competitor to everyone on the island. He then blocks a goal, but the ball hits the camera and knocks it out of focus.


  • He is one of the only campers to be born outside of Canada or the United States, along with DJ, Eva, and Kazuki.
  • His favourite songs are Into the Night ft. Chad Kroeger by Santana, Walk This Way ft. Aerosmith by Run DMC and Conflict Diamonds by Lupe Fiasco. He absolutely hates Hannah Montana and the Jonas Brothers, as well as Fred and Twilight.
  • José is surprisingly not real. The photos were MS Painted (I've got skills.) and edited, and his head was created on He is, however, based upon his real-life voice actor.
  • He wins Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island! in the Mexican/Spanish airing of the episode.
  • Him and Lindsay were both eliminated unfairly in That's Off the Chain!. It might have been a coincidence that they were the final two in Total Drama Action as well.
  • There seemed to be teams of who to support in Mutiny on the Soundstage. The teams were:
    • Team José: DJ, Bridgette, Gwen, Duncan, Leshawna, Eva, Cody, Harold and Izzy.
    • Team Lindsay: Trent, Heather, Courtney, Ezekiel, Katie, Sadie, Owen, Tyler, Beth, Justin and Geoff.
  • His favourite characters in order are:

24. Owen. I can't stand a fat, annoying, nudist, disgusting camper who won only one challenge for his team and won the first season. Alternate ending was waaay better.

23. Harold. He's annoying, pointless and is such a nerd that it isn't funny anymore.

22. Izzy. She's been coming back too many times, and she is just plain ANNOYING.

21. Sierra. WHAT A WASTE OF A NEW CHARACTER. I mean, seriously, a Cody fan? Purple Hair? >.>

20. Beth. Too predictable, and got boring early.

19. Tyler. I'm sorry, who? This guy has been the most boring character all season long.

18. Trent. He used to be average on my list, but then in TDA he went loco, and now says that Gwen shouldn't have broken up with him. If I was in Gwen's position (Theoretically, mind you), I would dump the clingy over-jealous boy. Nah, scratch that. If I were in Gwen's position, I'd go with Duncan. :D

17. Justin. Come on! Do something funny! Is THIS the antagonist for Season 3? It's a disappointment.

16. Sadie. Chubby, disturbingly annoying and socially awkward.

15. Geoff. Tsk, tsk. Where did he go wrong?

14. Eva. She's okay, but she never gets any chance to say anything funny.

13. Noah. Hopefully, I'll see more of him in TDM, so I can judge him more and see if he moves up or not.

12. Katie. She may possibly be less annoying than Sierra and Sadie.

11. Cody. Sometimes he's funny when he's being desperate. When he isn't, he is a background character at best.

10. Leshawna. She just... is too predictable! I want to see her do something NEW! Also, she likes Harold. :/

9. Ezekiel. He's very funny, even though he only appears in several episodes.

8. Lindsay. Funny at many times, and TDA gave her time to expand her character.

7. Alejandro. While I haven't even seen him but for more than a couple of seconds, he's Spanish! :D Automatically ranks high on my list.

6. Courtney. She may be sometimes annoying, but in the end, she's still a good character.

5. Heather. She is smart, funny and a great antagonist! I was also mad when she got voted out.

4. DJ. He's nice, funny and strong, but he's getting a tiny bit predictable.

3. Bridgette. She has great personality, in my opinion, the hottest girl on the show, too. The only bad thing is that she seems to be throwing herself around now.

2. Duncan has been a great character in both seasons, and his chauvinistic and soft side with the ladies has been very entertaining all season long.

1. Gwen has just been amazing all season, winning countless challenges. To her personality, to her friendships, I think she was the best character. I was steaming at her elimination.

Stances on Couples

  • Gwen and Trent - Oppose
    • Let's go over it. Trent insults Gwen & her best friend on multiple occasions (You punk wannabes, idiot) enjoys the kiss with Heather (closed his eyes & continued the kiss), seemed to enjoy Lindsay's flirting, throws challenges for her (degrading), gets overly jealous, goes crazy, sings songs about Gwen being a traitor and ripping his heart out and fans support this relationship? Gwen deserves someone else.
  • Courtney and Duncan - Oppose
    • I've finally opposed it. Why, you ask? Simple. Duncan is NOT the type to get bossed around, and it's like Courtney's the entire focus of the relationship. "We're a couple, read this long list or else we're through." "I'm voted off? WE'RE THROUGH!" "Oh! You won a million dollars! We're a couple again!" There's just so many times a guy in real life can hear that before the sends the girl packing. Unfortunately, Duncan has not done it, which I view as unrealistic.
  • Leshawna and Harold - Oppose
    • The heck? Harold is a wangster, Leshawna is a gangsta. Not good couple material.
  • Bridgette and Geoff - Support in TDI, Oppose in TDA
    • Total Drama Island: I like how Geoff is constantly messing up when he flirts with her.
    • Total Drama Action: Stop kissing. Bridgette & DJ would be better.

I feel like I'm one of the only supporters of DxG on this wiki. I like it because OPPOSITES attract just as much as similarities, and yet, are still different. Duncan is always on her side, even when everyone hates her and her boyfriend is singing songs about how she ripped his heart out. I don't think it's a well known fact that I am actually anti-TrentxGwen. Let's go over it. Trent insults Gwen & her best friend on multiple occasions (You punk wannabes, idiot) enjoys the kiss with Heather (closed his eyes & continued the kiss) & seemed to enjoy Lindsay's flirting, throws challenges for her (degrading), gets overly jealous, goes crazy, sings songs about Gwen being a traitor & ripping his heart out & fans support this relationship? Gwen deserves someone else. Someone who understands her, is patient, actually trusts her and has similar tastes. Duncan could help Gwen break out of her 'shy' shell deeper than Geoff could, and all Trent's doing is going crazy and insulting her. If you can't trust her enough to believe her when she says she ISN'T cheating on you when there is no real evidence that she is, chances are you don't deserve her. Not even kidding, after the results of the Aftermath: II, I pumped my fists in victory, knowing that a lot of Duncan and Courtney / Gwen and Trent fans would steam up about this, but some truly smart fans who want a change in relationships would be glad that the directors put even the slightest hint of Gwen and Duncan into the story. Some people don't have a good reason for supporting them. Just because they dress alike does NOT mean they would get bored of eachother after one date. Come on, they're not actually that alike. Aside from their looks, they have different friends, different motives, different entire personalities. Just because they're not opposites like Duncan and Courtney, does NOT mean nothing will ever go on between them. Gwen and Trent, while beloved by its many fans, is completely uneventful and anti-climatic. In TDA, it just completely fell apart and went into a recurring set that Trent would grow jealous, go crazy, throw challenges, and beg for her back. In the Aftermath: I, I was confused and debating with myself whether Trent really wanted Gwen back or just wanted her to suffer. It's not that good of a relationship as others think. In a real-life scenario, Duncan, true to his bad-boy name, might make a move on Gwen, because he thinks she is physically attractive AND he is proven to like her as a friend, so why not? Since Gwen finally isn't being clung to by Trent, she could take a chance and trust her instincts! Who knows? There aren't that many DxG fans out there, but I just may be their biggest supporter out there. I'm craving a little danger and a little something from the creators, but it probably won't happen, because then the DxC fangirls would get as butthurt as someone telling a twitard that Edward Cullen is a pathetic excuse for a vampire.

  • Heather and... someone - Support
    • I think it'd be nice if she found someone to hook up with, & either turn evil or he'd turn her nice.
  • Gwen and Harold - Oppose
  • pukes on computer* Seriously? Gwen & him? NO.
  • Noah and Cody - Oppose
    • I'm all for gay rights... however, neither of them are gay, I think.
  • Lindsay and Trent - Support
    • Go with anyone except for Gwen.
  • DJ and Gwen - Support
    • I like it. They both are friends, though, so I hope that wouldn't set any setbacks if it came true.
  • Izzy and Owen - Meh
    • I dunno, lol. ¯\(°_o)/¯ Considering I hate both of them, I couldn't care less about either of them.

The DxG Rap


I'm comin' straight through, Freehugs y'all clear out!

Lemme tell ya what DxG is all about.

Trent makes some idiotic statement, sayin' he don't give a crap about Gwen's own safety

He needs to take a chill pill, cuz he actin' like a baby

So Gwen needs a friend and she turns to the punk

Comin' through the smoke and walkin' out like DJ Unk

But don't try to hate, don't perpetrate

Cuz he can make his own decision. Courtney's lame, damn straight.

He's the King of the island

She's the queen of cool

Seems normal for them to be together, fool.

Courtney starts to whine about a Basic Strain

But Duncan's done wit her, now she just actin' like a pain

They not fanon no more, don't get it twisted

They just might be the greatest couple ever existed

With that being said, just calm yo fangirls

Cuz with these rhymes I just twisted yo worlds.

Yo fangirls are wack, man, now feel my rant!

My fury greater than a hundred thousand army ants

I'm the biggest DxG fan in this whole earth

Now feel my song, I'll rap every single word.

You tryin to diss ME? The master?

My rhymes are quick and beats are faster

I'd try to talk some sense inta you

But all you fangirls are doin is actin fool.

You fangirls talkin bout the pairing

Saying it's nothing but bull

But with statements like those,

Your thoughts are void and null.

Y'all try and stuff my talk page with "Why Trent" and "Why them?"

Acting like you didn't take grammar, but claim you're in Grade 10

So what my TDA's changed? I'm different, don't flame

Just step aside and let me talk, I'm changin' the game!

This place used to have intelligent DxC fans

But now I get called a dirty Mexican - what the hecks up with that?

It's okay, I don't mind, I'll be calm, I love my kind

But the backwards evoloution is true - just look at the signs

Your couple can be funny, but predictable too

They show the opposites pairing and nothing else new

For all you adolescents who barely have a clue

Of what your English Class is tryin to teach you

There's too much haters drinkin' hatorade

Don't think you need any convincin' or a serenade

Don't freaking act like you don't know what I'm talking about

And please refrain from caps locks, don't make you smarter when you shout

Y'all are yellling over the internet but your debate ain't legit

Your points are terrible, so y'all might as well quit

Yeah, I might get in your face and I know I might offend

But sometimes to get your point across, you have to do it again!

So don't go cryin' to mama, it's nothing personal

My verses comin' at ya like a subway terminal

Our community's like that, just like a train

So many arguments with zip, nada, nothin' to gain

You tryin' to diss my couple, you dissin' me

Seems like this debate will never end

But seriously, I plead with y'all, fanbrats

Can't get all just start again?

I dedicate to my homies in the wiki and the hood

Shoutout to TDIFan and Nalyd, you knew I would

This one goes out to the fangirls and the mindless horde

Close it out with a fist pump and a point to the Lord

Adios, amigos! - José Talk to me! Gracias! 02:46, October 11, 2009 (UTC)

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