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aka Benbot #109

  • I live in A Box
  • My occupation is Writing bad erotica on
  • I am Let me check
  • My TD:WT poster Ben Pwns!
hello I'm Ben109 so hi uhhhhh me ran out of ideas

My fanfic

(Ben adtioned and right when he was comeing tyker came and ruined it by hurting himself ben later came to chris and they looked over what it would be like if he was there ah the memories so here it is stop reading this and read below don't give me that look)

not so happy campers

Ben arrived right after cody and as he stepped n dock a board broke and he fell in the water as everyone tthought he was dead his arm broke through the dock and he pulled his self up and everyone stared at him what don't judge me he was later picked to be on the screaming gophers when chris says the challenge is ready he responds it can't be that bad then the cliff is and he is heard saying But I've been wrong before

Not so happy campers part 2

Ben is seen staring down the cliff and then spits and gets back up wow thats far down

Can I Go first chris says Go down and Ben runs and flys off the cliff and falls on sevaral ledges and finaly hits trampoline and flys in the air landing on a shark Ben:Ow my crotch


(more comeing soon trust me hold your horses)

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my dreams are twice as wierd as that one trust me

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Ben(109) Polar Bear!I know magic! How? Your on the internet right now. 17:14, June 17, 2010 (UTC)

My Galery or pics or well you get the point

Random thing for tylers elimanation:People are afraid of chickens they can kill you but jelly can't unless it sufficates you but that is counted to the fear of sufficating

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Fat courtney

Bottom part:Courtney spit Owen out right now XD Top part thats a good girl someone deserves a treat XD again

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